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So America is officially bust, according to the S and P credit rating.


The American Republicans did not have the guts to take on Obama just last week and insist that he get the capitalist American house into economic order.


The Republicans, those great warrior (talkers) chickened out and the compromise with Obama is going to cost the US economy dearly.


Will fast explode into great poverty for Americans.


Meanwhile Africa burns and hungers.


Meanwhile animal life and nature is totally threatened.


And meanwhile Sharia expands in Ivory Coast, Nigeria, Syria for sure, Egypt on the very brink, and Gadhafi alone had the balls to fight the MB


Obama is above all an opportunist who cares only about winning elections. So were they all, and especially Clinton, but the situation in the world capitalist economy has got much worse in the past 10 years or so, and the centre of the crisis is in Europe, where the post war boom situation has ended definitively, where countries with the exception of Germany have built up debts THAT THEY CANNOT REPAY.


You cannot have a “socialist” Health Plan in a capitalist economy like America, especially when the country has stopped producing competitively on the world market.


But Obama in the interests of ideology tried it. In the end he will have no health care at all because the capitalist economy could not actually bear the load.


Just like the social democratic parties have historically done…opened the door to dictatorship


And all the signs are there

  1. The American capitalist class is up to its neck in collaborating with Islam, only Pamela Geller does not actually blame the capitalist class, she blames…Oh I don’t really know what or who she blames
  2. The European capitalist class is even further down this road of collaborating with Islam, for example the Norwegian social democratic capitalist party is full of it…that is full of respect and love for Hamas and Fatah…the descendants of Hajj Amin el Hussein

And now the prophesy of Glenn Beck a few weeks ago THAT THE JEWS IN AMERICA WILL BE BLAMED FOR THE CRISIS IN CAPITALISM is gonna become fact.


Why so sure Beck is correct? Very simple really…the Jews have always been blamed for the crisis in humanity


The basest emotions are gonna be unleased


The following debate ended up about 10 to 1 against the Jew, in this case David Rubin from Yesha. Let me tell you about it.


I listened to a radio debate on Talk Radio Europe between David Rubin, great Jewish fighter, and Finkelstein, great basest Jewish hater most base anti-Semite


The debate took place on Talk Radio Europe whose organiser, one Steven Gilmour, once law suited me and 4international, and being broke and facing millionaires I was forced to issue an apology




Richie Ryan from Waterford the man of a thousand faces was the referee. But Allen just had to wade in against Rubin also. He was referee but could not help himself. A conditioned reflex.


Now hark to this! Before the debate got underway one caller had rung to lambast Israel. After the debate was over ALL the callers in were lambasting Israel.


Israel in the eyes of Europe has become the whipping boy. I mean that debate not untypical.


Meanwhile on the Gilmour show a few days previous on same Jewish owned station who should pop up but one of the Jewish soldiers operating as traitor to the Jews INSIDE ISRAEL.


I HAVE POPPED OFF AN EMAIL TO Gilmour and Talk Radio Europe about the bias, and not mentioned by Gilmour that if the soldier, disaffected, was in Gaza with roles reversed he would be dead meat inside 12 minutes, maybe less.




You see my point


People in Europe, and this radio station, HATE Israel so, the station is filled with conspiracy theory, so it is a matter of time before all comes out in the open, all the puss of Europe comes out. You could see it coming out, all that European puss, in callers to the station with their British and Irish accents attacking David Rubin, who had been injured along with his son in a Nazi attack on Jews.


Back to Pamela Geller for a moment. Geller opposes Islam and that is to her credit.


But she has NO answer to the fact that the American capitalist class is embracing dictatorship AND Islam.


Geller has not grasped yet…The Stalinist and Revisionist Left are also part of the American capitalist system, they have been bought and paid.


So Geller tells aspects of the truth but not all.


Meanwhile I am in a debate on another site, a Jewish site, which seems to specialise in attacking communism and socialism, and above all says that Trotskyism does not and has not existed. (Richard Landes site) I hope to report more on that.

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