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Ground Zero Mosque Supremacist “Daisy” Farhat Khan Seeks Sharia Law Program Manager

    Daisy shariacrop

The secular spinning queen of deception, Daisy the Khan, and her multi-married radical husband, the notorious imam of the Ground Zero triumphal mosque, Feisal Rauf, are seeking a sharia law project manager. Rauf is a fierce supporter of the sharia, as advanced in his book, Call to Prayer: Islamic Proselytizing for the World Trade Center Rubble.

For what? For what, sharia law? And where do they get 55,000 for this position?


Program Manager- Islamic Law 

Position title: Program Manager-Islamic Law

Reports to: Executive Director

Apply by: Immediately-no later than June 6, 2011


The American Society for Muslim Advancement (ASMA) is a New-York based nonprofit organization  founded in 1997 to elevate the discourse on Islam and foster environments in which Muslims thrive. We  are dedicated to strengthening an authentic expression of Islam based on cultural and religious harmony through interfaith collaboration, youth and women’s empowerment, and arts and cultural exchange. To find out more about ASMA, please visit http://www.asmasociety.org/about/index.html.


Program Manager-Islamic Law is responsible for leading several key programs, including WISE Muslim Women’s Shura Council and Muftiyyah Training Program. The WISE Shura Council is a global and inclusive council of Muslim women scholars, activists and specialists that critically engage with dominant Islamic interpretations of social issues and practices; promote religiously grounded arguments that enable Muslim women to make dignified choices based on their own religious tradition; disseminate these authoritative opinions around the world; develop a variety of training programs, both short-term intensive and long term, in order to equip women with expertise in the Islamic legal traditions. The Muftiyyah Training Program, a long-term goal of the Shura Council, will create Muslim women jurists educated in Islamic law and secular disciplines of relevance. (To find out more, visit http://www.wisemuslimwomen.org/about/shuracouncil/.)

Working as an in-house expert, Program Manager-Islamic Law will also provide oversight to other initiatives related to Islamic law/governance and religious interpretation.

Specific responsibilities include the following:
. Frequently interact with the Executive Director
. Coordinate all logistics and set agenda for Shura Council meetings/conference calls
. Spearhead the research, writing and dissemination of Shura Council informed opinions
. Serve as rapporteur for Shura Council meetings/conference calls
. Help in obtaining formal commitments and collaborating plans with key academic institutions,
private-public partnerships, funding agencies, and other organizations as they relate to the work of
the Shura Council and the Muftiyyah Training Program
. Assist with Shura Council and Muftiyyah Training Program grant proposals/budgets/reports, in
collaboration with development staff
. Assist in programming of various WISE forums, such as conferences, trainings, panel discussions, etc.
. Represent ASMA at various public events and collaborative committees
. Work as an in-house expert on Islamic law and aid with other initiatives related to Islam, Islamic
law/governance, and religious interpretation, as necessary
. Promote a work environment that facilitates hard work, cohesion, and creative solutions to further
improve ASMA and its outputs, including but not limited to the Shura Council and the Muftiyyah
Training Program

Qualifications: Program Manager- Islamic Law is the heart of two essential and vibrant ASMA programs relating to religious education and interpretation. In addition, Program Manager-Islamic Law works as an in-house scholar and expert. ASMA is seeking a highly qualified, motivated, energetic, bright and collegial
individual for this important position.

• Advanced degree in relevant field i.e. Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies. Expertise and deep personal
interest in Islamic law and/or Islamic education highly preferred 

• Excellent research and writing skills for a variety of outlets, including academic, media, online and
• Knowledge of Arabic and/or additional relevant languages
• Experience working in activism for Muslim women and or Islamic education
 • Eagerness to work with a diverse spectrum of cultures, nationalities, religions, and ideologies
 • Basic familiarity with budgeting principles and grant writing
 • Technical skills in Microsoft Word, Excel, and Power Point (HTML preferred)
• Excellent organizational and communication skills (verbal and written)
 • Strong interpersonal skills: ability to work with strong personalities and negotiate conflicts of opinion a must
 • Self-motivated worker and team player
• Ability to manage multiple tasks/responsibilities in a fast-paced environment
• Experience working in resource-scare environments
• Flexibility with working hours in case of urgent deadlines, after work events etc

Salary Range: $45,000-$55,000 plus benefits. Commensurate with qualifications and experience.

Interested applicants should send cover letter, CV, and a short writing sample to Dr. Perin Gurel at



It is impossible to avoid war and the Obama has done more than any other political force to make it happen.


The overthrow of Mubarak is having war effects on the whole region. Israel has got to prepare for war because it is totally unavoidable.


Of course Steve Gilmour conspiracy theorist on Talk Radio Europe says that Al Qaida does not exist.


What will Finkelstein interviewing “Richie”  (Finkelstein is a great scholar) Allen of Talk Radio Europe say about this. Allen gave Finkelstein space last Thursday!


Post-Mubarak: Over 400 al-Qaida terrorists now in Sinai

Obama and his G8 supplicants are giving this global jihad movement 40 billion dollars in jizya. More fetid blossoms from the inglorious Arab Spring. 

Clearly Israel needs to reatke the Sinai. If the peace is broken, all bets are off.

Report: Over 400 al-Qaida terrorists now in Sinai J Post (hat tip Rut)

Report: Over 400 al-Qaida terrorists now in Sinai Egyptian security official tells Al-Hayyat that Palestinian, Beduin, foreign citizens seeking to carry out attacks, have already attacked.

Over 400 al-Qaida members have made their way into the Sinai Peninsula, a senior Egyptian security official told the Al-Hayyat satellite television station on Monday.

Egyptian security officials were pursuing the terrorists, who are composed of Palestinians, Beduins and foreign Arab citizens, according to the report. The group was reportedly planning to carry out terror attacks in Egypt, the official said.

Egypt: No one will block opening of Rafah crossing
PM: Global terror organizations strengthening in Sinai
Analysis: Al-Qaida exploiting failed states for sovereignty

Additionally, the terrorists carried out “a number of attacks against [Egyptian] security forces in the Sinai city of El Arish,” the official told Al-Hayyat.

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu on Monday also addressed Egypt’s security problems in Sinai. “Egypt has had difficulties exercising its sovereignty over Sinai,” he said at a meeting of the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee.

“We saw this in the two gas pipe explosions that occurred there,” Netanyahu said. “What’s happening in Sinai is that global terrorist organizations are meddling there and their presence is increasing because of the connection between Sinai and Gaza.”


“Muslim Spring”: Muslim Brotherhood sheikh to run for president of Egypt; promises to implement Sharia and cancel peace treaty with Israel


Obama and his G8 supplicants are giving this global jihad movement $40 billion dollars in jizya. More fetid blossoms from the inglorious Arab Spring.

Muslim Brotherhood sheikh to run for president of Egypt; promises to implement Sharia and cancel peace treaty with Israel thanks to Marisol

“Brotherhood sheikh to run for president,” by Hany ElWaziry for Al Masry Al Youm, May 29 (thanks to Zulu):

Muslim Brotherhood Sheikh Hazem Abu Ismail announced his intention to run in Egypt’s upcoming presidential elections.

He said that if elected he would implement Islamic sharia law and cancel the peace treaty between Egypt and Israel.

Ismail was the Brotherhood’s candidate in 2005 parliamentary elections for Dokki in Giza.

The group announced earlier that it would not take part in the presidential elections and confirmed that it would compete for only half the seats in Parliament. But Ismail is the second Brotherhood member to have announced his intention to run for president in defiance of the group’s leadership. The other Brotherhood candidate is Abdel Moneim Abouel Fotouh, a liberal-minded Islamist.

The devil is in the details, and the first question regarding Fotouh’s “liberal-minded” credentials is: compared to what? Will non-Muslims have equal rights with Muslims? Will Muslims be able to change their religion publicly and officially, as well as privately?

Abu Ismail said Saturday during a speech in a Dokki mosque that he will sweep the elections. Since he is an ordinary man, he said, the masses will support him.

Abu Ismail said that his platform revolves around Islam, while “Mohamed ElBaradei, Amr Moussa, and Hamdeen Sabahi, the liberal candidates, will be unable to present a clear vision” for the country.

“If I could apply sharia in Egypt, all people, including non-Muslims, would applaud me four years later,” said Abu Ismail.

Only if you succeeded in obliterating free speech. Otherwise, don’t bet the farm on it.

The sheikh said that no current presidential candidate represents the Egyptian people.

“We seek to apply Islamic law, but those who don’t want it prefer cabarets, alcohol, dancers and prostitution, as the implementation of Islamic law will prohibit women to appear naked in movies and on beaches,” Abu Ismail added.

Translation: All who oppose me are depraved perverts.

For his opinion on Brotherhood, he said, “They are chaste people and my opinion would not change even if they don’t support me.”

Concerning the peace treaty with Israel, he said, “The Camp David peace treaty is insulting to the Egyptian people, so it must be canceled, and I will do my best to convince people to cancel it.”




