Gadhafi is not threatening any civilians.


This is the Big Lie of NATO, Obama and Cameron.


All that Gadhafi can be accused of is resisting the Muslim Brotherhood opposition in Libya.

Last night NATO bombed Tripoli intensively and now I sending Apache Killer helicopters to help the Libyan Muslim Brotherhood.


TRIPOLI (Reuters) – NATO warplanes hammered Tripoli on Tuesday with some of their heaviest air strikes yet after the United States said Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi would “inevitably” be forced from power.

At least 12 huge explosions rocked the capital in the early hours. Government spokesman Mussa Ibrahim said three people were killed and 150 wounded.

He said the strikes had targeted a compound of the Popular Guards, a tribally-based military detachment. But he said the compound had been emptied of people and “useful material” in anticipation of an attack, and the casualties were people living in the vicinity.

“This is another night of bombing and killing by NATO,” Ibrahim told reporters.

Led by France, Britain and the United States, NATO warplanes have been bombing Libya for more than two months since the United Nations authorized “all necessary measures” to protect civilians from Gaddafi’s forces in the country’s civil war.


Mussa Ibrahim in the above account from Reuters is probably downplaying the terror that NATO is unleashing onto the people of Libya. He does not want to display weakness but strength in the face of such a superior enemy.


It must be remembered that NATO is full of lies and that this war on Libya by NATO is a continuation of the war on Yugoslavia


What is NATO doing here and in the world in general?


There is not the slightest doubt about what it is doing, if one is to follow the empirical evidence of the effects of these wars.


NATO, and by this we mean the US and the West which incorporate governments such as Britain, France, Spain and others, is creating a system of Islamist states in which the Muslim Brotherhood has the power, or at least sufficient control to create a path to power.


Why is NATO doing this?


Answer: The capitalist crisis.


Ask the question in a different way, why did Britain support the Islamist criminal Hajj Amin el Husseini in 1920, and allowed el Husseini to kill thousands of Muslims, in order to stir up anti-Semitism and to kill Jews in massacres which set the pattern for The Holocaust?


Answer: again the crisis in the British Imperialist system. Britain was devastated by the First World War and was scrambling to maintain its Empire, in the face of new challenges to its power from especially France and America.


The approach is totally conscious and out in the open, although it is well hidden from the masses by a subservient Media


Obama must remove Gadhafi and his government because Obama is hell bent on creating Governments in The Middle East where the Muslim Brotherhood is in control.


This is the case in Tunisia, in Egypt, and it is being threatened against the Saudi Monarchy.


Why does the US ruling circles want to secretly have the Muslim Brotherhood in power in these countries?


For the same reason that Britain in 1920 wanted the religious fanatic hajj Amin el Husseini in power in Arab countries in 1920.


That reason is Sharia Law.


Sharia Law is used to discipline the masses of Arabs and poor Muslims, especially to keep women under control, as a certain type of human being keeps dogs under their control.


NATO and the US elites are more and more getting behind Sharia Law as a method of power and control in both poor Muslim countries and in “advanced” western countries.


Hence there can be no compromise with Gadhafi.


Gadhafi is essentially tribal and pre Islam.


This was one of the reasons that Gadhafi found himself more and more fighting the Muslim Brotherhood in Libya and was essentially the basis for his alliance with George W. Bush and his government to join together in a united campaign against Al Qaida AND The Muslim Brotherhood.


An agreement which both Gadhafi and Bush honoured to the last.


That is until Obama came to power on a totally different agenda.


Bush had the puerile dream of bringing western democracy to Islamic countries. Obama is not on that track at all. Obama is essentially out of the ISM Said tradition and it is out of that tradition that Obama is staking all on power to The Muslim Brotherhood.


This is why the Netanyahu opposition to Obama on the 49 Armistice Borders stripping of Israeli self defence is merely episodic.


Obama has got great power as a result of the Media in America.


Obama could very well win again and if he does then the Muslim Brotherhood will have its Fascist dictatorship in place in much of the world and moves towards dictatorship (trial of Geert Wilders) in western countries well on the way as well.


Finally the misleadership of the youth who took over and demonstrated against unemployment in Madrid has a great lesson. The youth and working class will fight against the crisis, but without leadership they will fight in vain.


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