Let us immediately and from the very outset dismiss historical relativism. There are not TWO or (worse) MANY narratives about the Arab Israeli conflict. There is only the one narrative and it is neither Israeli or Arab, it is the historical truth, or as near to that historical truth that it is possible for our human endeavours to approach, and as we learn more we approach closer and closer.


Rachel Neuwirth in her great historical treatise on 1948 has dealt a big blow against this historical relativism, which incidentally is also a moral relativism, in her April 13, 2008 titled The Expulsion Libel: 1948 Arab “Exodus”


4international in its work of 10 historical essays to appear on the sister website www.wedefendisrael.com is vitally interested in these 2 dates, the 1947 to 1949 period, and the 1967 7 days war period.


Most of the arguments concentrate around these two periods. They were periods of war and great change. War tends to be decisive and we must get close to the truth in remembering these two periods


Very, very fortunately the great Rachel Neuwirth has done much of our work for us in the former. Neuwirth is it would be fair to say not a Marxist or Trotskyist, is a bourgeois in her outlook, but no matter, her method is scientific and is true to historical scientific method.


Did the Jews in that war move ANY Arabs from their villages? Yes!


Since that answer is in the affirmative then it is possible for a certain type of “historian” better described as an unprincipled “scoundrel” to take such movements, dig a little, create a little if necessary, and hey presto we have a whole new narrative right there


Rachel Neuwirth thunders hammer blows against such lies and against that whole, unprincipled method of “history”.


She uses the same method which Leon Trotsky used, indeed used page after page, in his monumental work on the history of the Russian Revolution


This method which both Neuwirth and Trotsky employed is both simple and complex. Simple in the sense they use facts. Complex in the sense these facts are placed in context, a context itself which is based on facts.


About the same time a “study” of this 1947 to 1949 period was proffered to the Wikipedia encyclopaedia online, written from the Arab side, or from those who claim there are umpteen versions of this history, and the contrast between Wikipedia and Neuwirth is quite outstanding.


Put simply: Neuwirth uses primary sources. Wikipedia avoids primary sources.


So back to that question did the Jews move any Arabs from their villages in 1947 to 1949 and see how Neuwirth answers it.




(start Neuwirth here)


“I did not mean that no Israelis have forced any Arab residents of Palestine to evacuate their homes at any place or at any time during the past sixty years. Rather I meant that there was never any mass expulsion of the Arab population as a whole from Palestine/Israel, or from any region or part of Palestine/Israel, either during the Israeli War of Independence in 1947 – 49(the usual time-frame given by the anti-Israel “revisionist” or “new” historians for the alleged expulsion) or at any other time, and that it was never the policy or objective of Israel’s government to make Israel or Palestine “Arab-free,” or of “ethnically cleansing” the country of Arabs. If there ever was such a policy, then it would be impossible to explain how 1.4 million Arabs live in what is now sovereign Israeli territory today — many more than lived in the same territory before the state of Israel was founded. Just before the outbreak of first major Arab-Israeli war on November 30, 1947, a few months before Israelis declared their independence, there were at most 900,000 Arabs living in this same area.


Today there are large Arab populations in every region of modern-day Israel — the Galilee region in the north, the central coastal plain, the Judean hills, the “Shefela” or foothills region, and the Negev desert in the south. Arabs are at least 20 per cent of Israel’s present-day population. Arabs are half the population of two Israeli cities, Ramla and Lod, from which the Arab residents were, according to many historical accounts, expelled by Israeli soldiers during the War of Independence.


Naturally, I am skeptical of these accounts, since they don’t explain why there are more Arabs residing in these two cities (which were only small towns in 1948) than there were before the Arabs were allegedly expelled from them. Akko, another Israeli city, still has an Arab majority, just as it did in 1948, before Israeli soldiers gained control of it. There are large Arab communities in Israel’s three largest cities, Tel Aviv-Jaffa, Jerusalem, and Haifa, as well as in the city of Beersheva, which was a tiny village in 1948, but now has a combined Jewish and Arab population of over 100,000 people.


Over 100 of the Arab villages that were in what is now Israel before the nation was re-established in 1948 are still in Israel today; some of them, such as Umm-el-Fahm, Nazareth, and Sakhnin, have grown into all-Arab cities over the past sixty years. The Israeli government has also built new towns for its Arab citizens at locations that were previously uninhabited, and provided new homes and land to the Arab “settlers” in these communities at little or no cost to them.


And all of this Arab population is additional to the Arab inhabitants of Judea, Samaria, and Gaza region, who now number (depending on which population estimate you choose to believe) somewhere between 2.4 and 3.6 million people. This makes for a total present-day Arab population of what had been the territory of western Palestine under the British mandate of somewhere between 3.6 and 5 million people — about three times the total Arab population of this territory right before the War of Independence, and seven to ten times the Arab population in 1891. And if we include what is now the Kingdom of Jordan in “Palestine,” which we should, since it was the eastern section of the original British Palestine Mandate territory, then the total Arab population of Palestine has risen for about 1.7 million immediately before Israel became independent to perhaps eight million today. Some expulsion!


Neuwirth strikes many other blows against relativism which we will deal with in detail. In the meantime you can read the whole at this source



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