This was written on the recent Atlas Shrugs article:


Choi said…

This is clearly a side-show meant to entangle Pamela to DIVERT her from the GREAT JOB she does.
This is how THE LEFT-JIHADI ALLIANCE operates.
They only had to appeal to the base instincts of these SMALL people such as this guy at “Gates of Vienna”,or Johnson ,or any of the others who are attacking Pamela.
All together they’re not fit to carry Pamela’s laptop.
For them to turn their “guns” on Pamela instead of staying focused on a UNITED FRONT ,they show that either they were manipulated in a Divide & Conquer “Psy Op” or they are just little people and hypocrites whose ENVY of Pamela’s achievements led them into a CIRCULAR ELECTRONIC FIRING SQUAD of the Conservative Anti-Jihad blogosphere, or BOTH.


There is indeed need for a United Front, and it is very necessary to defend Pamela Geller and Joseph Farah from the attacks of CAIR which is in league with the Obama state machine, in the same way it was necessary to defend Geert Wilders, and right now defend Radko Mladic, and defend Muammar Gadhafi, to mention only a few cases


But watch out! The person above is distorting the meaning of United Front, and is using the term in order to close down critics of the politics of Geller and Spencer.


The Gates of Vienna have every right to raise their views.


The basic facts of this case are now very clear. Antisemitism has a deep hold on Europe, and especially on Britain. We will try to cover this in more detail in historical articles on our sister website


But for now…pamela Geller and Robert Spencer have left that reality out and do not understand how to fight this antisemitism


There is no doubt that Pamela Geller has been going over the heads of the EDL leadership and in this respect the setting up of a Jewish section in the EDL is self defeating. It is necessary to have a combined leadership fighting right  down the line in the EDL against antisemitism in Britain, day in day out.


The following position of a commenter called “Vergil” has not been answered


Whether Gates of Vienna are good or bad these points of “Vergil” have not been answered


First off, Pamela Geller made accusations against the EDL without providing a shred of evidence, other than claiming one person (a disgruntled former member) told her this. Both Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer repeated these unsubstantiated allegations, for all intents and purposes throwing the EDL under the bus. Geller encourages anti-jihadists to leave the group and rally around this Roberta Moore character.

Tommy Robinson responds that any and all anti-Semitic types would be kicked out of the EDL, and that the EDL has always been solidly pro-Israel.

After Robinson rebuts the ridiculous attack on the EDL, Geller claims she is not going to withdraw her support for the EDL (despite her previous call for people to leave the EDL), but Spencer and Geller are “monitoring” the situation (as if everything must pass their sniff test). Furthermore, Geller twists Robinson’s words and claims his rebuttal of anti-Semitic and anti-Israel attitudes and members in the EDL as proof that the EDL was infiltrated by anti-Semites and neo-fascists, though he clearly made no such admission.

The signers of the Open Letter pointed out that Geller’s charges against the EDL were not true and asked her in good faith to apologize. But of course neither Geller’s, nor Spencer’s egos will allow this and they denounce the signatories as “water carriers” for anti-Semites and as unwittingly aiding jihadist by holding Geller accountable for her actions.

I must say that Pamela Geller and especially Robert Spencer have lost a lot of my respect over the way they handled this.


This is not from 4international but as I said is a comment from a “Vergil” on one of the sites.


This is a very serious situation that has opened up and I think it stems from a misunderstanding on the part of Geller, Spencer and others, in relation to the issue of anti-Semitism in Britain.


Britain is a very anti-Semitic country, rooted historically in racism and anti-Semitism, and that is worse now than ever , because the Arabs and their Arab narrative of the “Palestinians” has sold the lie that Zionists, Israel, is an evil. This is also a reflection of the Stalinist lies of the 60s and 70s that Paul Johnson referred to in his book “History of the Jews”.


It is inevitable that this anti-Semitism is brought into any organization but the question is whether the leadership is based on a fight against it


In this respect all the parties in political life have surrendered to it, especially the parties and groups of the left (but in reality there is no left today)


The EDL leaders like Robinson and Carroll have made a start in the fight against anti-Semitism. It is an insufficient start but at least it is a beginning and indeed distinguishes the EDL from this betraying left which we have international, and from all bourgeois parties in Britain whether Tory, Liberal or Labour.


Thus what “Vergil” calls Spencer/Wilders/Geller giving the “sniff test” to the EDL is totally out of order.


It is that concept, rather than a fraternal relationship, that has caused all the trouble, and the nasty fascist pro Islam left, the Islamists and the Government in Britain are laughing all over their faces at this.

While Geller was filling her timetable and the others who feel rightly that Geller was in the wrong were going crazy with their signatures the forces of NATO were bombing Libya out of British Apache Helicopters, just yesterday the Serbian real and courageous imprisoned fighter against the Jihad, Ratko Mladic, is dragged into court, and proposes clearly to fight the Jihadist court with whatever limited means that he can, and the net of Husseini Obama tightens around Israel.


But where is the real defence of Mladic from these anti Jihadists.


it is true that Pamela with Julia Gorin has printed important articles but this is a matter of emphasis.


What is left out is that the capitalist system overall is rotten to the core and is moving to dictatorship. The Jihad is only a part, not the whole.


But this is the problem right there. There is no real analysis, in other words a Marxist analysis which starts from the reality of a capitalism in crisis, this crisis in capitalism is ignored and the reality that the capitalist governments are not naive, but are the leading partner in this Empire/Sharia Alliance


What is happening in Libya is that the alliance of capitalism with the Muslim Brotherhood is in full force and the weasel words of all of these folks since this war started are what is resounding round the world. In such a war you cannot sit on a fence. Only 4international has called for the victory to the forces of Muammar Gadhafi against the NATO/Jihad alliance, rather than take an abstentionist position. This issue is almost identical to the need to support unconditionally the despot haile Selassie against the Fascists in the 1930s.


In this war between the Jihad and Gadhafi none in this dispute can take a position of calling for the defeat of the Jihad, because they are at some level the supporters of NATO, as is Wilders, which explains his outburst against Mladic made in his significant closing address to the court. If there was ever a fighter against Jihad it was Mladic.


Geller and Spencer in particular have done and will continue to do great work in exposing the backing which Obama has given to the most reactionary Islamist Jihadist forces in Libya, Egypt, the Ivory Coast and many other places.


But what is now on the cards is to see that this is just one side.


The other side is that the capitalist system is in deep crisis and that in preparing dictatorship over the working class the capitalists are working with the Jihad, and very often leading the Jihad, in order to create dictatorship in their own countries, and drive to war abroad. (This has great bearing on the situation which Israel faces where only a full scale battle against US/EU Imperialism allied with the Jihad can save the Jews). In other words Jihad is being used to create a Soros inspired New World Order.



  1. I really like your site and I especially appreciate your posts about the truth of the Srebrenica events. I have been hearing and reading so many lies about the “massacre” that I just couldn’t take it anymore and finally decided to make a facebook group about it. I was a little disappointed that no facebook group existed so I had to make one myself.

    I just wanted to thank you for speaking the truth.

    Thank you.

    Serbs and Jews Unite.

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