It is impossible to say what will be the outcome of the NATO war on the forces of Gadhafi. What is clear, however, is the role of NATO in the world today, as it bombs a small country with little resources.


Kosovo did not have oil, nor did Serbia. So those who claim that the war on Gadhafi is to gain control of oil resources are well off the mark.


The countries of Europe and of America had already had full resource to Libyan oil, in the way that it suits them, available on the world market. That has been disrupted in fact by the war SO IT IS NOT ABOUT OIL.


The war is not over oil, but is about control and power.


Kosovo was the forerunner of Libya. The war was not over Milosevic but over NATO power and the alliance which NATO was making in this struggle for power. Real shades of the New World Order, not the fantasies of Alex Jones, but political reality!


The economic crisis continues to deepen, sometimes at an alarming rate. The bottom line here is that these economies of Europe and America, taken in an overall sense, are unable to grow their markets significantly


The world is driving towards war and Fascist type dictatorships because of these underlying contradictions, which the capitalist elites would like to fix, but try as they might cannot do so.


The other complication is a resurgent Islam, with its internal laws determining that it must fight to control the world.


However, NATO and the capitalist elites have learned great lessons from considering in all its forms the phenomenon of Islam.


The main lesson of the 9.11 Jihadist attack on the Twin Towers in New York that the elites have learned is that this type of terrorism can be used to their advantage also. And used to create new forms of rule, moving to dictatorships, as the economic crisis in capitalism deepens, and this need is thrust upon the capitalist and Stalinist elites, whether they wish to or not. There is not yet broad fascist movements (bodies of men on the streets) but there is deep confusion inside populations, and that will be the future too.


  1. Bush claimed immediately that Islam was a Religion of Peace, such a radical inversion of reality, that it must be significant
  2. Thus the wars which followed under Bush were not wars on Islam, but actually wars in which to prove hypothesis 1 of Bush above, wars to promote a supposed brand of Islam which would live at peace with Imperialism. So note, the issue in the War was not to save the Jews from Holocaust, and today the issue is neither to save the young Muslim girls from the Taliban!
  3. Central was the alliance with Iran, Syria, Hizbullah, Hamas, Fatah…that is with the most bloodthirsty elements of Islam. Note that the American Presidents talked loud but never touched these forces, in fact opposed the Iranian protesters, and actually saved Fatah, Hamas and Hizbullah
  4. In Afghanistan NATO has always been promoting Islam and that has to and will end with NATO betraying the women of Afghanistan to the Taliban cultural monsters
  5. In Iraq NATO places a regime in power which is driving all non-Muslims out of the country. Not one Jew remains in Mesopotamia, half the Christians, and growing, have fled. Above all Saddam as the only reap; opposition to Iranian fundamentalism was hung by NATP proxies. Again look what happens, Iran thanks to NATO, emerges more powerful
  6. The ruling class have played 9.11 in order to create great disruption of the way of life of American people
  7. Agents of this ruling class, otherwise known as “conspiracy theorists”, have introduced a moral and intellectual relativism into discourse. Rather than a search for truth, people are encouraged to be subjective idealists, to treat every idea as subjective, often described by crooked talk show hosts as “Everybody is entitled to their opinion”.
  8. And a society is engineered where people get away with murder, especially murder of defenceless Muslim women, and Sharia Law is openly touted on BBC, on radio stations. What distinguishes the progressive forces, like Geller, Spencer, Belman, Gorin, Wilders and others is that they bring facts about Islam out into the open. NOTE…every living human has an agenda, in fact my dog and cat both have very specific agendas, the dividing line among humans though is who opens up our reality for awareness, who is trying to hide and disguise that reality.

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