antisemitic cartoon on a spanish magazine

Comment 999 and 1000 to the El Pais article on raphael Schutz leaving Spain

1000 (comment)

José M Arderiu ( ) – 19-07-2011 – 11:27:02h

Criticar los CRÍMENES DE GUERRA y los CRÍMENES CONTRA LA HUMANIDAD (Informe del juez Goldstone para la ONU) que comete el estado de Israel, no es ser anti semita, es ser una persona decente. Los indecentes son los justificadores de dichos CRÍMENES, sionistas y simpatizantes radicales. Este Sr. que se va ahora, ni es diplomático, ni es decente, es un sionista radical, prepotente, que pretende justificar cualquier barbarie que cometa el estado genocidio de Israel.

  • 999 (comment)José M Arderiu ( ) – 19-07-2011 – 10:38:09hMuchos judíos confunden las críticas al estado neo colonialista de Israel, o a los sionistas, con la crítica a los judíos. Veamos. No todos los judíos son sionistas. Ni todos los judíos quieren vivir en el estado de Israel. Y muchos israelíes no comulgan con las atrocidades que comete casi a diario el estado genocidio de Israel, y no por ello son anti semita, eso sería decir una burrada. Por lo tanto, criticar una matanza israelí como la de Gaza 2008-2009 no es ser anti semita, es ser una persona decente, se sea judío, budista o ateo, que tanto da

The above is not very difficult to translate.

He is saying, to criticise “Zionism” and what he terms the “crimes of Zionism”,  is not to be antisemitic

Also he adds that there are many Jews who do not want to live in the Zionist state of Israel.

This about sums up what he is saying.

Will we give him a google translation:

it goes like this. promise not to laugh at the donkey bit!


José M Arderiu ( – 19/07/2011 – 11:27:02 h

Criticizing the WAR CRIMES AND CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY (Goldstone Report to the UN) that makes the state of Israel is not anti-Semitic, is to be a decent person. The indecent are justifying such crimes radical Zionists and supporters. This being Mr. now, not a diplomat, nor is it decent, is a radical Zionist, arrogant, which seeks to justify any barbaric genocide committed by the State of Israel.

José M Arderiu ( – 19/07/2011 – 10:38:09 h

Many Jews confuse criticism of the neo colonial state of Israel or the Zionists, with criticism of Jews. Let’s see. Not all Jews are Zionists. Not all Jews want to live in the state of Israel. And many Israelis did not agree with the atrocities committed by the state almost daily genocide of Israel, and are therefore anti-Semitic, that would mean a donkey. Therefore, to criticize an Israeli massacre in Gaza 2008-2009 is not anti-Semitic, is to be a decent person is Jewish, Buddhist or atheist, which gives both


Notice: no mention in the above that Arderiu understands anything about the history of Spain towards the Jews (the pathetic translation is just about what he deserves)

1. They drove the Jews out in 1492 while winning big time with voyage of the Jew Christopher Columbus

2. the ascent of Franco was a powerful factor in the defeats of the working class that strengtherned the hand of Hitler and the Nazis, therefore the hand of Hitler and the Nazis in carrying out of the Holocaust.

It is for sure judging by the comments in the el pais newspaper that the natives of Spain have no clue about their own history, and they live in sheer ignorance of the past

This is not the fault of the Spanish, a brave and lively people.

It is the fault of the capitalist system which has created the great ignorance in the Spain of today. Also of the Stalinist “communists” as well as the social democrats of PM Zapatero et al…

The restoration of the Monarchy after Franco died was carried out aptly enough with the help of the Spanish Stalinists

The picture below was taken in 1963 and is of the leader of the Spanish Stalinist “Communists” (Santiago Carrillo) who was to play a huge role in getting capitalism back on the tracks after the death of Franco

And the Spanish have been kept in total ignorance of the past. There is the odd good film yes, but it is football 24 hours, with endless TV shows based on the wierdest gossip rubbish you have evert seen. (One woman, ex of a bullfighter is everywhere)

It is all laced with the  most sickening sentimentalism you will find. result Spanish have no time to learn history!

The Spanish have NO CLUE about any of this history. never mind the expulsion of the Jews in 1492 they have NO CLUE about the Spanish Civil War, especially the role of the Russian and Spanish Stalinists in beheading the revolution

It is all a blank slate to generations of Spanish children and youth in the Universities.

So we have our friend above in El Pais, comment 999 and comment 1000, lordly telling the Jews of Israel that their Zionism is an evil thing

The man is a total ignoramus, just like Herr Hitler was an ignoramus, and as Senor Franco also was an ignoramus

But it is not his fault. The Spanish bourgeoisie has kept him in ignorance.

As they would say in my country Ireland “As ignorant as pig shit”


But that is really doing a disservice to pigs, who are a wonderfully intelligent creature

Below is the notorious Santiago Carrillo, who knows a thing or two about the 30s that he is not telling (Andres Nin a little hint!)

Other details from this Wikipedia Commons pic

Santiago Carrillo speaking to the VI Congress of the Socialist Unity Party of Germany in 1963.
General Secretary of the Communist Party of Spain
In office
3 July 1960 – 10 December 1982
Preceded by Dolores Ibárruri
Succeeded by Gerardo Iglesias
Personal details
Born Santiago Carrillo Solares
January 18, 1915 (1915-01-18) (age 96)
Gijón, Asturias, Spain
Nationality Spanish
Political party Communist Party of Spain
Spouse(s) Carmen Menéndez

File:Bundesarchiv Bild 183-B0121-0010-064, Berlin, VI. SED-Parteitag, 6.Tag.jpg

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