Nationally syndicated talk-radio host Michael Savage’s warnings more than one month ago now appear prescient as the case against the French socialist leader – once considered the front-runner in his country’s presidential race – unravels.

Savage reminded his listeners May 16, when the arrest was reported, that while he found Strauss-Kahn’s politics and reputation repugnant, in America, a suspect is innocent until proven guilty.

“She could have made the whole thing up. I don’t know why you’re rushing to judgment and crucifying the guy,” Savage said at the time.

Savage wondered aloud if the maid was working double-duty as a prostitute – which is precisely what the New York Post reported this morning.

On his May 16 show, he asked: “What if she was just a down-and-out maid who hooked on the side? He solicited her, and they said, ‘OK we’ll do it for X dollars, and then in the middle of it she screams rape.”

Yesterday, the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office revealed that the 32-year-old woman had lied to prosecutors about her actions with Strauss-Kahn and about her life story, covering up a variety of criminal activity since arriving in the country seven years ago.

Prosecutors said in a letter to Strauss-Kahn’s lawyers that she changed her story. Instead of fleeing the Frenchman’s luxury suite and seeking a supervisor, she went to clean another room and then returned to clean Strauss-Kahn’s suite before reporting the encounter. District Attorney Cyrus R. Vance said the attempted-rape charged will stand, but legal experts say the maid’s lies may be fatal to her case 


On his May 16 show, Savage said the scenario had “all the earmarks of a setup by his political opponents.”

He asked, what if she had been “reached by someone to do this in order to bring the guy down, and she doesn’t even know the political ramifications of what she’s involved in?”

Savage said May 16 that the Kahn affair sounded like a scene from the “The Godfather” in which a senator is setup by the Corleone family with a dead prostitute in his hotel room to blackmail him into doing the family’s bidding.

“This is a pretty standard setup,” Savage said of the Strauss-Kahn case after playing an audio clip from the movie. “There’s no question that when you have so much at stake, anything is liable to happen, and they’re going to go after you on your weakest points.”


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