The liars at Harry’s place are continuing to hide the vital book on Srebrenica by Civikov


NAME OF THIS GUY IS Aymenn Jawad Al Tamimi


Not one word of Civikov in his article on


We found out that this guy did not answer basic questions on Jihadwatch. Now he appears on Harry’s Place, still not answering any questions, this time about the questions posed by Civikov’s book

When you find a book being obscured you know there is something rotten


Anyway his name is


You will find in Civikov important information on how the Prosecution at the ICTY constructed their case that the Serbs murdered 8000 in Srebrenica.


It appears that the prosecution case was based on the evidence of little more than a sujpergrass, who goes by the name of Drazen Erdemovic


The book by Germinal Civikov is important and you will find important information on pages 26 and 27




According to Erdemovic he joined 7 others at a farm and in charge was Commander Branjo Gojkovic



From 10.00am until 3pm they shot 1200 civilians



It has been questioned by Civikov if this was physically possible as the prisoners arrived by bus and were shot in batches…they certainly had to be efficient


That is not my question though.


My question is why was commander Branjo Gojkovic not charged at the ICTY, and not even questioned it seems?


Nor any of the other 7 associates of Erdemovic


Could the answer be that Erdemovic has the same stature as that other well known supergrass Christopher Black of North of Ireland record.


The implication being that the evidence of supergrass is by its very nature bought and paid for, and exists inside a sealed system.


In other words the supergrass becomes the empty vessel of the prosecution into which they pour the evidence, whatever evidence they see fit to pour.


They did not prosecute the other “murderers”, of 1200 souls!!!, because they did not wish any cross contamination or contradictions hard to explain to arise.


This is the strangest dammed thing that you ever experienced in the world of law and prosecution. Or anywhere.


The crime in question as far as the Hague kangaroo Court…the murder by Serbs of 1200 Muslims, at a lonely farm, by shooting in batches


The Prosecution at the Hague know then names of all 7 Serb soldiers and the 2 superior officers.


They pick one of these, an unstable character with a bad past. They prosecute only this guy…Erdemovic of course.


Why not follow them all? the crime is not small, 12oo Muslims.


They just go for one guy, who is not even in command, but appears as a reluctant killer, according to himself.


Why are the rest of the 7 and the 2 higher up walking around free as the birds?


These are the questions that Civikov, based on the evidence which was given at the ICTY itself, asks


Perhaps they thought that the crime, the killing of the 1200, was not so big, but that is an ABSURD IDEA.


The whole programme of the ICTY is that it was a monstrous crime.


The writers and commenters on Harry’s Place certainly think so and their invective against the bestial Serbs is really something.


One called Alex mcPherson draws a parallel from this killing of 1200 to the kiolling of a million Jews in open field situation pre Wannsee


So they know a lot these guys in Harry’s Place.


But they do not seem to know enough to be able to answer the simple question posed by Civilov


Why did they prosecute only Erdemovic?


A simple question but very difficult for these liars, professional liars, to answer.

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