In quick succession the Waterford reporter Richie Allen on “talk radio europe” has hosted Norman Finkelstein and an Irish sympathizer of Finkelstein, a Fintan Lane , from the Irish Palestine Solidarity Campaign (IPSC) Website is www.ipsc.ie


Both of these are extreme in their hatred of Israel.


Of course, I and 4international are not for banning anybody from the air. But it is not a fair playing field here. When I rang the station it was clear that Allen was barring me.


Allen slammed down the phone and a Jack Nasbawn (phonetic) who believe it or not is Jewish rang in to back Allen up.


Political cowards! They cannot fight their corner!


This is important though. Turn to the website run by the Irish Palestinian Solidarity Campaign and you will see Fintan Lane figures prominently there.


So we will turn our attention to these 2 interviews, and also to what is happening up and down the green meadows of Ireland, as this pernicious IPSC and Lane go about their work of trying to deligitimize the Jewish Homeland.


Allen has promised his listeners balance (to Finkelstein and Lane)by having Abe Foxman on to be interviewed. A thousand Foxmans would not answer the lies of Lane and Finkelstein about the Jewish Homeland.


Answering these lies is extremely difficult. We will try to do so by tying our answers in with the series of 10 articles which we will write on history on our sister site www.wedefendisrael.com


We need assistance also. Write below if you can help or contribute.

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