Muslim girl, 19, “stoned to death after taking taking part in beauty contest,” Muslim Youths killed her Claiming Death was Justified under Islam


I wonder will the feminist called Hannah Murry do a slot on her radio show on Talk Radio Europe on this


Or will the MediaMatters.org supporter “Richie” Allen on Talk Radio Europe cover this story. Allen hates Pamela Geller who has covered this


Pamela writes (story is from The Daily Mail):

And when they come for the feminists, their daughters and their sisters — we will respond in kind. Their silence on the oppression, brutality and subjugation of women  in Islam makes them as guilty as the murderers. Their silence is their sanction.

Daily Mail starts here

Muslim girl, 19, ‘stoned to death after taking taking part in beauty contest’ Daily Mail (ha tip Atlas readers)

A teenage Muslim girl was stoned to death under ‘Sharia law’ after taking part in a beauty contest in Ukraine.

Katya Koren, 19, was found dead in a village in the Crimea region near her home.

Friends said she liked wearing fashionable clothes and had come seventh in a beauty contest. Her battered body was buried in a forest and was found a week after she disappeared.

Katya Koren, 19, lived in the Crimea region of the Ukraine. Her battered body was found buried in woodland

Police have opened a murder probe and are investigating claims that three Muslim youths killed her claiming her death was justified under Islam. 

One of the three – named as 16-year-old Bihal Gaziev – is under arrest and told police she had ‘violated the laws of Sharia’.

Gaziev said he had no regrets about her death because she had violated the laws of Islam. 


Harry’s Place is a split entity. I always follow what Habibi has to write and say on the issue of the alliance of people like Galloway with Hamas and Fatah (But others on Harry’s Place support the Jihad against the Serbs…as I said split)

This is most important

(begin Habibi’s report here)

Another day, another friendly meeting with mass murderers. That’s life for George Galloway.

Here he is earlier this week in Beirut meeting Abu Imad al-Rifa’i, the “Lebanon representative” of Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ). Other leaders of the terrorist group were also at the meeting.

PIJ was grateful for the visit:


For his part, Rifai thanked Galloway and his delegation for the efforts they are making in Europe and many countries of the world in support of the Palestinian Cause

PIJ is dedicated to the destruction of Israel. It has a horrifying history of suicide bombings of civilians in Israel stretching back to the 1990s. It is backed by Iran and Syria and has been proscribed by the UK.

PIJ has also said that it carried out a suicide bombing in Iraq. It was Rifa’i who proudly made the claim. Though Iraq was not allowed to distract PIJ from its core mission:

“Al-Quds Brigades brings to our people and nation the good news of the arrival of its first martyrdom to the heart of Baghdad,” said a statement faxed to news organizations.

“This is to fulfill the holy duty of defending Arab and Muslim land,” it said.

The group’s Lebanon representative, Abu Imad al-Rifai, confirmed the statement to Reuters News Agency. He said the suicide bombers had not come from Palestinian territories but from several countries.

The group, which the U.S. government lists as a terrorist organization, also claimed responsibility for Sunday’s suicide bombing in a crowded pedestrian mall in the Israeli seaside town of Netanya. The bombing wounded at least 30 people.

The bomber set off his explosives studded with nails near a group of Israeli soldiers, after a security guard prevented him from entering a crowded café, police and witnesses said.

Galloway minions Kevin Ovenden and Rob Hoveman tagged along and are shown in the picture below.

Presumably meeting terrorists is more important to Mr Ovenden than filing accounts for Viva Palestina, where he is a trustee. This is what the pro-Hamas charity’s compliance record looks like:

Oh well, Galloway certainly can’t be accused of letting down his important friends at home with so many foreign jaunts. Last week he found time to raise funds for “Britain 2 Gaza”, the UK arm of the next pro-Hamas flotilla, and Interpal too.

When will the UK win some sort of prize for its excellent services as a base for funding and promoting terrorists?


Habibi is right. We will have to follow more closely this planned flotilla because Irish antisemites are heavily involved.


This is a picture of bikers in New York yesterday which appears on the excellent Atlas Shrugs American patriotic site

Flags and more flags
Rolling Thunder 2011 130 

Denise wrote, (addressed to Pamela Geller) “I was down on the Mall in D.C. today watching Rolling Thunder and saw this. I thought about you and knew you would love it. There were a bunch of these guys with “Free Gilad” flags on the back of their bikes but they were moving so fast I couldn’t get them in the shot. This is the only one that turned out, but it’s a pretty good picture of the flag with Gilad’s face on it.”

The picture was taken on Memorial Day in America, in New York, and it shows very patriotic American bikers with a large flag devoted to the Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit, who has been held for many years by the Fascist group Hamas.

America is split in its mind.

There is the insoluble crisis in the world capitalist economic system.

There is America who took on the leadership of this capitalist system, around about 1945, when Britain was eclipsed and America emerged as the main representative of capitalism.

But the contradictions have caught up and the whole shebang is bankrupt, not by Obama though he helps, but for reasons inherent



Then there is the America and American nationalism which created the First Amendment, which is the most important single political right I would say that a human being can have, the right to Free Speech.

It is this right to Free Speech that the decrepit political capitalist forces and their governments in Europe are seeking to do away with, the sharpest point of which is the trial of Geert Wilders.

But this American ruling capitalist class are not at all innocent.

They created the conditions for the Big Lie of Srebrenica.

Despite these bikers the American Governments have led since 1948 in the demonization of Israel.

Given that across the spectrum of those politically mobilized on this issue, from one pole to the other, everybody appears to have the same opinion on this, casual observers are naturally drawn into agreement as well, creating a crushing consensus all over the world: the US is an ally of Israel.

But is it true?



Pamela Geller stands for not that tradition of betrayal of Israel but for the very opposite.

You see, Geller is far  more on the side of Tom Paine than any other and this is shown in her consistent support for the Serbs and for the Jews.

In fact it is the bitter enemy of us all, including all of us real “Leftists”, the MediaMatters.org which is far closer and a bigger ally of US Imperialism today

It is Soros, carter, Obama, aspects of Bush and Rice, etc who are the real voice of US bitter betrayal of friends and horror repression in the world today.

The discussion must continue.




Before that letter let’s put this in context


This letter to 4international is based on how reality always works itself out and in the end does contradict the lies of those who construct conspiracies.

As has been noted very often the main lie about Srebrenica was the number 8000. Many have wondered “Why 8000?”

In this sense the number means little. What gives meaning to the whole thing is the non-stop propaganda churned out by the Media around this event

Remember that I looked into how the Irish Times treated the story. For months on The Irish Times there was no mention at all of any massacre, never mind numbers.

Then as if from nowhere this figure of 8000 began to be included in stories.

I noted at that time something like 3 main stories per fortnight on The Srebrenica Massacre. Given that was repeated in all of this worldwide Media you have literally hundreds of thousands, maybe more, of this story of 8000 massacred in Srebrenica, until the point of saturation is reached where it is taken as something akin to the Four Gospels of Christian tradition

But there was a real history in Srebrenica.

The US did need the creation of a “massacre” in order to swing American public opinion behind US full intervention, to attack Serbia and to remove the Serbs as an oppositional force.

And this need to intervene, a neocons project as part of a much wider neocons project, led on to these actions in Srebrenica.



Remember that I read the official Dutch report on Srebrenica (Dutch report because Dutch Soldiers were widely blamed) and that report made up by very sober Dutch investigative and learned types stated clearly that they found no evidence that the Serb soldiers murdered anybody in malice. I stand by that position.

As to the evidence of Erdymovic, well he was a supergrass, bought, paid for, owned, by the Hague Liars

Remember that if as I think the Serb soldiers killed nobody in malice (in battle of course yes) that the trap was still sprung on the Serbs and then all the liars could go to work

Our reader here for one thing shows that there was a real split in the ranks of the Muslims, that the Muslim leaders in Srebrenica felt betrayed by Izetbegovic and Oric, and that they reacted to this betrayal and slander against them by spilling the beans on that Clinton proposal to Izetbegovic in 1993 to “create” a massacre.

Dear Mr. Quigley,

It’s interesting to go back to these original newspaper articles from the moslem side to see how the Western political and media establishment made pathological lying into an art form.


<b>”5,000 Muslim Lives for Military Intervention”</b>

(Bosnian moslem newspaper) Dani, Sarajevo, Bosnia-Hercegovina, June 22 1998
Interview with Hakija Meholjic (Moslem), president of Social Democratic Party for Srebrenica, by (Dani reporter) Hasan Hadzic (Moslem)
Hakija Meholjic: We were received there by President Izetbegovic, and immediately after the welcome he asked us: <i>”What do you think about the swap of Srebrenica for Vogosca [a Sarajevo suburb]?”</i> There was a silence for a while and then I said: <i>”Mr. President, if this is a done thing, then you should not have invited us here, because we have to return and face the people and personally accept the burden of that decision.”</i>

Hasan Hadzic: So you rejected Izetbegovic’s decision?

Hakija Meholjic: We rejected it without any discussion. Then he (Izetbegovic) said:

<b><i>”You know, I was offered by Clinton in April 1993 (after the fall of Cerska and Konjevic Polje) that the Chetnik(Bosnian Serb) forces enter Srebrenica, carry out a slaughter of 5,000 Muslims, and then there will be a military intervention.” </b></i>Our delegation was composed of nine people, one among us was from Bratunac and unfortunately he is the only one not alive now, but all the others from the delegation are alive and can confirm this.



