Galloway with Hamas official on entering Gaza


George Galloway has just spoken on video, on the issues in Libya, Egypt and Syria, which has been translated from his English, into Arabic on the video, and back into English, and this is it (allowing for those translations)

 carried on the pro NATO Harry’s Place

(Please note that I’ve translated a translation from English into Arabic back into English, so there may be a slight discrepancy in the words used.)


(It is very revealing. Galloway is hiding the role of Islam, and this is totally obvious from what he says, is correct in opposing NATO but is hiding the alliance of people like Hague and Cameron with Al Qaida against Gadhafi, and thus providing a cover for Islam. He also strives to drive and divert the movement into hatred for Israel which is the whole essence of the left politics of today)

“If the Syria regime were to be toppled by this alliance, this extreme alliance which is supported by the puppet Khaddam and by the people who supported the Homs massacre [surely Hama?] which was carried out by Rifat Al Assad,and by people who are working for Israel and others who are working for France and the US, in addition to genuine demonstrators who want change.

“This coalition isn’t secure at all, and the Syrian people should know that the Imperialists are not investing a lot (to defeat Assad) because they love the Syrian people. So I ask this question, If the regime were overthrown then would Israel give you back the Golan? This America which is supporting the your so-called revolution in Syria, will they tell Israel to give you back your land? Absolutely not.

“The Syria regime has made a lot of mistakes, historically and right now, and the way they’ve responded at the beginning of these demonstrations, was a massive mistake.

“However they [imperialists?] are not trying to destroy Bashar because of anything bad which he’s done, but they are trying to destroy Bashar because of the good things which he has done– for instance his support for the Palestinian resistance, his support for the Lebanese resistance, his refusal to surrender to Israel, his refusal to allow Syria to be a base for the invasion of Iraq. These are the reasons why they’re trying to destroy Bashar Al Assad.

“I think that Bashar Al Assad wants reform and that he wants change… He wants to respond to the demand for change which a lot of people want. I urge him to quickly get this underway. Yes it’s late in the day, but I will never ever support NATO in Libya and this cocktail of Zionism and Imperialism in Syria right now.”


Galloway says he will never support NATO in Libya.


But Galloway hides something very important here, and that is that NATO is in alliance with Islam (the “rebels” are Al Qaida)


But Galloway does not say that he opposes NATO PLUS ISLAM in Libya. He just says NATO.


This is where he tells the Big Lie and keeps workers and youth in the world back from understanding that there is a real alliance in operation in the world today


He is presenting to readers a left front, but in reality he is hiding the role of


Go right through this left today and you will find this lying about the actual concrete situation. The left like Galloway are in an alliance with Islam.


As is imperialism! Go figure!


The Left has been coopted by the forces of US and EU Imperialism, just as much as the Provies in Ireland were taken over by British and Irish Intelligence…TOTALLY!


Read what Galloway said above, and then read what we on 4international said today on the issue of Libya


Our first 4 paragraphs (before reading what Galloway said) are:

It is pretty much the case that war alone on 4international came out from the very beginning and called for the victory to Muammar Gadhafi. This did not imply political programmatic agreement. Just that Gadhafi was fighting the alliance of Imperialism with Islam Imperialism.


Now the murder of the Generals shows that Al Qaida does control the “rebels”. Argument over!


We were absolutely right. We alone were absolutely right.


Switch the scene to Egypt.


4international salutes Muammar Gadhafi!


It is pretty much the case that war alone on 4international came out from the very beginning and called for the victory to Muammar Gadhafi. This did not imply political programmatic agreement. Just that Gadhafi was fighting the alliance of Imperialism with Islam Imperialism.


Now the murder of the Generals shows that Al Qaida does control the “rebels”. Argument over!


We were absolutely right. We alone were absolutely right.


Switch the scene to Egypt.

File:Battle of the Camel.jpg


Listen to this yesterday from the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt AS THE LARGEST DEMO FILLED CAIRO YESTERDAY


The Muslim Brotherhood – Egypt’s best organized political force – and the former terrorist organization Gamaa Islamiya along with disparate Salafist bodies argue that only God’s word is greater than a constitution and that only a parliament chosen by free election can set the terms for a constitution.


