March 30 2011


A number of things may now be dawning on a growing number of people in Britain:


  1. Cameron from a selfish upper class British background may not understand the desert fighters in the Gadhafi movement. His son said “We are Libyans. We are born here. We live here. We die here. This is our country
  2. Hence this selfish upper class twat may not understand the courage of the Gadhafi and Libyan patriots
  3. It is becoming clear that the rebel army is a rabble army and they depend on Imperialism to incinerate the Gadhafi patriots for them to win any “battle”
  4. Britain is broke, as is France. The plane power is supplied only by America which is also broke, hence the growing opposition to Obama, and why Obama lies that he is not in control in Libya. The Americans are!
  5. Hence Cameron and Haif made their offer for Gadhafi to flee “in safety” even as the rabble army was sent scurrying down the road even one more time, introducing an air of farce to the BBC reports. Now you see the rabble army, now you only see their backsides as they scurry down the road
  6. Thus not only do Cameron and co insult the desert honour of the Libyans of Gadhafi, they are in no position to offer anything. Cameron faces a stark choice which is between bombing Tripoli to a dustbowl murdering hundreds of thousands from 20,000 up in the air. Or send his squaddies in and if he does so many will come out in body bags. Keep in mind a million Brits were on the streets of London last Saturday against the cuts of Cameron. Who is desperate!!!???


It sure as hell is not Gadhafi who as a proud desert Libyan warrior is prepared to die fighting.


The floppy pink skinned Cameron, almost effeminate, would not be able to understand


  1. Very true. Libya is a wealthy country where most of the tribes are in support of their president.

    1. no interests on loans
    2. free tv, electricity, health care, education
    3. students get 2500 euros to spend, tuition and housing also paid in any country they like to study
    4. government pays 65000 dollars to help newlyweds buy the house
    5. no homeless people on the streets

    and much more..

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