In a January 18th, 1999 interview with (Bosnian Moslem newspaper) ‘DANI’, Nesib Buric, former member of an ARBiH (Moslem) battalion stationed in Srebrenica, and now Deputy Mayor for Social Security of War Veterans and Disabled Persons in Srebrenica, clearly summed-up the perspective of the local Srebrenica (Moslem) faction within the ARBiH:
<b>”Humane Transfer of Population”</b>

Dani, Sarajevo, Bosnia-Hercegovina, January 18 1999
by Hasan Hadzic (Moslem reporter)

Nesib Buric: “I know that <b>they are now trying to humiliate people from Srebrenica and spread rumors that we supposedly did not fight and were slain while running away from Srebrenica. No one can deny that in the Srebrenica municipality there are 2,000 buried fighters. </b>No one can deny that we set up a large free territory. However, without assistance from outside we could not hold out for long surrounded by the enemy. <b>You can write that I absolutely support the statement by Hakija Meholjic that we were betrayed. </b>Why does not someone refute his assertions with arguments? Instead they are using slander and saying that Hakija was like this and like that. Hakija was among the first people in Srebrenica to pick up a rifle and work on the organization of the resistance. Therefore, he has the right to speak up. <b>Ibran Mustafic and those women do not have the right to make lists for the Hague Tribunal. They do not have any evidence for that.</b> In Srebrenica, Ibran refused to fight and lead a brigade, but turned to his prewar flirt with politics. As far as Hakija is concerned, you can write that every single child from Srebrenica agrees with his statement.”


Original text in Serbo-Croatian can be read at http://www.bhdani.com/arhiva/1999/93/tekst393.htm


In short the Islamist veterans from Srebrenica make a three-fold claim, that:

1) A high-level political decision was made between the leadership in Sarajevo and the Clinton Administration on the fate of the Srebrenica enclave,

2) That the ARBiH militants in the enclave were betrayed by the Izetbegovic regime during the critical days in mid-June 1995 when the enclave was recaptured by the Bosnian Serb army, and that

3) Those killed in Srebrenica were ARBiH soldiers who died during firefights while defending their positions, not fleeing civilians.



Note by me: If the moslem side claims 2,000 fighters killed in battle in Srebrenica during the previous months and assuming this is true and the Western establishment say they have found 1,900 bodies so far (lets assume for the sake of argument they were all identified as moslems) then that fits fairly well.

    The 3,800 Serbian civilians massacred on the other hand in surrounding villages from the beginning of the war in April ’92 until July ’95 would obviously be ignored.

    Take this article for example from the moslem side. It’s no surprise that the Serbs incarcerated at The Hague end up dying of supposed “heart attacks” and “suicide” while under 24/7 video surveillance:


    <b>”Presidency and Army Command Sacrificed Srebrenica”</b>

    (Bosnian moslem newspaper) Slobodna Bosna, Sarajevo, Bosnia-Hercegovina, 7/14/96

    Ibran Mustafic, representative in Bosnian and Federal Parliaments, founder of SDA in Srebrenica and the captive of the Serb Army after the fall of this town, talks about the events about which he had unsuccessfully tried to speak in the Bosnian Parliament.

    (reporter): Who are the people you accuse and the people you don’t trust?

    Ibran Mustafic: <b>Scenario for the betrayal of Srebrenica was consciously prepared.Unfortunately, the Bosnian presidency and the Army command were involved in this business;</b> if you want the names, figure it out yourself. I understood the situation in Srebrenica and, you can trust me on this, had I not been prevented by a group of criminals, many more inhabitants of Srebrenica would be alive today. Had I received an order to attack the Serb army from the demilitarized zone, I would have rejected to carry out that order without thinking and would have asked the person who had issued that order to bring his family to Srebrenica so that I can give him a gun and let him <b>stage attacks from the demilitarized zone</b>. I knew that such shameful, calculated moves were leading my people to a catastrophe. <b>The orders came from Sarajevo and Kakanj.</b>

    (reporter): What were the consequences of the <b>attacks staged from the demilitarized zone</b> for the inhabitants of Srebrenica?

    Ibran Mustafic: That was <b>a conscious giving of a pretext to the Serb forces to attack the demilitarized zone.</b>

    (reporter): Who in Srebrenica accepted to carry out those orders?

    Ibran Mustafic: Those individuals who, in the Summer of 1995, without a scratch left Srebrenica (…). It is well known that that team managed to get out and take with along the elderly, children and horses. I can only thank God, that a number of honest people and patriots managed to get out with them. (…) According to our custom when someone finishes the foundations for a house, an animal must be slaughtered on top of them. It seems that Srebrenica was a sacrificial lamb for the foundation of this state.

    (reporter): Do you think that the events would have been different had Srebrenica truly be demilitarized?

    Ibran Mustafic: Had some people then, or later, in 1994 and 1995 accepted to evacuate the people and to concede the territory, that would have represented the public division of Bosnia. It seems that they want to divide this state in a secret, perfidious way.

    (reporter): Who are you talking about?

    Ibran Mustafic: About the official authorities.

    (reporter): Why wasn’t then, as you suggest, Srebrenica surrendered in 1993? What was the goal of such “games” with Srebrenica?

    Ibran Mustafic: The basic goal of that game was the illusionary freedom of Sarajevo and the Bihac region. What hurts the most is the attitude towards the survivors from the Drina valley who were in Srebrenica in July 1995. <b>Present attitude of the authorities towards those people is enough to convince me that the authorities expected that the number of the survivors would be smaller; it seems that the number of survivors is too high for their calculations.They made me say this: <i>”It seems you are afraid of living Srebrenica inhabitants.”</i></b>





(map Jewish Virtual library)


The above map is most revealing. These are the Armistice Lines of 1949 and the map shows that an Arab advance through the West Bank (Judea and Samaria as it was then called) could cut Israel in two at the obvious weakest link!

The area in this map is less than the size of Munster, which is ONE of Four of the Irish provinces.

(start analysis by Professor Avi Shlaim here)

Avi Shlaim, PhD, Professor of International Relations at St. Antony’s College, Oxford, in his 2001 book Iron Wall, wrote:
“The postwar territorial status quo was established by the armistice agreements that Israel signed with Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan, and Syria in the first half of 1949… Israel and the Arabs interpreted the armistice agreements very differently. Israel maintained that the agreements gave Israel three indisputable rights. The first right was to an absolute cease-fire, which would be binding not only on regular armies but also on irregular forces and civilians. The second was to have the cease-fire lines treated as international borders for all intents and purposes, pending the conclusion of final peace agreements. This meant full sovereignty over Israeli territory, the only limitation being on the introduction of armed forces into the demilitarized zones. The third right was to settle Jews on all the land within its domain and to develop the economy without taking into account the rights of the previous owners who had become refugees.

The Arabs, on the other hand, claimed three rights under the armistice agreements. First, they held that the agreements did not terminate the state of war with Israel and that they were therefore not precluded by international law from denying Israel freedom of navigation, imposing an economic boycott on it, and waging a propaganda campaign against it. Second, they insisted that the armistice lines were only cease-fire lines and not international borders and that Israel was therefore subject to restrictions on its rights to develop the demilitarized zones and to exploit their water resources. Third, they argued that the armistice agreements did not cancel the rights of the displaced Palestinians to return to their lands and that Israel’s use of that land was therefore not legitimate. Moreover, they claimed, the Palestinians were entitled to struggle against the occupation of their land, and the Arab states were under no obligation to curb this struggle.”


The differences between the 2 sides are amazing and most interesting.

So these are the 1967 borders that they keep talking about and that Obama in his now infamous bushwhacking speech referred to!

You would think therefore that when the fighting was over, the Arabs defeated as they were, that the Arabs would be happy to treat this deal as their new borders of a state.

But the above analysis shows that it was THEY who did not treat these Armistice Lines as borders, but really as lines, that these lines were certainly temporary, and that the “agreement” was just a stage in their war.

The Jews though were full of hope that these were borders and that the fighting was really over.

To the Arabs they meant nothing, absolutely nothing. Just a stopover point from where they could gather to launch a fresh attack on the Jews and their fragile state.

And that is precisely what ensued in the following years, from 49 to 67, a period of some 18 years. How gullible were those Jews back in 1949 who signed these Armistice Lines into being.

How ironic it is that it is the Arabs today who are calling them “borders”!

More lies within lies!


The BBC World Service this morning had Ed Vulliamy on the panel to discuss world affairs but he was really there because of the arrest of Ratco Mladic, and to regurgitate his lies about the conflict.


It will come as no surprise that Vulliamy did not deal with the main event since his former reporting.


That event was the publication of Civikov’s book.


As 4international stated in yesterday’s article the Civikov book focuses in on one key element, that is that the ONLY evidence which showed that there was a “massacre” in Srebrenica is the “evidence” of a supergrass called Drazen Erdymovic


A supergrass is a man or woman who has been bought and paid for by the police. The prosecutors in The Hague Kangaroo Court who bought and paid for Erdymovic hence feed the evidence in and one end and this evidence simply comes out the other.