That was the essence of the massive demo yesterday.


The BBC which was and is slavish in support of the ousting of Mubarak yesterday stated from the reporter on the spot that in a new election he reckoned the MB would win 25 to 28 per cent. Why just 28, why not 30, 35…which is heading towards power in government


But the modern leftist fascists who plague us say in response (they always have a response) it will not be like the Islam in Iran, it will be more like the Islam in Turkey!!!


In the following report the issue of the Coptic Christians comes up yet again. Read it.




In the largest crowd to fill the square since the popular uprising that ousted President Hosni Mubarak in February, Salafis chanted for the implementation of strict Islamic law — spurring accusations that they violated an agreement to keep the rally free from divisive issues.

They have come in a show of force to demand that the country’s caretaker authority, the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces, cease its plans to present a set of principles that will form a framework for a new constitution.

Islamist group’s such as the Muslim Brotherhood – Egypt’s best organized political force – and the former terrorist organization Gamaa Islamiya along with disparate Salafist bodies argue that only God’s word is greater than a constitution and that only a parliament chosen by free election can set the terms for a constitution. These groups stayed away from recent demonstrations that sought to keep up pressure on the military council that took power after former president Hosni Mubarak’s fall, leading to smaller crowds.

The groups believe that they will poll enough support to dominate such a parliament and thereby set the terms. They fear that a kind of bill of rights could close off the possibility of a state run by Islamic laws.


File:Flotilla injured israeli soldier.jpg

(The small number of Israeli soldiers who had to board the Mavi Marmara were in great danger from the Islamist desparadoes of George galloway friends in the IHH)

The Young Leadership Department of the World Mizrachi Movement and the student organization Yavneh Olami have announced their plans to hold a special flotilla, this time in support of Israel.

The “Blue and White Flotilla,” which is scheduled to sail from Ashkelon to Ashdod on August 14, is aimed at providing a pro-Israeli response to the freedom flotillas that have been sent to Gaza by anti-Israeli organizations.

The organizers of the “Blue and White Flotilla” plan to hold a special ceremony during the flotilla to honor the soldiers of the IDF’s Shayetet 13.

It was the Shayetet 13 soldiers who boarded the Mavi Marmara during the 2010 flotilla which attempted to break Israel’s naval blockade on the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip. The soldiers were attacked by self-proclaimed ‘peace activists’ on board the ship, who attempted to lynch them and kidnap them.

Nine members of the lynch-mob were killed when the commandos were forced to open fire to save their imperiled comrades.

Anti-Israel organizations attempted to launch a similar flotilla this year, but it fizzled when the vessels that docked in Greece were refused permission by Hellenic authorities to sail for Gaza. Two were turned back by the coast guard after leaving port without authorization. Flotilla organizers claim two other boats were sabotaged.

The lone ship that did manage to set sail, the Dignite al Karama, was peacefully intercepted by the Navy and was taken to the Ashdod Port. 

The organizers of the “Blue and White Flotilla” do not plan to stop at just supporting the Navy, and will also call on the Hamas terror group to release captive Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit.

Shalit was kidnapped in June of 2006 by Hamas terrorists and has been held in Gaza ever since. He has not been allowed visits by the International Red Cross for the entire time, and the organization recently called on Hamas to prove that Shalit is still alive.

“Beyond an expression of solidarity and standing alongside the State of Israel, the goal of the ‘Blue and White Flotilla’ is to rouse young Jews around the world, prepare for and to assist Israel in coping with the challenges it faces in the near future, with the expected announcement of a Palestinian state in the United Nations, and in the face of further anti-Israel flotillas which are expected to arrive in the future,” the organizers said in a statement on Thursday.

“We intend to sail with several yachts and boats from Ashkelon to Ashdod, on Aug, 14, 2011,” they added. “During the journey, we will hold a special ceremony saluting the soldiers of Squadron 13 and the Navy, and call upon the terrorist organization, Hamas, and countries around the world, for the speedy release of Gilad Shalit, who remains in captivity for over five years.

“At the end of the flotilla there will be a special event and concert in Ashdod.”


