Galloway with Hamas official on entering Gaza


George Galloway has just spoken on video, on the issues in Libya, Egypt and Syria, which has been translated from his English, into Arabic on the video, and back into English, and this is it (allowing for those translations)

 carried on the pro NATO Harry’s Place

(Please note that I’ve translated a translation from English into Arabic back into English, so there may be a slight discrepancy in the words used.)


(It is very revealing. Galloway is hiding the role of Islam, and this is totally obvious from what he says, is correct in opposing NATO but is hiding the alliance of people like Hague and Cameron with Al Qaida against Gadhafi, and thus providing a cover for Islam. He also strives to drive and divert the movement into hatred for Israel which is the whole essence of the left politics of today)

“If the Syria regime were to be toppled by this alliance, this extreme alliance which is supported by the puppet Khaddam and by the people who supported the Homs massacre [surely Hama?] which was carried out by Rifat Al Assad,and by people who are working for Israel and others who are working for France and the US, in addition to genuine demonstrators who want change.

“This coalition isn’t secure at all, and the Syrian people should know that the Imperialists are not investing a lot (to defeat Assad) because they love the Syrian people. So I ask this question, If the regime were overthrown then would Israel give you back the Golan? This America which is supporting the your so-called revolution in Syria, will they tell Israel to give you back your land? Absolutely not.

“The Syria regime has made a lot of mistakes, historically and right now, and the way they’ve responded at the beginning of these demonstrations, was a massive mistake.

“However they [imperialists?] are not trying to destroy Bashar because of anything bad which he’s done, but they are trying to destroy Bashar because of the good things which he has done– for instance his support for the Palestinian resistance, his support for the Lebanese resistance, his refusal to surrender to Israel, his refusal to allow Syria to be a base for the invasion of Iraq. These are the reasons why they’re trying to destroy Bashar Al Assad.

“I think that Bashar Al Assad wants reform and that he wants change… He wants to respond to the demand for change which a lot of people want. I urge him to quickly get this underway. Yes it’s late in the day, but I will never ever support NATO in Libya and this cocktail of Zionism and Imperialism in Syria right now.”


Galloway says he will never support NATO in Libya.


But Galloway hides something very important here, and that is that NATO is in alliance with Islam (the “rebels” are Al Qaida)


But Galloway does not say that he opposes NATO PLUS ISLAM in Libya. He just says NATO.


This is where he tells the Big Lie and keeps workers and youth in the world back from understanding that there is a real alliance in operation in the world today


He is presenting to readers a left front, but in reality he is hiding the role of


Go right through this left today and you will find this lying about the actual concrete situation. The left like Galloway are in an alliance with Islam.


As is imperialism! Go figure!


The Left has been coopted by the forces of US and EU Imperialism, just as much as the Provies in Ireland were taken over by British and Irish Intelligence…TOTALLY!


Read what Galloway said above, and then read what we on 4international said today on the issue of Libya


Our first 4 paragraphs (before reading what Galloway said) are:

It is pretty much the case that war alone on 4international came out from the very beginning and called for the victory to Muammar Gadhafi. This did not imply political programmatic agreement. Just that Gadhafi was fighting the alliance of Imperialism with Islam Imperialism.


Now the murder of the Generals shows that Al Qaida does control the “rebels”. Argument over!


We were absolutely right. We alone were absolutely right.


Switch the scene to Egypt.

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