In our article on 4international yesterday this in the context of The Hague Kangaroo Court meant:


  1. Since Erdymovic did not murder all of those 1200 people on that farm on his own, but had 7 accomplices, plus two higher up in command, then the big question is why all of those murderers have been living such unmolested lives then and now. His accomplices have never been even questioned. This amazed them and it even amazed Erdymovic!
  2. And this is a pattern of course with supergrass trials. The same happened in the trials in Northern Ireland in which the star was Christopher Black. The police only need the one supergrass. Any other intrusion into his evidence would really not only be superfluous to the narrative they are producing, but downright dangerous, for obvious reasons. It is like the mechanics of winding up a puppet, imagine having to repeat that performance with 7 puppets. Can’t be done.

The whole of the Srebrenica narrative stinks to high heaven.


That is precisely why the champion sneerer of the western world, Ed Vulliamy, was on the BBC panel this morning. Vulliamy spent the whole programme sneering at the Serbs and asserting that the Serbs who defend Mladic have not “changed”.


So what does Ed Vulliamy do with the startling research by Civikov. Easy answer. He hides it.


Under no condition can that book of Civikov be referenced in any discussion anywhere.


The same tone yesterday was set by the political liars on Harry’s Place website, a website based in London and frequented by many of these paid journalistic hacks like Vulliamy. It headlined its article with “Got the bastard!” The great British legal system of habeas Corpus, innocent until proven guilty, examine all of the evidence carefully, fairly and dispassionately…right out the window.


Something else ios going on beyond Bosnia and beyond Srebrenica. What is highlighted by this peculiar behaviour as in Harry’s Place is the political and moral degeneration of a whole layer in society. That is actually the same social strata that followed Hitler in Germany


This social layer is out of the English middle class, is hostile to the main forces of the working class on the one hand, and American’s fight to defend the First Amendment on the other.

This is why Obama is their leader and why they are so hateful towards George W. Bush, not because Bush was in an alliance with Islam, which for most of his time in office he was, but because they perceived him as fighting Islam.


Of course Ratko Mladic is right on all counts. As his son and lawyer say he needs an independent medical examination, to assess the effects of strokes which he has had.


Naturally Ed Vulliamy sneered at this!


He is also right as his lawyer says to maintain that he harmed nobody in malice, that all he is guilty of is to defend his own Christian Serbs and other minorities, including a Muslim minority which was in opposition to Izetbegovic and the Jihad. Mladic was engaged in a war which was not of his making or choosing but was the result of the alliance of US and EU Imperialism’s alliance with the Muslim Jihad


Mladic is also right to assert through his lawyer that he has no chance of a fair trial in The Hague. It is after all The Hague Kangaroo Court.



John Bolton has written following the recent Netanyahu Obama battle:


The peace agreement between the Hamas terrorists and Fatah, brokered by the post-Mubarak government in Egypt, marks the effective end of any realistic peace process between Israel and the Palestinians for the foreseeable future. 

Obama has not yet grasped this reality, nor does he seem to understand that the Syrian dictatorship and Lebanon’s Hezbollah terrorists remain Iranian pawns, threats both to Israel and to the United States.Accordingly, now is hardly the time to force Israel into unnatural efforts at “peace processing” with the usual suspects. 

Now that Netanyahu has spoken, it is time for Americans and Europeans concerned with true peace and security in the Middle East to carry the debate forward.


Bolton is right!


The end of the “peace process” is the new reality.


This end is highlighted in large letters by the PA and Hamas joining forces, and by the actions of the Egyptian regime in opening the border with the Gaza.


This was our main disagreement with the speeches of Netanyahu.


The new situation in Egypt is what Netanyahu should have focussed on. But it was precisely here that he pulled back from the necessary open confrontation with Obama.


Netanyahu could have pointed to the 84 per cent in the Pew Poll that wanted to have death for apostasy, with immediate effect towards the oppressed minority, the Egyptian Christian Copts. Like the coward he is Netanyahu did not mention the plight of the Copts.


Also the result of the Obama approach to Egypt has been this new great danger to Israel. With an open border with Egypt, no need for tunnels, arms simply are driven in.


Again Netanyahu pulled back from confronting Obama. Coward Netanyahu!


Above all Libya. Here Obama, Cameron and Sarkozy are raining bombs onto Tripoli every single night, and the table tennis partner of Obama, Cameron, snarls that Gadhafi has to go.


Netanyahu not a single word about this. Coward Netanyahu!


Yet there was a confrontation between Netanyahu and the policies of Obama.


The answer to this is not the courage and bravery of Netanyahu, but that Obama and his clique like the Irish woman Samantha Power, are really the equivalent in power of the anti-Semites of the ISM


Any small step against that anti-Semitism made by Netanyahu we on 4international, it goes without saying, will support.


But rather than losing our heads, it is far better to keep our feet on the ground, and to make a very cool and sober assessment of Netanyahu


And how Netanyahu just does not weigh up in what is now open warfare against Israel.


It is this open warfare from Obama that the American patriotic people need to see, and be made to see.




For all the good it will do Tadic! And the other flunkeys in his government trying to save their hides by joining the EU, first ever case of a rat jumping ONTO a sinking ship!

I mean Europe has to split up into two tiers, the strong centre around Germany, the weak around Greece, Ireland or Portugal. They badly need 2 currencies. But are so paralysed they can never decide. But instead they stir up hatred.


Now also why yesterday would Russia join in with the other Big Seven, making it a Big Eight, and lend its name to the “Gadhafi must go” world brigade, which is made up of Obama downing a pint of Guinness in a god forsaken Irish Pub, somewhere in darkest Ireland, or Cameron and Obama playing tabletennis, imagine, what a ghastly sight, even worse the high fives, an Americanism if ever there was one, or Mrs Cameron showing Mrs Obama HER KITCHEN!!!!


What utter bullshit dominates our lives as transmitted through the Media!


But Russia joining to bully poor Gadhafi Libya…that will not save Russia either, the opposite.


Well is there a connection between all these things, especially the out casting of Mubarak (now threatened with execution) in favour of The Muslim brotherhood, the war on Gadhafi again in favour of the Muslim Brotherhood, the alliance of Obama and the rest with Egypt in alliance with the Protocols promoting Hamas, and this continued hounding of Serbs.


I think there is.


The promotion of Izetbegovic in Bosnia, and of Thaci in Kosovo, opened up the way for Bin Laden having a necessary stopover on his way from Sudan, and a base leading inexorably to 9.11


They all united with Izetbegovic and he was portrayed as a moderate, just as Rauf in New York was promoted by the Mayor of New York also as a moderate, even though he was a Hamas supporter.


This is the key. We are fed lies and the central lie today is that Hamas is moderate and must be supported.


What unites much in the world today is the fake talk about “democracy” on the one hand, even as Sharia Law is promoted on the other.


When we say Sharia Law is promoted we mean in the countries of Europe and America, as well as the Muslim countries.


Let us take the latter first. There are over a billion Muslims in Muslim countries. The level of poverty is horrific. In those conditions Islam and Sharia Law was and is the weapon of control and repression. One does not have to dwell on that too much if one is at all conscious, as opposed to brain dead. But it is amazing how many journalists defend Sharia Law.


And the former, the effects in the western countries. It is used here to upset and overthrow centuries old traditions, of equality before the law, and even of prevention of cruelty to our fellow creatures in the animal world.


But if you try to find out what IS Islam then you will very quickly find yourself debarred from outlets, such as I am from the radio station “Talk Radio Europe” (all very British…they know my number)


So the arrest of Mladic is in this new situation. It is not the old situation of the war on Yugoslavia at all, perhaps partly, but the new situation is one of the ascent of The Muslim Brotherhood and the great danger of Obama and Cameron to the world.


A situation where Gadhafi is being pummelled and probably eventually eliminated and where the threat of The Hague Kangaroo Court is held over him and all of his family.


All based on a lie, that Gadhafi was murdering his own people, even though this leader has offered about a hundred times to sit down and work out an arrangement.


In a country where his main opposition has been The Muslim Brotherhood.


Back to Bosnia… Karadzic and Mladic were faced by Izetbegovic.


Here just remember


  1. Izetbegovic had his fingers in the Holocaust, and was an associate of the Nazi Arab from Palestine Hajj Amin el Husseini during The Holocaust. They were both Muslim Brotherhood reps in Bosnia
  2. This whole history of Izetbegovic was kept from the public by the Media
  3. And the Serbs like Mladic and Karadzic were promoted as the New Nazis

So there is a distortion of history concerning Izetbegovic.


But why distort history except to sell a new lie.


Netanyahu in opposing Obama, and he did, but he never once mentioned any of this.


It is as if the war against the Jews as is being conducted by all these forces, the EU, Obama and Power, the Neocons, is being conducted according to Netanyahu in a kind of sealed corner of the human mind.


The reality is quite different.


The reality is the crisis in the world capitalist system.


This is a world where enemies (who are actually friends) are created by the Media.