4international says

4international is very much in support of this initiative by Jewish youth in Israel to create a flotilla which will raise the true story of the Mavi Marmora (The Jewish soldiers were the ones who were viciously attacked and including with guns) which is outlined in the story below from Israel national News, and which also is raising the plight of the Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit, who is being held against all Geneva Convention Norms.


This intervention by these Jewish youth show that there is a way for Israel to fight back against the anti-Semitism of the world


4international, which follows in the traditions of the Russian communist revolutionary Leon Trotsky is sending our greetings to these proud Zionist youth on the Flotilla and we will follow its progress with interest and pride in the great Jewish nation


The issue of the young Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit is a revolutionary question and not one that can or should be solved by doing deals with Hamas/Fatah


On July 22 we wrote that Netanyahu must not trade with Hamas but must militarily defeat Hamas and Fatah


(We know it is easy to say do not trade, yet the only way is NOT to trade with Hamas/Fatah but defeat them in battle) It is certainly the only long term strategy but we are sure the short term strategy as well.


The whole perspective of trading thousands of terrorists for one soldier is the perspective of defeat.


It has to be understood by every Israeli soldier that if they are captured by this enemy then they are in great danger unless and until the enemy is defeated in battle. But why wait for these Fatah/Hamas Fascists to capture these Israeli soldiers like Shalit in the first place. This is a war situation.


It therefore goes without saying that the politics of the parents of Gilad Shalit have to be opposed right down the line. But this needs to be done in the overall context which is DEFEAT TOTALLY THE ENEMY


Instead of fighting to DEFEAT TOTALLY THE ENEMY Netanyahu is collaborating all the time with the US fascist ELITE and with the EU Fascist ELITE, and is collaborating with these anti-Semitic Fascists of the US and EU elites against the Israeli Jewish people.





In war if a soldier is captured by an enemy like Hamas/Fatah only war can solve the issue. This is really the law of all war.”



File:Bundesarchiv Bild 183-N0827-318, KZ Auschwitz, Ankunft ungarischer Juden.jpg

(Hungarian Jews arriving in Auschwitz in 1944…German Federal Archives)

The essence of the political situation in Norway, especially in its foreign policy, is support for “Palestinians” and for “Palestinian State”

Combined with hatred for Israel across the political sphere, but especially among what is misnamed as the left in Norway. We use this word very reluctantly.

The youth and children in the camp which Anders Breivik so brutally attacked were undoubtedly indoctrinated in this Jew Hatred. If they ever come to light the proceedings will demonstrate this antisemitism.


This was a double tragedy for these children, murdered by the individual terrorist killer in a most callous manner, also tragic in that they were indoctrinated into antisemitism.

Jew Hatred in our era has changed from hatred of the individual Jew and to hatred of Israel, of Zionism, and of the rights and needs of Israel to defend itself from Islam and from any form of antisemitism.

These children in this camp were all indoctrinated in this evil ideology.

The killer Breivik recognised this. His ACTIONS were brutal and pathological. But his recognition of the antisemitism in the left today was correct.


Note that does not provide ANY excuse to the killer Breivik. The way of human thought and of people ideology is that, GIVEN A CLEAR AND PRINCIPLED LEADERSHIP, many if not all of these youth could be won to an opposition toantisemitism, and to a clear theoretical understanding of the reactionary nature of Islam, and how islam is being used today by the ruling capitalist/imperialist class to enslave in body and mind alike.


But the so called “left” is betraying big time. These children cruelly murdered are victims not only of Breivik but are also victims of the left ideology which is heavily laced with antisemitism and ignorance of history.


In that regard the picture above showing Jews entering the Nazi Concentration Camp is very apt.


The Hizbullah leader has stated to the world what a good thing it is that all of the Jews are now concentrated in Israel where it will be possible to liquidate them


As pamela Geller has so wisely stated “Where is the outcry against Nasrullah!”

Iran is at present creating a Nuclear Bomb which will carry out that threat. There is not even a murmur about this from Hague, as he illegally expels the Libyan diplomats from Islam/Left controlled London.

Hamas is based on the whole idea of liquidationg all Jews and ending the state of Israel.

