March 29 2011

Netanyahu’s declaration of support for Palestinian statehood required his acceptance of the Palestinian narrative. That narrative blames the absence of peace on Israel’s refusal to surrender all of Judea, Samaria and Jerusalem. Having effectively accepted the blame for the absence of peace, Netanyahu has been unable to wage a coherent political counteroffensive against the Palestinian political war. 





For the past week and a half, Netanyahu has been considering a new “diplomatic initiative.” According to media reports, he is weighing two options. First, he may end IDF counterterror operations in Palestinian cities in Judea and Samaria. Such a move would involve compromising all of the IDF’s military achievements in the areas since 2002 when it first targeted the Palestinian terror factories from Hebron to Jenin during Operation Defensive Shield. 


The second option he is reportedly considering involves announcing his acceptance of a Palestinian state with non-final borders. Such a move would render it difficult if not impossible for Israel to conduct counterterror operations within those temporary borders. It would also make it all but impossible for Israel to assert its sovereign rights over the areas. 


Supporters of this initiative argue that not only will it stave off US pressure; it will strengthen Netanyahu’s political position at home.


Leon Trotsky maintained for all of his life that Zionism could not solve the Jewish Nationalism issue


This was part of what became known as the “Permanent Revolution”, basically theoretical generalisations, one of which was that the national bourgeois leaders were deficient in creating functioning national states


This also applies to Jews and to the creation of the Jewish Homeland


It is one thing to “refer” to the ancient Jewish Homeland of the Bible; also to refer to the ancient and still living concept of the return to Zion, that is to Jerusalem.


It is another thing entirely in today’s political struggles to bring that Zion into fruition


Trotsky maintained that the Jewish bourgeois leaders could not do this. This has been given rich confirmation by all of Jewish and Israeli history since 1948, with special reference to their inability to deal with the Fascist type propaganda of Islam, in this case of Arabs imbued with the Muslim religion.


The Jewish capitalist leaders like Netanyahu just cannot lead this struggle against the antisemitic Muslims. Time and events have proved this.


Since 1948 the Jews of Israel have fought major battles, and won, especially 1948 and 1967, but at each victory the leaders have surrendered the positions previously won




  1. The acceptance of the slicing off of the present Jordan, which Britain did by means of underhand moves under the table, prior to Britain taking the role of the organizer of the “Mandate”
  2. The acceptance of the “Armistice” following the 1948 to 1949 war with the Arabs, and the acceptance of the Armistice Lines, an acceptance which is the root of the present evil
  3. Finally the acceptance of Resolution 242 following the Jewish victory in the 1967 War


This has been followed by


The role of Sharon, Livni and Barak in surrendering even more of the land heritage, which followed on the betrayal of the once great Jewish fighter Begin of the Sinai




The acceptance of Netanyahu of a Palestine State to be built on the most precious to Jews land of Judea and Samaria, land that is mentioned many times in the Bible


The path which Netanyahu has entered onto, with his appointment of Barak to the key position of defence, to following the same path as Livni and Olmert in allowing rockets to rain down on Jews from Muslim Arabs, who had supported The Holocaust


The ties of Netanyahu to Empire especially seen in his refusal to side with Gadhafi against the Sharia Al Qaida in Libya


The fear that Netanyahu plans more concessions on this road of giving in to Muslim Arab pressure to create the 23rd Arab state, and the 2nd Arab state in Palestine (Jordan of course being the first



Or in other words, as Trotsky maintained in the lst years of his life, especially in 1937 on coming to Mexico, the Jewish bourgeois or capitalist leaders cannot carry through the Jewish national struggle


Netanyahu as their most consistent representative confirms this. It confirms the tendency of the Jewish capitalist class to sell out and to give up on the struggle


This does not mean that the struggle of Zionism is not worthwhile, (THE OPPODITE IN FACT, IT IS MOST VALID) just that the capitalist representatives cannot lead it to success.


Of course partisans may seek to distort the positions of Trotsky, may seek to distort the record of history, may even attack the dead Trotsky on an almost personal basis!


But those basic facts of the situation are being played out: The Jewish capitalist class cannot create a leadership which can or will complete their Zionist struggle, which is really the central national struggle of the Jewish people


This overall concept needs to be kept in mind as we watch the consistent betrayals of this class.


As a representative of this Jewish capitalist class Netanyahu moves to dismantle the gains that were made in the great 1967 War, and almost (approaching totally!) accepts the narrative of the Palestinian Muslims, that that was a not progressive war by the Jews.


Netanyahu like Sharon is accepting the narrative of the Muslim Arab enemy of the Jews


This is the real and underlying meaning of Netanyahu giving away to the Muslim Arabs under pressure from America the key defensive shield of road checks etc, and thus placing Jewish lives in danger, as happened in the tragedy of the Fogel murders 2 weeks ago


Also planning to give up security in J and S to the Arab Muslims, who have had an army built up on their behalf by America, on similar lines to the army being built up for the “Transitional Council” by America and NATO/EU countries AGAINST Gadhafi in Libya, also confirms the same thing. The main lesson is the weakness and perfidy of this Jewish capitalist class and their leaders, in this present case of Netanyahu


There is one move that could be made to stop this rot, not the full answer, but a step towards an answer


That is to dismiss totally the concept of a 2nd Arab state in Palestine and a decision taken that Israeli Law will extend to all of this territory, which will include the Golan, Judea and Samaria, Gaza, with probably the Sinai to follow, if Egypt proves to be belligerent to Israel


This may need a new election and a new Government, that is if Netanyahu does not immediately do a 180 degree turn


These are the positions of 4international alone.


But we are happy for others to copy and to put into effect these proposals and analysis

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