As has happened to Mubarak and now Gadhafi


And by this continuation of the war on the Serbs where the Serbs are portrayed as something savage and evil, just like Hitler portrayed the Jews all those years ago, and where the Palestinian Arabs portray the Jews to this day.


In this narrative of lies this evil system of capitalism, with its inbuilt lies, has to create the Devil


At this point in time this 69 year old man who has been hounded for decades is once more The Devil


Just as Netanyahu is portrayed in Europe, and by Obama and Power, as The Devil also…why, because simply he took into consideration the changed situation, that the PA of Abbas has joined Hamas, and that Egypt is now the joint backer of Hamas along with Iran.


All of this devil creation by the capitalist system is all very political and is nearly conscious.


I agree with Julia Gorin who refers to the Trifkovic article, except that it is a unity, a whole, and the issue of the Serbs and Mladic is now much wider than the Serbs and Kosovo etc.


Dr. Trifkovic reminds us that the Hague’s tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia “is a highly politicized institution that has been used over the years to provide retroactive quasi-judicial [justification] of the political position of the Western powers that the Serbs are indeed the main culprits for all that came to pass in the former Yugoslavia.” He adds that the Serbian press today is more government-controlled than it ever was under Slobodan Milosevic, and is consistently pushing EU membership as a panacea for all that ails the country — much like Communism had been, he points out. “If Serbia does join the EU,” he says, “it will be the first time in history that a rat has jumped onto a sinking ship.”




Lenin wrote on how the tendencies in Imperialism are towards war.


They seem to need war. Or is there any explanation for making war on Gadhafi, thus breaking all of the George W. Bush agreements with Gadhafi, and against The Muslim Brotherhood.


So the president of Russia just yesterday has sold his soul by joining with the other Seven to call for Gadhafi to go (be killed)


But that will not save Russia, rather the opposite.


The main drive is to settle the issues of the insoluble nature of the economic crisis.


The only logical thing for Europe to do is to scrap the Euro which is unsustainable. But Cameron et al are cowards. Rather than do that they would prefer to make war, say on Libya today, but tomorrow Russia, India or China.


I imagine that these poor people like Cameron are all at sea, they go from crisis to crisis, they cannot solve the unemployment, but hey “let’s act the bully and make war on somebody!”


Both of those two writers I mention have predicted that when Mladic goes to The Hague that the Media will close down the discussion.


I mean there was NO Srebrenica massacre and Cirikov has proved that.


But that raises the question as to how the message can truly get out about the reality of life today on this planet.


More and more it is becoming clear that we need in the world a party which can do just that.


That is for another day. We are beginning a series of 10 articles dealing with history, on our sister site www.wedefendisrael.com and these must be an important focus on creating a new leadership in the world.


Srebrenica is really at the centre of our political life today. Let me explain.



The world was taught that the wars in Yugoslavia were unequal. On one side was the Serb Fascist Expansionist aggressor. On the other side were the victims of this aggressor.


When it came to the war in Bosnia Herzegovina this was even more pronounced in the Media as it implanted just this Christian aggressor/Muslim victimhood into the consciousness of the general public.


So there is an immediate connection right there to the present.


The main factors in this link are Obama, Cameron and Sarkozy and their Media machines.


They spin the story that:

Mubarak was the cruel dictator amassing huge fortunes and savaging his people.


Then with Mubarak forced to resign the attention switched to Muammar Gadhafi and here the cry was raised everywhere that Gadhafi was attacking “his own people” or was “attacking civilians”. It seems that most people will swallow anything they hear on the Media.


But this was what was happening in Yugoslavia, and it is very wrong to create a disconnect between the two.


What was hidden was that the leadership of the Bosnian Muslims around Izetbegovic was Jihadist Muslim in their political orientation.


Just as the main and strongly organized force in the “Arab Spring” is also Jihadist Islam (The Muslim Brotherhood)


Something else happened in Bosnia. The Muslims led by Izetbegovic employed the American public relations firm Ruder Finn, and in the United States this Ruder Finn broadcast repeatedly that the Serbs were Nazis and that they were running concentration camps, just like the Nazis did in the Holocaust.


This was the precise and admitted job of Ruder Finn, to paint the Serbs and their leaders as Nazis.


It was all a lie. There were no concentration camps. It was a civil war and a war of defence by the Christian Serbs against the Izetbegovic Jihad on Christians.



Before he died Izetbegovic admitted to the French diplomat Kouchner that the concentration camp propaganda was just that, a propagandist lie


The Srebrenica Massacre emerged out of that, was and is the biggest hoax of all.


In fact this Srebrenica Massacre was being talked about 2 years before it happened, in 1993, when Izetbegovic emerged out of a meeting with Bill Clinton, to tell his Islamist colleagues from Srebrenica that Clinton wanted a “massacre” staged, in order that the US could intervene with bombing against the Serbs and Serbia.


About Srebrenica we on 4international said and say:


There is not one item of proof that the Serbs murdered a single Muslim on retaking Srebrenica



It is true though that…The Serbs walked into a carefully laid trap which involved Izetbegovic and the Jihadist leadership removing the main Muslim Squadrons, and thus the surprised Serbs walked straight in without any fight

It was a trap.


From there the lies started and continue today and this is the only significance to the arrest by the “Serbs” of this aged and mentally ill former general Ratko Mladic


We will turn the tables on the ruling class and on the Ruder Finn pro Jihad liars here.


The real tragedy in the situation is that this proud Army Serb leader has been hounded in the latter part of his life and his only and real crime was that he fought against Jihad on behalf of the Serb Christian people.


The way that this giant hoax of The Srebrenica massacre is of supreme importance for us all to recognize, but especially for Israel and the Jews.


The natural allies of the Jews ARE the Serbs because the Serbs and the Jews suffered together in the Nazi Holocaust, and both Serbs and Jews are linked together in recognition of the previous and precedent setting Armenian Massacre by the Turkish government on defenceless Christians. But Jews, especially American Jews, have got to learn the main lesson which is that the power of American Imperialist ideology is great, and that American Jews and their organizations were largely taken in by the ruder Finn propaganda, and this problem is carried into the present, especially over the destruction of Mubarak and Gadhafi, again being replaced by the equivalent of Izetbegovic, The Muslim Brotherhood. It is also to recognize this strategic alliance between capitalist imperialist power and the forces of Islam, essentially the present day Jihad, which we call the Empire Sharia Alliance. It is real.


The case of the ICTY Court in the Hague and how it created the giant hoax of “The Srebrenica Massacre”, on the morning after the arrest of Ratko Mladic


The whole existence of the ICTY Court (also known as the Hague Kangaroo Court) was based on the “evidence” of one person, who was the equivalent but much worse of Christopher Black of Derry, of supergrass infamy. His name was Drazen Erdymovic.


I separate with Harman. I have seen no evidence of any such killing and my big question to Harman is why believe anything that a paid liar like Erdymovic says anyways.


My point to Herman is that the police in such cases recruit vulnerable people, who in turn do a deal, and after that they are the property not of the truth but of the police. It is really an old story.


But Herman summarises the central issue in Civikov’s book well in these paragraphs below.



Erdymovic in his own story and paid evidence to The Kangaroo Court did not act alone, but in his own words with 7 others.


Not only were these 7 others not prosecuted in “such a ghastly crime” as Srebrenica but the ICTY took great care NOT to prosecute them


And that is the central clue which if honest people follow it up leads to the reality that the “Srebrenica Massacre” is a giant hoax.

(The central witness in the case which had at its centre the Srebrenica Massacre had 7 associates, with two others further up in the chain of command. They have been and are ignored. Is that not fishy!)


But when it comes to Serbs and Jews there are not many honest people around and liars abound.


(Start here)

Global Research, January 10, 2011

A review of Germinal Chivikov’s book Srebrenica: The Star Witness (orig. Srebrenica: Der Kronzeuge, 2009, transl. by John Laughland) – “a devastating indictment of the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia (ICTY).”

One of the most remarkable and revealing features of the Erdemovic case is that although he named seven individuals who did the killing with him, and two superiors in the chain of command who ordered or failed to stop the crime, not one of these was ever brought into an ICTY court either as an accused killer or to confirm any of Erdemovic’s claims. These co-killers have lived quietly, within easy reach of ICTY jurisdiction, but untroubled by that institution and any demands seemingly imposed by a rule of law. The commander of his unit, Milorad Pelemis, who Erdemovic claimed had given the order to kill, made it clear in an interview published in a Belgrade newspaper in November 2005, that the Hague investigators have never questioned him. He had never gone into hiding, but has lived undisturbed with his wife and children in Belgrade. Nor have ICTY investigators bothered with Brano Gojkovic, a private in the killer team who Erdemovic claimed was somehow in immediate command of the unit (a point never explained by him or prosecutors or judges). Civikov points out that only once did the judges in any of the five trials in which the star witness testified ask the prosecutors whether they were investigating these other killers. The prosecutors assured the judges in 1996 that the others were being investigated, but 14 years later the Office of the Prosecutor had not questioned one of them. And from 1996 onward the judges never came back to the subject.