The OSLO peace Accords opened the door to endless butchery of Jewish people, as suicide Muslim murderers blew themselves and thousands of Jews up, to murder thousands of Jews and to maim for life many thousands.

All under the direction of OSLO who never wavered in their support for Arafat, who was masterminding the murdering of Jews.


That is the reality of Norway today. Norway supports all of that. And this should prompt us to look at the history of Jews in Norway during the Holocaust. This history was HIDDEN from the Norwegian children on that island on that weekend.

Wikipedia on the Holocaust in Norway:

In the middle of the occupation of Norway by Nazi Germany, there were at least 2,173 Jews in Norway. At least 775 of these were arrested, detained, and/or deported. 742 were murdered in the camps, 23 died as a result of extrajudicial execution, murder, and suicide during the war; bringing the total of Jewish Norwegian dead to at least 765, comprising 230 complete households.[1] In addition the few who survived the camps, the rest survived by fleeing the country, mostly to Sweden, but some also to the United Kingdom. A few also survived in camps in Norway or in hospitals, or in hiding.

Hajj Amin el Husseini was the driving force along with Himmler and Eichmann in the mass murder of the Jews. But in 1945 following this Holocaust of the Jews Hajj Amin el Husseini was allowed travel to Egypt by the forces of capitalism, US, france, Britain, and there hajj Amin el Husseini founded what is known today as the “Palestinians”, that is fatah/Hamas

It is this Fatah and Hamas that the Norwegian lefts have been so much behind in the last 2 decades

But not just the Norwegian lefts, ikt is the left in general. As we speak there is a delegation of British lefts associated with the British Labour Party on a Solidarity Visit to Hamas (which pledges with Iran a new Holocaust)

Following the German invasion and occupation, of Norway, and after the legitimate Norwegian government had left the country, German occupying authorities under the leadership of Reichskommissar Josef Terboven, put Norwegian civilian authorities under his control. This included various branches of Norwegian police, including the district sheriffs (Lensmannsetaten), criminal police, and order police. Uniquely Nazi police branches, including the Sicherheitsdienst and Gestapo, also became part of a network that served as tools for increasingly oppressive policies toward the Norwegian populace.[3]


(Incorrect) estimate of the number of Jews presented at the Wannsee Conference

As a deliberate strategy, Terboven’s regime sought to use Norwegian, rather than German, officials to subjugate the Norwegian population. Although German police and paramilitary forces reported through the RSHA chain of command, and Norwegian police formally into the newly formed Department of Police, the actual practice was that Norwegian police officials took direction from the German RSHA.

Although several Jewish Norwegians already had been arrested and deported as political prisoners in the early months of the occupation, the first measure targeting all Jews was an order from the German foreign ministry made through Terboven that on 10 May 1941 the police of Oslo were to confiscate radios from all Jews in the city. Within days local sheriffs throughout the entire country received the same orders.

(Note what Wikipedia says here…local sheriffs, that means Norwegian people)

To identify Jewish Norwegians, the authorities relied on information from the police and telegraph services; also the synagogues in Oslo and Trondheim were ordered to produce full rosters of their members, including their names, date of birth, profession, and address. Jewish burial societies and youth groups were likewise ordered to produce their lists.

In August, the synagogues were also ordered to produce lists of Jewish individuals who were not members. The resulting lists were cross-referenced with information Nasjonal Samling had compiled previously and information from the Norwegian Central Bureau of statistics. In the end, occupying authorities in Norway had a more complete list of Jewish residents in Norway than most other countries under Nazi rule.[3][4][5][6]

On the basis of the lists compiled in the spring, the Justice Department and county governors started in the fall to register all Jewish property, including commercial holdings. A complete inventory was transmitted to the police department in December 1941, and this also included individuals who were suspected of having a Jewish background.

Anti-Semite graffiti on shop windows in Oslo in 1941.

On 20 December, the Norwegian Department of Police ordered 700 stamps with a 2 cm tall “J” for use by authorities to stamp the identification cards of Jewish individuals in Norway. These were put into use on 10 January 1942, when advertisements in the mainstream press ordered all Norwegian Jews to immediately present themselves at the local police stations to have their identification papers stamped. They were also ordered to complete an extensive form. For purposes of this registration, a Jew was identified as anyone who had at least three “full-Jewish” grandparents; anyone who had two “full-Jewish” grandparents and was married to a Jew; or was a member of a Jewish congregation. This registration showed that about 1,400 Jewish adults lived in Norway.

