March 31 2011

Cameron and Hague made their offer for Gadhafi to flee “in safety” even as the rabble army was sent scurrying down the road even one more time, introducing an air of farce to the BBC reports. Now you see the rabble army, now you only see their backsides as they scurry down the road


These Eton type British rulers are really bullies. They have perfected the method of using UN Resolutions, actually the resolutions of a reactionary and deeply antisemitic entity. The Court in The Hague is also part of their armoury


We and many others have shown that the rebel army is really a rabble on the one hand and the army of Islam on the other


But Islam is a decrepit force today. It has learned to murder as in 9-11 and in a thousand other places such as Madrid and London


But look! Who are those in the front of assisting the Jihad in Libya against Gadhafi. It is Britain which experienced the horror of the tube and bus bombings, and Madrid who experienced the train bombings


In other words Islam today is not fighting its battles openly but rather has learned to work through fronts, and these capitalist governments and capitalists come to help the Jihad


So these government leaders like Obama and Cameron are doing just that.


It is more than governments. There is the example of the Mayor of New York, Bloomberg who has emerged as the main ally of the Jihad in New York, the intention to build a Mosque on Ground Zero


Debkafile has consistently got this Libya issue wrong. It is true that Obama and co face difficulty.


The main difficulty they face is in fact that the Libyans are a warrior people, and that they do not wish to be subdued by the Jihad


When it is a fair and square fight between Gadhafi and his enemies, including his enemies the Islamists, in Libya then it is a no contest


This is seen in that Gadhafi had his opposition totally routed and when about to conquer all the UN and EU passed their infamous Resolution, then followed the destruction from the air by these superior NATO power of the Gaddafi tanks.


So it is not a fight between an Arab Government – Gadhafi – and his opposition in Libya


It is a fight in which NATO and the EU are totally involved against Gadhafi


But these are the very forces – NATO. The EU, Britain, America – which were responsible for crushing the Serbs

Where precisely are these Serb leaders and blogs today in the defence of Libya and Gadhafi against NATO, the EU, the Hague Kanaroo Court, US Imperialism, Britain and France?

I for one really want to know!

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