As these seven were killers of many hundreds in Erdemovic’s version, and the prosecutors and judges took Erdemovic’s version as true, why were these killers left untouched? One thing immediately clear is that the ICTY was not in the business of serving impartial justice even to the point of arresting and trying wholesale killers of Bosnian Muslims in a case the ICTY itself called “genocide.” But ignoring the co-perpetrators in this case strongly suggests that the prosecutors and judges were engaged in a political project—protecting a witness who would say what the ICTY wanted said, and refusing to allow any contesting evidence or cross-examination that would discredit the star witness. Civikov points out that the only time Erdemovic was subject to serious cross-examination was when he was questioned by Milosevic himself during the marathon Milosevic trial. And Civikov shows well that the ICTY presiding judge in that case, Richard May, went to great pains to stop Milosevic whenever his questions penetrated too deeply into the area of Erdemovic’s connections or credibility.

In April 2004, a Bosnian Croat, Marko Boskic, was arrested in Peabody, Massachusetts, for having caused a hit-and-run car crash while drunk. It was soon discovered that Boskic was one of the members of Erdemovic’s killer team at Branjevo Farm But journalists at the ICTY soon discovered that the Tribunal did not intend to ask for the extradition of this accused and confessed murderer. A spokesman for the Office of the Prosecutor stated on August 2004 that the prosecutor was not applying for the extradition of Boskic because it was obligated to concentrate on “the big fish.” So killing hundreds, and being part of a “joint criminal enterprise” murdering 1,200, does not yield big enough fish for the ICTY. In fact, this is a major lie as dozens of cases have been brought against Serbs for small-scale killings or even just beatings, and the ICTY has thrived on little fish for many years. In fact, the first case ever brought by the ICTY was against one Dusko Tadic in 1996, who was charged with a dozen killings, all dismissed for lack of evidence, leaving him guilty of no killings whatsoever, but only of persecution and beatings, for which he was given a 20 year sentence. A number of other Serbs were given prison sentences, not for killing people, but for beatings or passivity in not exercising authority to constrain underlings (e.g., Dragolic Prcac, 5 years; Milojica Kos, 6 years, Mlado Radic, 20 years, among others). The dossier of ICTY prosecution of little (Serb) fish is large.

Thus, the Boskic case does not fall into any little-fish-disinterest category. Rather, it is perfectly consistent with the failure to bring to court Pelermis or any of the seven known co-perpetrators of the massacre. Civikov’s very plausible hypothesis is that this is another manifestation of star witness protection—the ICTY does not want his convenient testimony to be challenged. Little fish like Boskic might gum up a political project. Civikov contrasts the extremely alert and aggressive actions of the ICTY and U.S. authorities in getting Erdemovic transferred to the Hague in March 1996 with this remarkable reluctance to even question Erdemovic’s fellow killers. He was seen quickly as a man who might make proper connections to enemy targets, so no holds were barred then, or later..



Netanyahu addressed Congress yesterday and got over 50 standing ovations, but he forgot one thing: This was the leadership of American Imperialism that he was addressing and the key sentence in the speech of Netanyahu was when he referred to the coming to power of The Muslim Brotherhood in all countries, thanks to both the Democrats AND Republicans. In other words two sets of people, very important peoples, AMERICANS AND ISRAELIS, are being led into the jaws of death by these leaders, Netanyahu and the Israeli elite, the Democrats under Obama and Clinton, and the Republicans who, and this is the key issue, are fundamentally no different.

That key sentence from Netanyahu:

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu spoke of ”about the great convulsion taking place in the Middle East” in his opening remarks and said that the “ground is still shifting” and that the uprisings in the Muslim countries represent people’s demands for liberty — but like 1979 Iran, the outcomes were in question.

This is the Big Lie that is peddled and that Netanyahu in his speech to Congress joined in with.

The Uprisings in the Middle East are not about democracy, but liberty, and here we mean the liberty to have ONE ELECTION ONE TIME


This is the peculiar form of Liberty that the Muslim Brotherhood is seeking in every one of these countries.


Not a word from Netanyahu about Libya where NATO, the worst enemies of the Jews in Obama and the EU (Cameron and SARKOZY), HAS NOW BEEN BOMBING TRIPOLI HEAVILY IN THE LAST 2 NIGHTS
In fact Netanyahu making a big deal out of Israel being loyal to the US made it very clear where he stands. he stands with NATO, always with NATO. Has he been bought earlier in life.

This “prophet” Netanyahu leads the Jews into the jaws of death and I can smell the flesh burning from here.

When Netanyahu speaks this is not the proud Jewish people who returned from Babylon equipped with their Bible and capable national self consciousness. He is projecting Jews and Israel as being the dhimmis of America

Meanwhile the ONLY strategy which American Jewish groups can produce is to pin everything on the replacement of Obama by a Republican. But that does not break the “dhimmi of America” mentality.

There is NO middle road here and the main problem is that Israel does not have a human being who can articulate the need.

This is to

1. Bring the San Remo Conference of 1920 into play in all discussions

2. Bring into play also the criminality of Britain and Churchill and direct this specially to Cameron that Britain robbed the Jews in the following months (leading to the Cairo Conference of 1920) of 80 per cent of their promised Homeland

3. That these “Palestinians” are a fake, the product of the machinations of Britain and America, and of their promotion of Holocaust organizer Hajj Amin el Husseini. Not only “Palestinians” but “Palestinian Arabs” is a rubbish term.


The danger is not at all just Obama. The danger is this American and EU consciousness, where they look on Libya and could care less about past and solemn agreements, such as that made by George W. Bush with Muammar Gadhafi. An agreement with Gadhafi what nonsence we are the great Americans!

And the big danger is these “republicans” who see the agreement with Gadhafi made by Bush as being just an agreement with a “native”, of no real consequence.


And at this moment in time as far as these same people are concerned Netanyahu can do no wrong

The only problem with this is that the Democrats AND republicans have wrought havoc in the Middle East. Mubarak who is threatened now with execution BY THE MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD, AND NOW LIBYA AND GADHAFI, PROVES THAT THEY CANNOT BE TRUSTED FOR A SECOND

How Mubarak must now rue trusting America. How Gadhafi must regret not acquiring those Nuclear arms.

But Israel is treading the same path.
EVERYTHING about Netanyahu to me stinks.


The main point that Glick makes is that Obama created a diversion. She is certainly right.

By far the biggest event and issue centres on Hamas specifically and on the agreement which Abbas has made with Hamas. The differences between the two remain, it is purely opportunistic and episodic…remember that, it is most important.

The great Netanyahu policy rests on from (the pupils of Nazi Hajj Amin el Husseini) Hamas and Fatah, a mere form of words, and hey presto Muslim Brotherhood sit on the flank of Israel equipped with an army paid for and trained by American and EU antisemitism.

America under both Republican and Democratic Governments have built up the army of Abbas and that is going to be taken over, post September election, by the Hamas. The Muslim Brotherhood proceeds apace in every country thanks due to US Imperialism. The alliance as crisis engulfs capitalism is certainly formal though hidden and strategic.

Hamas is based upon the Protocols of Zion and is pure antisemitism. So that is what the Obama policy has achieved and which is largely hidden by the Republicans, because they in Bush and Rice were responsible initially for just that policy. Before that Clinton, Carter, Bush Snr. and Reagan…you see it is an unbroken seam.

Glick is right. Obama created a diversion from this reality, the 49 Armistice Borders, which he calls the 67 Borders, another Big Lie right there!

By cheering Netanyahu’s speechifying to the rafters Jewish blogs in America play into this deception.

The relevant Caroline Glick paragraphs are here:

Obama had two options for contending with the Palestinian unity deal. He could pay attention to it or he could create a distraction in order to ignore it. If he paid attention to it, he would have been forced to disavow his policy of blaming his predecessors in the White House and Israel for the absence of peace. By creating a distraction he would be able to change the subject in a manner that would enable him to maintain those policies.
And so he picked a fight with Netanyahu. And by picking the fight, he created a distraction that has, in fact, changed the subject and enabled Obama to maintain his policies that have been wholly repudiated by the reality of the Palestinian unity deal.
By inserting the citation of the 1949 armistice lines into his speech, Obama made Israel’s size again the issue.
The Hamas-Fatah unity deal actually demonstrates that not only is Israel’s size not the cause of the conflict, it is the main reason that Israelis and Palestinians live in relative peace.
Israel’s control over Judea and Samaria and east Jerusalem, and with them, its ability to ward off invasion and attacks on its major cities is what has prevented wars. If Israel were more vulnerable, the de facto Palestinian terror state would not be weighing whether or not to begin a new terror war as its leaders from Fatah and Hamas are doing today. It would be waging a continuous campaign of terror whose clear aim is Israel’s destruction for again, as Netanyahu said the 1949 armistice lines make war an attractive option for Israel’s enemies.
BY PICKING a fight with Netanyahu, since Thursday, no one could have possibly noted this basic truth because the false issue of Israel’s control over these areas – that is, Israel’s size – has dominated the global discourse on the Middle East.
After that Glick makes other useful points, but after making these vital remarks, shows the limitations of present bourgeois Jewish leadership in ending like this:

Netanyahu deserves a lot of credit for standing up to Obama on Friday. He showed enormous courage in doing so. It was his finest hour to date and polls over the weekend show that the public appreciates and supports him for it. He must build on that success by putting the focus on the truth.