(see full report on




Norway was and is a central focus of antisemitism in the world.


Jews feel particularly betrayed by the Norwegian people. First of all as the whole of the Wikipedia study makes clear, the Holocaust of the Jews in Germany was carried out by the German Nazis, but the German Nazis used the medium of the Norwegian Jew Haters and even Norwegians who did not hate Jews at all but who still carried out the Holocaust. That is conceivable.


That is the uncomfortable reality that the present day Norwegian elites have covered up. It is actually a clear form of Holocaust Denial.


And that antisemitism did not stop in 1945. How could it stop or why should it stop!


As the Irish man Conor Cruise O’Brien said “Antisemitism is a light sleeper”


Jews feel particularly betrayed by Norway for setting in place the Oslo Accords, which was really to elevate the followers of Hajj Amin el Husseini to statehood, out of which process came the murdering of so many Jews IN ISRAEL


This history has been hidden from these Norwegian children who were murdered last weekend. It is a history which must be learned.


Essentially the issue in Norway is about a cold blooded murderer called Breivik who planted a huge bomb in Oslo (individual terrorism to which Marxists and Trotskyists have always been opposed, whether done by the Provisional IRA or Breivik it is all the same to us…we oppose this under each and every condition without any exception). Using the same murderous method Breivik continued his murder spree by mowing down children and youth attending a labourist youth gathering on an island. All Marxists and Trotskyists historically opposed this sort of thing and we do today, totally and completely.


There is also the situation in the world today of severe economic crisis in capitalism, causing deep political crisis


Looking at this general world economic crisis in a general sense, what do we see? One thing that is very obvious is that the ruling capitalist classes in their governments have been lining up alongside of Islam, even as Islam is always intent on Jihad. It is in the very nature of Islam to be on its Jihad. It is written deeply into the very foundational documents of Islam. Does that mean that all Muslims are on a violent Jihad? It does not, but it certainly means that a significant number of Muslims are supporters of a violent Jihad. And they are supported and defended by capitalism.


Pamela Geller is now being attacked by these very capitalist forces who are in union with the Islamic Jihad. It is an ideological issue. These defenders of capitalism are attacking Geller. They are trying to close down Geller and to close down the whole of the movement which holds the political view that Islam is a very reactionary ideology.


Geller hints at but does not make the leap that we on 4international did and do, that the Jihad is being used by very dark forces within capitalism. Geller remains a firm believer in capitalism as a system.


We saw these dark forces in the destruction of Yugoslavia.


First the CIA was the spearhead behind the Nazi Tudjman and was directly implicated in the worst crime since the Nazis, the driving of Serbs and the murder of Serbs in the Krajina region of Croatia.


Then the alliance of western capitalism with Izetbegovic in Bosnia. Then in Kosovo. Then the bombing of Serbia, all actions involving a great Lie campaign, centred on Srebrenica, Racak.

More recently the open alliance with Qaradawi and the Muslim Brotherhood against anti Jihadists like Mubarak and gadhafi




…At the same time this was going on, the constant if you like, the Jews of Israel were being attacked time and again, and threatened, by having a Jihadist state called Palestine to be erected on their flank.


Indeed the main plotters in this regard were the Norwegian labourites, and the Norwegian so-called peaceniks, in what became known as the Oslo Accords, the result of which was the political and theoretical disarming of the Jews, and the massacre of thousands of Jews on the streets of Israeli cities and towns in the 90s, and the more Jews were murdered the more these Norwegian peace people were blaming the Jews.


So at the very least this calls for sensible people to have a close look at the history of the Norwegians, especially their role in the Holocaust, and at history in general


I repeat at the risk of boring…we are talking here all the time about particular ideological roots.


It is at this time that this particular attack has come upon Geller, and this attack is from a Jew onto another Jew.


