Agentes de Policía piden la documentación en uno de los accesos del Metro en la estación de Sol, que ha reabierto tras mantenerse cerrada desde la tarde de ayer por la protesta convocada por los "indignados" después del desalojo que llevó a cabo la Policía en esta plaza y en el Paseo del Prado. EFEUn "indignado", esta mañana en la Plaza Mayor de Madrid, después de que unos treinta de ellos pasara la noche en el lugar, poco antes de ser desalojados por la Policía Municipal, que les obligó a retirarse a la calle de Toledo. EFE

a Spanish youth accosted in Madrid by Franco’s police


Those who think that the Spanish Civil War is over should think again.


The Labour Government which is in power in Spain (called PSOE) ended the protest of youth in a central square or “plaza” of Madrid yesterday morning


Labour (PSOE) used the technology of the state to throw out the youth and to scrap their tents and belongings. This was following the wishes of the Spanish “bourgeoisie” because the protest was interfering with their business, they said.


The weak leadership given to the youth by the leaders of the “indignadoes” (Indignant or Angry) is also a big factor here.


What is happening is that not just Spanish but European Capitalism is in a very deep crisis and it cannot come out of this crisis easily


Hence the great danger of Fascism (a return to the times of Franco or some similar alternative) and just downright police repression


The picture above is quite revealing because the youth is obviously being harassed and is being asked for his identification. Everybody in Spain tends to carry identification and they see nothing unusual in that, but it is part of Francoist conditioning


There is no question but that Rajoy, leader of Franco’sParty, the PP, is going to return to power in the coming November election


The youth ain’t seen nothing yet! Unemployment among youth veers towards 50 per cent.

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