These were the borders pre 1967, which is in reality 1949 Armistice Lines. The 1967 War and 1948 War are inseparable

map is from

The area of Judea especially and Samaria as noted in the map are the very areas where the Jews come from , the name “Judea” showing that this is so, a name which goes back into the mists of history.

Note in the map above especially:

1. Jerusalem 2. Judea and Samaria 3. The Golan Heights 4. Sinai 5. Gaza

All of these areas are a vital part of Jewish history/heritage. All are noted many times in the Jewish Bible.

All of these areas are where the attack of 1967 came from, or came through

I grant that we have to show conclusively the nature of the attack, that there is no doubt that Israel was attacked by her neighbours in a life and death struggle which did ensue

Yet so far Israel, the victor, has given back the Sinai, Judea and Samaria, Gaza, has talked about giving back the Golan Heights, and East Jerusalem. It has also handed over the keys of The Temple Mount to the enemy

This is the first time in recorded history that a victor in a war has handed over the terrirory it has won in that war, to that enemy which had attacked it in that war.

It is this reversal of common sense that is at the root of the problem.

In this sense Obama in his antisemitic speech about the return to 67 borders is really following up on that essentially Israeli Jewish thinking process, or at least the way is cleared for the antisemite Obama through that thinking process.

1. you are attacked

2. you repulse the attack

3. you win the terriroty of the enemy, especially that teritory which sprang the attack,

4. you hand the won territory back to the enemy

From this way of thinking a very bad practice for humanity ensues. A terrorist or a belligerent country or set of countries attack you, meaning to dominate you and do you great harm.

The result: they cannot lose. It will all eventually return to square 1

That is the moral essence of the situation.

it is an essence which Netanyahu did not answer Obama on in the latter’s notorious speech the previous day.

Netanyahu avoided this essence. Instead Netanyahu plaitively bleated about Israeli security. Which sounds like a plea to the antisemite. the antisemite who was in front of him.

There will be and can not be any security at all for Jews, nohow noway, because this is at bottom a moral question and Netanyahu and the Israeli elite for a long time have been betraying on this moral question.

It is through this door left ajar that the antisemites (and Obama with his links to Said et al is one) slink through.

That is what has been left out by most American Jewish blogs of the analysis of the Obama 67 borders speech.

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