JEWS CAN LEARN FROM RAIMONDO…“Humanitarian” interventionists salute their commander-in-chief

March 27 2011

Liberals March to War

“Humanitarian” interventionists salute their commander-in-chief





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Well, that didn’t take long.

Now that President Barack Obama has intervened in Libya, his army of apologists is mobilizing to defend his “humanitarianism,” declaring that his war isn’t at all like Bush’s wars. It’s something new, and different – and admirable.

I’m not at all surprised. Are you? The anti-interventionist veneer of most American liberals and assorted “progressives” peels off quite readily when a little “humanitarian” lotion is applied – especially if it’s poured on thick by a liberal Democratic President with a domestic agenda they can endorse.

Mother Jones magazine, to cite one exemplar of this chameleon-like transformation, is no stranger to cheerleading the dark side of Obama’s presidency. You’ll recall that the magazine launched a scurrilous attack on Julian Assange, in which the author compiled a lot of quotes from self-described “experts” to the effect that WikiLeaks suffers from a lack of “transparency” – to the US government, no less! – and, alternatively, is a CIA “front.” That didn’t sit too well with their readers, as a look at the comments appended to that article attests, but a shill for power’s gotta do what a shill is born to do, and that is “spin” every event to make the team –Team Obama, in this case – look good. And certainly David Corn is up to the task.

“A ghost hung over President Barack Obama,” writes Corn, “as he stood at a podium in the East Room of the White House on Friday afternoon to talk about Libya: the ghost of George W. Bush.”

Well, not really: that was the ghost of Woodrow Wilson. Bush, I would remind Corn, isn’t dead yet. But such details don’t bother a progressive on his way into battle. The latest US attack on a Muslim country in the Middle East may seem very similar to Bush’s wars – “absent references to WMD” – what with the rhetoric (He’s killing his own people! He’s a tyrant! He’s a terrorist!) and the stern Bushian mien. But that just shows how much you know ….

Because, you see, according to Corn, the President “in the second half of his remarks departed from the Bush-like script.” He then cites a single sentence in which the President refers to the “international coalition” arrayed against Gadhafi – one smaller than Bush’s, by the way – and includes some reassuring phrases about how, this time, we’re “shaping the conditions for the international community to act together.”

There – feel better now? Take two bromides that Bush himself could – and did – utter, and call me in the morning.

Here is Corn’s translation of this vague happy-talk:

“That is, we’re not cowboys. This will be, Obama suggested, true multilateralism—one including Arab nations. His administration and the governments of France and Britain had quickly guided a forceful resolution through the Security Council (with China and Russia abstaining), and the United States, Obama noted, would be ‘enabling our European allies and Arab partners to effectively enforce a no-fly zone.’ US leadership, yet European and Arab action. He added, ‘The United States is not going to deploy ground troops into Libya.’”

“Noting that ‘our British and French allies, and members of the Arab League’ will take a lead role in enforcing the resolution, Obama declared, ‘This is precisely how the international community should work, as more nations bear both the responsibility and the cost of enforcing international law.’ That is precisely the opposite of how the neocons of the Bush-Cheney crowd viewed the world. They were not interested in tying their strategic desires to international law or in developing a global order in which the United States would not be the top-dog decider and enforcer.”

We’re not cowboys: we’re social workers, the kind with mean, pinched faces and a moralizing, condescending air – armed with fighter jets, guided missiles, and nuclear weapons, and determined to Do Good.


Raimondo who is anti war except when it is his beloved Hamas attacking Jews


But he does get it, doesn’t he!


Not the Bushites! But the Libertarians are riding into war


Is there no end to the tricks played on us!


Meanwhile back at the ranch Cameron faced yesterday angry crowds on the streets of London who have realised they are getting poorer…and fast


The youth among them, quick on the uptake, have decided they will not be “kettled”, by giving the police some of their own medicine in return.


At least the part that came on my television showed police of London very much in kettling mode, except for a change THEY were being kettled by the angry youth!


And Raimondo in the above is indeed remarkable and totally refreshing because he has nailed these Obama freaks in a way that they will not forget

But he misses an important aspect of the war on Libya and Gadhafi and he misses it because Raimondo like all of this left is basically antisemitic … they do hate Israel and essentially Jews


The main aspect of the war on Gadhafi is missed in these circles and that is that the war is fought clearly on behalf of Sharia essentially, and also that this war on behalf of Sharia is being fought precisely because of that crisis back home


I am mightily surprised that Raimondo does not see this and emphasise it!


Because it is not really rocket science (Apt analogy that considering that the war is now being fought by libertarian rockets…Cameron pulverises the Gaddafi forces and the Sharia forces move in and through the ashes, that once were Libyan troops, because you see although “libertarian” there is a dark side as well)


So just pausing to kneel in prayer to the moon God Allah the Sharia rushes forward


All this is kept well hidden from the plebs, of course

This plebs do know that Cameron is short of money, not personally of course, hence their declining standards of living


But the riches of Libya are kept hidden. Cameron and BP plan to make a killing if they kill Gadhafi. There is yellow real gold and there is black liquid gold also


And there is something even more important.


These wars, Iraq, Afghanistan and now Libya, are only very minutely about oil…they are in essence about power


This is the New World Order but Alex Jones is a mile off. This New World Order is really an alliance between crisis ridden western capital and reactionary lethally repressive medieval Islam


It is the “Empire Sharia Alliance”


Raimondo and Jones leave out the Islam part which is not clever because it is absolutely central


The Islam part supplies in large measure the antisemitism, this part is very important because all great crises in the past have called on just this.


Note that they are attacking Gadhafi, the very man for all his “little ways” was the great Sharia fighter in Libya


But the Alliance of Civilizations as described by Bat Yeor is not about the Brotherhood of Man but about the Brotherhood of capitalism WITH Sharia


So it may be safe to make this prediction:


Those strong Sharia states which centre around Iran will be propped up by Obama and Cameron… a few whinges for the plebs about Syrian/Iranian brutality no more


Those states which are fighting Sharia will be undermined


This means full blast off for the Iranian Nuclear Bomb on its way by whatever means to blast Israel


We are in for rough times.


The Jews of Israel are in for deadly times


That in essence is what the Killing of Gadhafi is all about

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