Try to follow the argument of this guy Goldberg here. The content is a bit confusing because he laces his attack on Geller with some comments from Geller (I have placed Geller in italics to make it easier)


On Pamela Geller, Robert Spencer, and Other Jihadists

By Jeffrey Goldberg

Jul 25 2011, 9:05 AM ET

I’m away, and it’s hard to keep up with the news, but it seems as if my arch-nemesis Pamela Geller is in a bit of a pickle because she and her partner-in-Muslim-bashing, Robert Spencer, were favorites of the Norway killer. (Btw, I call her my arch-nemesis, but I’m grateful to her for calling me what I believe to be the best epithet ever, “Jewicidal Jihadi.” Also, “Jihad Jeffro.” All I’ve ever come up with to describe her is “shrieking bigot,” which doesn’t have the same power, or alliterative quality.) Here’s The Times on Geller, and Geller’s delightful response:

Mr. Breivik’s declaration did not name Mr. Kaczynski or acknowledge the numerous passages copied from the Unabomber’s 1995 manifesto, in which the Norwegian substituted “multiculturalists” or “cultural Marxists” for Mr. Kaczynski’s “leftists” and made other small wording changes.

By contrast, he quoted the American and European counterjihad writers by name, notably Mr. Spencer, author of 10 books, including “Islam Unveiled” and “The Truth About Muhammad.”

Mr. Breivik frequently cited another blog, Atlas Shrugs, and recommended the Gates of Vienna among Web sites. Pamela Geller, an outspoken critic of Islam who runs Atlas Shrugs, wrote on her blog Sunday that any assertion that she or other antijihad writers bore any responsibility for Mr. Breivik’s actions was “ridiculous.”

“If anyone incited him to violence, it was Islamic supremacists,” she wrote.

(The above is anything but clear, from this great journalist Goldberg. I think he is counterposing the New York Times and Geller’s response)

Anyway Goldberg goes on to lay down his position clearly. He uses this tragedy for these labour children to knife Geller, remember that, and he is Jewish:


Goldblog’s position: Geller is a hatemonger, but she didn’t pull the trigger. Free speech means free speech. But she should be aware now that violent people look to her for guidance, and she should write with that in mind. Which brings me to the subject of the Murfreesboro, Tennessee, mosque, the new “Ground Zero mosque” controversy. People like Herman Cain, who vilify this mosque (and other mosques) should think carefully about the ways in which their words are heard. I worry about a violent reaction to the Tennessee mosque more than I worry about any other terrorism target in America. More on this later, when I have better access to the Web.


So Goldberg blames Geller for this murderer being born!


He is knifing Geller in the back and above all he is calling for the curtailing of the discussion on everything that matters


Who in this world want to defeat the necessary airing of views? the nazis that is who.


The action of Hitler and the Nazis on taking the power in 1933, largely thanks to the betrayals of the social democrats and the Stalinists, was to curtail (STOP LIQUIDATE END MOST DEFINITIVELY) THE POLITICAL DISCUSSION INSIDE GERMANY)


There is a real Nazi Movement developing but it has nothing to do with Breivik or any other individual terrorist. Please help. Please work to defend Pamela Geller and defend the right of free discussion.


The Norwegian brutal and callous killer (Breivik) of the Young Socialist children on the island off Oslo may be mad but more likely is is a manipulated tool of very dark and anti-Semitic forces. Ask: who gains?

The haters of Israel, the anti-Semites in the world, that is who.

File:Anders Behring Breivik (Facebook portrait in suit).jpg

There are 2 factors which I think are relevant

  1. The collapse of the recent Flotilla attacks on Israel which were above all not physical attacks, but were ideological attacks, to lay the ground for later physical attacks, which would end in a nuclear Iranian Jihad strike on Israel
  2. The US elite Nazi policy towards Israel, where it supports the creation of a Palestine state, but wait, the people who dream up this Palestine State are the descendants of Hajj Amin el Husseini, the main leader and organizer of the Holocaust with especially close friend and colleague Eichmann, and their main helpers are the Nazis of the CIA who helped form the PLO of Arafat

Norway was at the centre of the Oslo Accords which led on to the murder of THOUSANDS OF JEWS IN ISRAEL


Norway represents very much today the alliance of the left anti-Semitism with the anti-Semitism of Islam, and as we saw in Oslo with the US elite and Nazi CIA (See Blowback by Christopher Simpson)


These Young Socialist Children murdered so brutally by this madman, or tool, were no more than children being fed this callous anti-Semitism by the above mentioned forces.