It was NOT a success.
Netanyahu missed the essence which is that Obama speaks to a very specific audience, and since he is out of the Khalidi cum Edward Said school it is the audience of American and European antisemitism.
Israel expansionist? You must be jokkng! israel is less than the size of Munster which is about one quarter of tiny Ireland, a mere province for goodness sake.
That is what Obama and the antisemites want to attack and to reduce further. How hard is it to make that case against THAT!
Netanyahu did not stand up to Obama at all. That is a mirage. He seemed to but that is only to very stupid people.
As Yamit82 on Israpundit has pointed out in opposition to editor Ted belman that will still mean stripping 100,000 Jews from their home in Judea.
As we have often stated Jewish leadership is in a gigantic crisis and this will only be resolved through the quest for new leadership.
Our sister website www.wedefendisrael.com is pioneering a series of articles on history which incorporates many lessons and will be a focus of important lessons being learned
The way forward can be found but it will not be found easily.



Gadhafi is not threatening any civilians.


This is the Big Lie of NATO, Obama and Cameron.


All that Gadhafi can be accused of is resisting the Muslim Brotherhood opposition in Libya.

Last night NATO bombed Tripoli intensively and now I sending Apache Killer helicopters to help the Libyan Muslim Brotherhood.


TRIPOLI (Reuters) – NATO warplanes hammered Tripoli on Tuesday with some of their heaviest air strikes yet after the United States said Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi would “inevitably” be forced from power.

At least 12 huge explosions rocked the capital in the early hours. Government spokesman Mussa Ibrahim said three people were killed and 150 wounded.

He said the strikes had targeted a compound of the Popular Guards, a tribally-based military detachment. But he said the compound had been emptied of people and “useful material” in anticipation of an attack, and the casualties were people living in the vicinity.

“This is another night of bombing and killing by NATO,” Ibrahim told reporters.

Led by France, Britain and the United States, NATO warplanes have been bombing Libya for more than two months since the United Nations authorized “all necessary measures” to protect civilians from Gaddafi’s forces in the country’s civil war.


Mussa Ibrahim in the above account from Reuters is probably downplaying the terror that NATO is unleashing onto the people of Libya. He does not want to display weakness but strength in the face of such a superior enemy.


It must be remembered that NATO is full of lies and that this war on Libya by NATO is a continuation of the war on Yugoslavia


What is NATO doing here and in the world in general?


There is not the slightest doubt about what it is doing, if one is to follow the empirical evidence of the effects of these wars.


NATO, and by this we mean the US and the West which incorporate governments such as Britain, France, Spain and others, is creating a system of Islamist states in which the Muslim Brotherhood has the power, or at least sufficient control to create a path to power.


Why is NATO doing this?


Answer: The capitalist crisis.


Ask the question in a different way, why did Britain support the Islamist criminal Hajj Amin el Husseini in 1920, and allowed el Husseini to kill thousands of Muslims, in order to stir up anti-Semitism and to kill Jews in massacres which set the pattern for The Holocaust?


Answer: again the crisis in the British Imperialist system. Britain was devastated by the First World War and was scrambling to maintain its Empire, in the face of new challenges to its power from especially France and America.


The approach is totally conscious and out in the open, although it is well hidden from the masses by a subservient Media


Obama must remove Gadhafi and his government because Obama is hell bent on creating Governments in The Middle East where the Muslim Brotherhood is in control.


This is the case in Tunisia, in Egypt, and it is being threatened against the Saudi Monarchy.


Why does the US ruling circles want to secretly have the Muslim Brotherhood in power in these countries?


For the same reason that Britain in 1920 wanted the religious fanatic hajj Amin el Husseini in power in Arab countries in 1920.


That reason is Sharia Law.


Sharia Law is used to discipline the masses of Arabs and poor Muslims, especially to keep women under control, as a certain type of human being keeps dogs under their control.


NATO and the US elites are more and more getting behind Sharia Law as a method of power and control in both poor Muslim countries and in “advanced” western countries.


Hence there can be no compromise with Gadhafi.


Gadhafi is essentially tribal and pre Islam.


This was one of the reasons that Gadhafi found himself more and more fighting the Muslim Brotherhood in Libya and was essentially the basis for his alliance with George W. Bush and his government to join together in a united campaign against Al Qaida AND The Muslim Brotherhood.


An agreement which both Gadhafi and Bush honoured to the last.


That is until Obama came to power on a totally different agenda.


Bush had the puerile dream of bringing western democracy to Islamic countries. Obama is not on that track at all. Obama is essentially out of the ISM Said tradition and it is out of that tradition that Obama is staking all on power to The Muslim Brotherhood.


This is why the Netanyahu opposition to Obama on the 49 Armistice Borders stripping of Israeli self defence is merely episodic.


Obama has got great power as a result of the Media in America.


Obama could very well win again and if he does then the Muslim Brotherhood will have its Fascist dictatorship in place in much of the world and moves towards dictatorship (trial of Geert Wilders) in western countries well on the way as well.


Finally the misleadership of the youth who took over and demonstrated against unemployment in Madrid has a great lesson. The youth and working class will fight against the crisis, but without leadership they will fight in vain.




It has got a fantastic article on its pages this morniong


I am very interested in this because it is raising the issue of nation, nationality and nationalism and an empty and dogmatic “internationalism” is false to the core.

Between nation and inter nation there is a dialectical relationship!

The issue is over who is eligible to run for President of the US

This is from a comment:

“(Vattel went on to say, “In order to be of the country, it is necessary that a person be born of a father who is a citizen; for, if he is born there of a foreigner, it will be only the place of his birth, and not his country.”).

The full comment with the name is:

oldmagicman666 (signed in using Yahoo)

You have to frame this eligibility based on being Natural Born only on what the founding fathers knew of the phrase Natural Born at the time they added it to our Constitution. Article 2. Section 1. paragraph 5. has never been amended therefore it still means exactly what it meant to our founding fathers.
No Judge, jury, court, our House or Senate can change the Constitution. It can only be changed by amendment.
Our founders read and studied Vattel so Natural Born was based on the Law of Nations.
(Vattel went on to say, “In order to be of the country, it is necessary that a person be born of a father who is a citizen; for, if he is born there of a foreigner, it will be only the place of his birth, and not his country.”).
Obama Sr. was a Kenyan Brit therefore Jr, or II in not Natural Born. He was also born to a father that was under the British Nationality Act of 1948 and thus was born a British Subject. Therefore at best he is a dual citizen and therefore not a Natural Born Anmerican Citizen


These were the borders pre 1967, which is in reality 1949 Armistice Lines. The 1967 War and 1948 War are inseparable

map is from http://www.jewishvirtuallibrary.org/jsource/History/6daywar.html

The area of Judea especially and Samaria as noted in the map are the very areas where the Jews come from , the name “Judea” showing that this is so, a name which goes back into the mists of history.

Note in the map above especially:

1. Jerusalem 2. Judea and Samaria 3. The Golan Heights 4. Sinai 5. Gaza

All of these areas are a vital part of Jewish history/heritage. All are noted many times in the Jewish Bible.

All of these areas are where the attack of 1967 came from, or came through

I grant that we have to show conclusively the nature of the attack, that there is no doubt that Israel was attacked by her neighbours in a life and death struggle which did ensue

Yet so far Israel, the victor, has given back the Sinai, Judea and Samaria, Gaza, has talked about giving back the Golan Heights, and East Jerusalem. It has also handed over the keys of The Temple Mount to the enemy

This is the first time in recorded history that a victor in a war has handed over the terrirory it has won in that war, to that enemy which had attacked it in that war.

It is this reversal of common sense that is at the root of the problem.

In this sense Obama in his antisemitic speech about the return to 67 borders is really following up on that essentially Israeli Jewish thinking process, or at least the way is cleared for the antisemite Obama through that thinking process.

1. you are attacked

2. you repulse the attack

3. you win the terriroty of the enemy, especially that teritory which sprang the attack,

4. you hand the won territory back to the enemy

From this way of thinking a very bad practice for humanity ensues. A terrorist or a belligerent country or set of countries attack you, meaning to dominate you and do you great harm.

The result: they cannot lose. It will all eventually return to square 1

That is the moral essence of the situation.

it is an essence which Netanyahu did not answer Obama on in the latter’s notorious speech the previous day.

Netanyahu avoided this essence. Instead Netanyahu plaitively bleated about Israeli security. Which sounds like a plea to the antisemite. the antisemite who was in front of him.

There will be and can not be any security at all for Jews, nohow noway, because this is at bottom a moral question and Netanyahu and the Israeli elite for a long time have been betraying on this moral question.

It is through this door left ajar that the antisemites (and Obama with his links to Said et al is one) slink through.

That is what has been left out by most American Jewish blogs of the analysis of the Obama 67 borders speech.





