What cruelty exists there, in this Arab and Muslim world of Egypt. they have a bed(!!!) installed inside the cage inside the courtroom where Mubarak is being tried. He is 84 years of age and is dying. He has cancer and had several heart failures since being ousted


The country is bankrup. The people are starving and this will get worse. The political reforms are meaningless as the Generals hold on to power and the Fascist Muslim Brotherhood will reach 30 per cent in the elections. In other words a military dictatorship with the Fascists outside the door! The Christian Copts are being murdered. Sharia Law beckons.


Mubarak was the man who was the ally of Britain and the US and was an opponent in Egypt of Al Qaida. Obama and Cameron it was who broke their promises and agreements.

File:Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt, on September 14, 2010.jpg


In Israel Netanyahu did not lift a finger. Cowardly Netanyahu! America’s prize poodle!


Abdullah, the king of Saudi Arabia, will NEVER NEVER NEVER forgive Obama for their betrayal of Mubarak, because Mubarak was a close political and close personal friend of Abdullah.


This rift between Abdullah and Obama will have the most far reaching effects


But when all is said and done it is the utter barbarity of setting up what is a death bed inside a cage that is the abiding memory


This is what these wonderful bloggers and Facebook experts in the “revolution” have achieved…Shades here of Stalin and the Moscow Trials. Will the Generals have a special hole in the wall and a curtain up above from where they peep at the proceedings!


See It points out that this trial is going to be punctuated with bouts of antisemitic hysteria against Israel, because part of the charges is that Mubarak sold gas cheaply to Israel


fair trial BAH! You must be joking!


From Debkafile


The two Arab rulers who will watch the TV broadcasts from Cairo most intently are Muammar Qaddafi of Libya and Bashar Assad of Syria. The sight of Hosni Mubarak in a cage will strengthen their resolve never to let themselves be forced out of power.
Saudi King Abdullah will be another interested spectator. He blames US President Barack Obama as chiefly responsible for the wretched downfall of his good friend and ally Hosni Mubarak and will not forgive him in a hurry.

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