March 29 2011


While violence flared in London yesterday, the unjustly vilified EDL were holding a protest on Blackpool seafront to demand that the CPS re-open the investigation into the disappearance and presumed murder of Charlene Downes. On this occasion no UAF or MDL were present to unleash violence, and thus it turned out to be a completely peaceful demonstration. As can be seen from the video below, the EDL are continuing to provide support to the Downes family, something which neither the justice system nor press appear willing to do, and this support is not going to waver and evaporate. As the EDL organiser said of the case:

“We want it highlighted. We don’t want it brushed under the carpet just like any other case. We want the powers that be to know, the English Defence League is not going to forget this. We will keep coming back. . . . We will keep coming back, until at least this case is looked at again by the Crown Prosecution Service, and these scum are not going to get away with this one.”

“We want them to know that the casuals and the English Defence League; we know about them! We’re watching you! And in Charlene’s name, we won’t let you get away with it. . . We will never let you get away with it.”

Why was there media silence over this demo yesterday? It numbered hundreds of people, men and women who gathered together to highlight a cause about justice that needs to be addressed and resolved. If the victim had been a Muslim or a member of any minority group, you can guarantee this crime would never be out of the headlines until justice had been done. But Charlene and her family belong to the most demonised section of the population – the English working class – so our politically correct multiculturalist media don’t want to know. They don’t want to acknowledge that the alleged perpetrators of the crime (captured on tape admitting raping and murdering Charlene then cutting her up to sell as kebab meat) belong to that officially protected and idolised section of the population – Muslims.

The UK has a significant problem with Muslim paedophiles who prey upon English girls and contemptuously abuse them. This stems directly from the example of their violent paedophile prophet Mohammed. Increasing numbers of people are waking up to the fact that this is the reality that lies at the centre of Islamic tradition and doctrine, and no amount of state-sanctioned politically correct media brainwashing can cover this up. Anyone who has direct experience of living near to the Muslim colonies in our country today knows the official media and government line about Islam being just like any other religion to be a lie.

The Downes family are grateful to the EDL, and yesterday Charlene’s mother expressed this gratitude by saying:

“God bless you. You are our angels . . .You’re doing a great job. A job the police and the CPS are incapable of doing . . .We will fight, and fight on for justice.”

Next Saturday the EDL go to Blackburn, and the Downes family will be with them. This protest will continue, just as the EDL will continue to protest until justice is restored in this country, so that we are free from the malign influence of doctrinaire Islam. One day, we will again be able to go about our daily lives, secure in the knowledge that this dark episode in our national story will have passed, and that Islam will never threaten our shores and our people again. As the organiser of yesterday’s demo said at the close of the protest: “No surrender and never forget!”


  1. I had never heard of this until i was in blackpool at is hard to believe that so little has been reported about this case,i am so sorry for her family,their pain must be so great and their anger so unbearable.more should be done against the people who are responsible for such failings.i read a newspaper article the day after the edl march in blackpool (which was weird as it was the first i had seen anything printed about this)and read her sisters story and how she is demented by the thought of “if only i had taken charlene home”my heart goes out to her.i cant get this child out of my head and have shed tears over this heartbreaking story.i wish thoose responsible would give this family peace and tell them if there is any trace of charlene so the can try to get some closure.

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