Ny rally signs

(picture of Jewish woman in New York yesterday with placard showing that antisemitism centres on Obama and fascist “left” support for Hamas…thanks to Atlas Shrugs)


I think that many on the pro Israel blogs have the situation wrong. Every time Netanyahu speaks you are nervous, and wonder will he fight Obama or will he not? This time he did defend Israel but to think he won something over Obama is simplistic. This is because Obama speaks to a definite antisemitic audience and it is very regretful that some of these antisemites are Jews who are American, not all American Jews of course, but a significant section. Obama was speaking to antisemitism 2 days ago. Netanyahu with Barak in his Cabinet has no answer for that and yesterday did not or could not address that problem. Barak and Livni are both antisemites in a very particular way just as much as is Chomsky…


I take quite a different attitude to the Netanyahu/Obama meeting of the press yesterday. I do hope that many Americans saw Obama as an anti-Semite and that Netanyahu helped them to see this.


But I do really question why would the leader of this proud Jewish people be coming across to Washington at all, or to America at all, except in the context of talking directly to the ordinary American people who hate Obama, and to directly oppose Obama


The correct policy of Netanyahu would be to expel Barak from his Cabinet, and rather than travel to Washington, travel down to Judea and Samaria, misnamed the West Bank, and help to organize the wonderful Jewish patriots who live there, and to mobilize all Israelis behind these Jewish patriots. That was the correct place for Netanyhahu.


Netanyahu and all Jews must oppose the Palestine state immediately, totally and out in the open


There is not the slightest doubt that Obama is an anti-Semite. There are many various types of anti-Semite and Obama is one that has emerged out of this so-called “leftist” Palestinian Arab movement and all that that entails.



The roots of Obama are in the Nazi Hajj Amin el Husseini personality which this so-called “left” has taken to its heart, and has done so by deliberately hiding his record as playing a great part alongside of Hitler, Himmler and Eichmann in the Holocaust.


Yes Obama is that kind of anti-Semite. In public always talks about Israeli security even. But definitely anti-Semitic!


And where Obama goes there goes all his followers, including whatever Jews in America even at this late stage are still supporting this political creep.


Thus do not be mistaken. The speech which Obama gave on the day before Netanyahu, Prime Minister of the Jewish Homeland, was the speech of a deep anti-Semite.


Furthermore, do not be mistaken that Netanyahu won the battle of words in the interview with the press which both gave after their meeting on that following day.


The speech of Obama in which the central theme was the setting up of a Palestine Arab state, and that the setting up of that state was to help with the security of Jews, that was the principle provocation.



But this provocation was not directed so much against Israel, as it was directed towards the anti-Semites in this world, and there are indeed many


It was a speech which has its parallel only in the speeches of Hitler, Himmler and the Nazis.


To the ordinary person who has been fed these Arab lies, to ask for the setting up of a Palestine Arab state is a good thing.


To ask for the setting up of this state whose borders are the 1967 lines, well this means only the one thing. Which is that the war of 1967 was an aggressive war of Jews against “Palestinians”.


This has a further connotation. That is that not only was the 1967 war an aggressive war by Jews against inferior Arabs, but that the 1948 war also was an aggressive war by Jews against inferior Arabs.


That is the narrative of lies and is the narrative of contemporary anti-Semitism



So in my opinion Obama knew exactly what he was doing, he knew exactly what his target audience was, it was precisely that audience that he was part of for 20 years when he sat in Pastor Wright’s Church with his wife by his side and listened once again for 20 years to that anti-Semite


In Florida the support among Jews for Obama has dropped from 80 per cent plus to 32 per cent.


Good you might say! But there is still 32 per cent in Florida who are supporting this anti-Semite.



It was this 32 per cent that Obama was addressing. The most lethal enemies of the Jews, are in fact Jews like Chomsky. That is the people who Obama was addressing.


He was also addressing large immigrant layers in America who are ignorant of these issues.


And Obama lines up along with the worst anti-Semites in the black population of America such as Louis Farrakhan and Al Sharpton, who are also of course great enemies of ordinary blacks, who need to ally against antisemitism.


Thus Obama knows very well the situation and he knows his audience, with the clear knowledge of an anti-Semite.



Anybody who studies Hitler and the Nazis knows with what great care and secrecy that Hitler proceeded on this issue.


It is much the same with Obama.


Obama deep in his psyche wants to see the destruction of Israel and the Jewish Homeland.


From the moment I first learned of this man I immediately, years ago, associated him with the ISM, or in Ireland the IPSC (Irish Palestine Solidarity Campaign)


Obama comes precisely out of that political constituency, Rashidi, Said and Ayers



Why do people presume they know Obama from this speech? He is much, much worse.


The real danger of Obama resides in the constituency of anti-Semitism that he is reaching out to.


This constituency of anti-Semitism is precisely:


  1. Those American Jews who are in support of a Palestine state
  2. Those American Jews who are not breaking from “Palestinianism” over the alliance of Abbas with Hamas
  3. Those American Jews who are supportive of the war on Gadhafi, who supported the overthrow of Mubarak, both actions which usher in The Muslim brotherhood, and which so threaten Israel

When it comes down to it this encompasses a great swath of American Jewry.



This is where the battle has to be fought.


The issue of Bush has to be brought uip. It was Bush and the Jewish neocons like Richard Perle who insisted on the war to destroy Saddam, thus greatly strengthening Iran, and did this against the position and advice of Sharon, who (privately unfortunately) urged Bush to leave Saddam alone.


More than anything else it was a result of that war on Saddam that drove Sharon to plunge into the morass like a madman and withdraw from Gaza


This is what I think and I really do believe this:


The leaders in American Jewry are sheer poison and this poison is seen in their position more than anywhere else on Gadhafi and Libya


And they do so sounding so Jewish.


But the US and the West had an agreement with Gadhafi in the fight against the Muslim Brotherhood. Gadhafi kept to his part of the agreement. But the US elite broke that trust. Hence the present war on Gadhafi.



But not ONE of these American Jewish leaders, from the worst of them, to the best of them, has been able to take a position of opposing their own class rulers and to call for victory to Gadhafi over NATO.


I mean not one!


And that represents the deep crisis in American Jewry and in world Jewry.


It means that in the major battles ahead, in the fight against world anti-Semitism, they will not provide an answer. They will only betray the Jews, every dammed one of them!


There is only the one way forward… That is to start slowly, patiently, dealing with history in a truthful manner, and thereby overturn the lies of this “Palestinian” Arab narrative.


That is why on our sister website www.wedefendisrael.com we are preparing at this moment an exhaustive series of history articles and it is only here that you will find the truth. Write and give your opinioon, mark it private if you wish, in space below.


Nyc christians 3
Photo hat tip MM


This is enough to make you cry.

It is a long time now since I picked up the telephone to speak to Talk Radio Europe about this.

It happened in January 2010 after a bloody ambush of Christian Copts outside their Church (their dates for Christmas etc are a little different)

The man on the programme was called Jeremy Hodgson. Not only did he not want to know but the organizer (then)  of the station then burst in on our conversation to attack me…For what?

Now I really fear for these people in Egypt, the poor and inoffensive Coptic Christians of Egypt.

This is why I give so much support to this wonderful demonstration couple of days ago in Manhattan New York.

Thanks to Pamela Geller of Atlas Shrugs for covering this

UPDATE: Pamela Hall has in-depth coverage here: Coptic Christians Rally NYC

On May 18, 2011, the plaintive cries of “Stop Killing Christians in Egypt!” “We Need Justice” and “Why, Why Must we Die” were heard again (in the pouring rain) from the UN to the front of the Egyptian Mission on east 44th street. Continue reading




I once nearly bought a picture by Robert Ballagh which I saw in a studio near the Club Bar in Belfast … and thank goodness I did not


What makes this really fine painter turn into such a monster?


Israel, the beloved land of the Jewish people.


Ballagh why on earth would you call for a boycott of the Jewish Homeland, the Jewish Homeland that Jews never forgot throughout 2000 plus years of wandering the world


And oppressed far more than the Irish have ever been by Britain.


How can a person so lose all sense of common sense and how can a person act in such ignorance of history? That is the real mystery.

Riverdance should not go to Israel: Two Open Letters from the IPSC and set designer Robert Ballagh

Riverdance in Irsael: Robert Ballagh’s Open Letter

26th April 2011

As the designer of Riverdance I am personally disappointed to learn of the decision to perform the show in Israel at this time.

Many years ago I was honoured to meet Nelson Mandela when he was in Ireland. I took the opportunity to ask his opinion on the cultural and sporting boycott of South Africa. He replied by saying that the boycott was an essential weapon in the struggle against apartheid. His forceful words came back to me last year when I, along with many other Irish creative and performing artists, signed a cultural boycott pledge not to visit Israel (www.ipsc.ie/pledge). This was a positive response to the call by Palestinian film-makers, artists and cultural organisations for a cultural boycott of Israel. I believe that this non-violent cultural boycott will contribute to the struggle for justice for the Palestinian people.

Because I have signed up to support the cultural boycott I will not be travelling to Israel with Riverdance, and also I have decided to donate any royalties due to me for performances in Israel to the fund for the Irish boat which will be taking part in the international flotilla which is hoping to break the illegal and inhuman blockade of the citizens of Gaza.

Robert Ballagh
Artist and Riverdance Set Designer