The attack on these children, which is really also the attack on children of the left who are politically immature, and who have been fed the lies of anti-Semitism, is for sure an attack on Israel and the Zionist Cause of a Homeland.


It is also a direct attack on especially the American Christian people and main friends in this period of the Jewish people


We on 4international are well known for our unique political position. We maintain that there is an ALLIANCE in the world today, between capitalism in crisis (CIA etc) and the forces of reactionary Islam


Just like Hitler made that firm alliance with Islam in the 1930s (Hajj Amin el Husseini)


And so we say the Norwegian killer is a tool of these forces, whether a conscious tool or an unconscious tool.


The forces around Obama, and around the anti-Jewish and Nazi driven American elite want and need to take on the Christian supporters of Israel in America.


This is why the Facebook pages of the killer need some examination.


It appears there are TWO Facebook pages, and on the later one the concept of “Fundamentalist” and “Christian” have been added


So is Charles Johnson merely a crooked opportunist man, or actually also a tool of these reactionary forces, when he links Pamela Geller, who hates the killer, to the killer!!!




  1. This emerges out of the Jew Hating Norway…Look at their record and history in the Holocaust
  2. The US elite, in order to survive the economic crisis, are using once again anti-Semitism
  3. This attack is directed against the ordinary Americans who support Israel. Hence the adding of “Christian” and “Fundamentalist” to the killer (especially on Facebook Page see Mark Mumphries)…But based on what precisely…Another Srebrenica Big Lie in the making here
  4. Obama is only the latest manifestation of the Jew Hatred of the US Elite. He and his forces are behind this Norwegian brutal killer. Just as they were behind the Big Lie of Srebrenica.

And finally, the US Capitalist Elite and big sections of the EU capitalist Elite, including the representatives of that capitalism in the European Social democracy, are using anti-Semitism today, and seek to destroy the Jews once again, hence their continued acceptance of Iran having the Nuclear Bomb. The Young Socialist children murdered in Oslo are the victims of these callous rulers and Jew haters. Watch the fascist/proIslam  Left and CIA tool conspiracy nuts spin this against Israel…





The Oslo bombing and heinous murders of young people on an island attending a labour event

We think it is very significant that the attack was on government, was on children, and was on labourist children

What a crime that Charles Johnson has been using this horror terrorism to try to blacken the name of people like Pamela Geller. Indeed…



(on her blog Atlas Shrugs, not one article but many articles)

Like Pamela we on 4international have only one interest, which is to get to the truth of who did this dastardly deed and why…


Norway youth camp 
According toa  tweet from Hashim0307, this is the first pic from the shooting at the camp. He says it depicts bodies in the water. hat tip Fern.

Full coverage here.

The mass murderer who mowed down teenagers at the Utoya youth camp in one of multiple attacks in Norway today was seen in Oslo prior to his attack at the youth camp. After the Oslo blast he went to Utoya, dressed as a policeman, and in order to gain entry to the the youth camp, said he was on security detail in light of the Oslo bombings. Got that? He got through security and opened fire on the children.

It takes an evil of unimaginable depravity and barbarity to conceive and execute such carnage.

Witnesses on the island told Norwegian television that the man identified himself as a police officer when he entered the camp. “He said it was a routine check in connection with the terror attack in Oslo,” one witness told VG Nett, the Web site of a national newspaper.

Bjorn Jarle Roberg-Larsen, a Labour Party member who had telephone contact with teenagers on the island, said: “Kids have started to swim in a panic, and Utoya is far from the mainland. Others are hiding. Those I spoke with don’t want to talk more. They’re scared to death.” NY Times

Norway bombing, mass shooting leave at least 16 dead LA Times

2223: BBC

“She has talked to some of her friends but still some of her friends are missing,” said Ms Bakaas. “I don’t know if they are alive or in hospital.” She said police were still hunting for missing people on the island and for those who tried to swim to the mainland. “A lot of people here now don’t know if their children are alive or not.”

