I am sending this Open letter to Josh Hasten who was involved in the organizing of the Conference last Saturday to seek that Israel annexes Judea and Samaria, and thereby places the area under Israeli law, meaning Israeli control, or Israeli Power.

Lessons of past betrayals


a Gush Katif beach



  1. 1.     I support the aims of this conference totally
  2. 2.     I agree with Caroline Glick it should be done not in pieces, or bit by bit, but wholly, all at one go
  3. 3.     I agree with another speaker that it should be done quietly, by which I take to mean that it is done not secretly but in a matter of fact kind of way, and efficiently
  4. 4.     I wonder why there was a speaker at this conference who advocates a 2 state solution, which is the same as granting the Arab League the Judenfrei Palestine state. Did he take a wrong turn on the road on Saturday and arrived at the wrong conference. Why was this man there? This would indicate a kind of looseness of thinking and a looseness of thinking of practical measures on the part of the conference organizers
  5. 5.     And if he was invited why was 4international not invited
  6. 6.     What are the issues raised by this conference especially in relation to Defence Minister Ehud Barak who wishes to apologize to Turkey over the Mavi Marmora, and in relation to Netanyahu, who rambles on about peace in his recent Ramadan message to Muslims?
  7. 7.     What is the political programme of this conference? What action do the words spoken at this conference lead to? What and where is the written perspective of the organizers of the conference so that people can read about the aims of the conference, what was decided at the conference, and the next practical steps. Video of conference is inadequate. We need to see the perspectives of organisers.

In that way a discussion can take place, which is now most urgent, given that the Russian Stalinists with US imperialism (Obama) are giving the green light to Iran developing its Nuclear Bomb




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