2220: BBC

Anita Bakaas told the BBC her daughter was on the island when the gunman hit, but managed to hide in a toilet with some friends from where she sent her text messages. Ms Bakaas said her daughter could hear gunshots the whole time. “It was scary, scary, scary.”

Oh, and if I hear another television or radio reporter refer to muhammad as “the Prophet Muhammad,” I think I am going to puke. He’s not your prophet, assclowns.

UPDATE: ABC News: Report: 20 Bodies At Norway Youth Camp After Gunman Opens Fire
Police belief attack linked to Oslo bombing. See Story >

gunman dressed as a policeman opened fire at a summer youth camp on a Norwegian island near Oslo, according to media reports. A witness told Norwegian television of seeing 20 bodies on the shoreline of the island of Utoya, but a police spokesperson said ten people are confirmed dead.The shooting at a camp run by the Labour Party, the political party of Norwegian prime minister Jens Stoltenberg, occurred just hours after explosions ripped through a government building holding Stoltenberg’s office in the capital city of Oslo, killing seven and injuring more than a dozen.

A suspect is under arrest, and police say they believe that he is also linked to the explosion in Oslo.

UPDATE: The Telegraph:  unconfirmed reports of up to 30 dead.

Oslo explosion: live coverage - Telegraph_1311370724881




At this stage who knows who this killer is and whether he acted alone, or was part of a wider and sinister group.


As I write the information is that he is a Nazi, right wing individual.


I feel personally that it is highly significant that he attacked


  1. The Government buildings and area
  2. A gathering of labour youth, I am unsure but they seem to be a “young socialist” type of gathering


Even though I am unsure of who he is, or who they are, one thing is for certain.


The whole attack in Europe (in a general sense) is against those like Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer who have taken up the fight against Islamic Jihad


The whole attack in Europe has been to provide a cover for Islam as an ideology


The whole attack in Europe has been to seek to hide the reality of Islam and to colour anybody who tries to explain what Islam is as being “right wing” and as being “hate” purveyors


But we on 4international will have none of this. We will not be hemmed in. we will seek to explain the truth (as we see it) at every point.


One of the issues involved in politics today is that the capitalist system is in deepening economic crisis, with consequent political and social crisis.


We also have a situation where we believe the capitalist class seeks allies in the Jihad of Islam


It will also seek allies in conservatism morphing into Nazism


And it also seeks allies in deranged “leftist” people, who can be used to attack genuine freedom fighters.


Such an example of the latter is the way that the whole truth movement has been diverted into hatred of Israel, the Israeli state, of Zionism and therefore we argue necessarily of Jews. It becomes anti-Semitic.


There are great lessons from the 1933 period when the capitalist and labourist forces were unable to provide an answer, and where the Nazis mobilised the forces of the enraged (by the crisis) middle classes and lumpen proletariat classes in order to seize power.


Once state power was in the hands of Hitler he moved very rapidly to destroy the trade unions, the organisations of the workers, all opposition even women’s groups and any kind of independent organisational situations.


Thus, apart from the tragedy of loss of life in Norway, these kinds of actions have a very unsettling effect on society at large.


If there is not a force able to take the power from off the capitalists, and the capitalist class, and the capitalist economy which is bankrupt, and thereby reorganise society on a new and socialist basis, we are descending into the barbarity of the madman, using IRA type and ETA type and Mexico drug cartel type violence, as sure as night follows day.


Leadership is the key.


The creation of our party, 4international, in order to analyse and lead in these situations is critical and vital.


The Norwegian ruling capitalist class, which is mainly represented by their leftist social democratic governments, have been the most anti-Semitic and Jew hating on earth. As has been the whole of Europe, the Brits, the Irish, the Spanish of the PSOE Zapatero etc., and now they are not crowing and pontificating against Israel this morning.


The anti-Semites of the government now realise they have their own problems.


Will that lead them to stop attacking Israel and to have sympathy with Israel?


I would hardly think so. The left in Europe and the world is anti-Semitic. Yet the future lies not with capitalism but with socialism. Which simply means that 4international has to lead.