The point of Libya being:


If these savages are also liars over the lies about Saif then why should we believe a single thing that they tell us about anything


The Kangaroo Court in the Hague also actually thought that Saif Gadhafi was captured. Problem is that it was a lie.


And to prove that it was a lie Saif Had to appear right at the hotel where all the foreign journalists are safely ensconced, thanks you know to the Gadhafi side.


And Saif had to take these bloody western journalists by the hand and escort them through a large part of Tripoli. So that their margin for lies was reduced just a little bit.


This is not at all a civil war in Libya. This is in essence the same war as took place in Kosovo, it is a NATO invasion in order to place an Islamofascist Government in power which will enact Sharia Law.


The real war criminals, Nuremburg style, are not at all Gadhafi but are Cameron and Hague, Sarkozy and Merkel, with the Chinese and Russian Stalinists in a supporting role to these Nazis.


As we said yesterday the defining issue is the bravery of the Gadhafi forces, and the Gadhafi family leadership.


The spirit of this fight by Gadhafi is contained in the phrase made at the beginning, and repeated yesterday to the bastardised British journalists:


“We are born here. We live here. We die here”


Whatever is the outcome of this, and there is little hope that the Gadhafi forces can actually take on NATO, because this is a life and death struggle in political terms for the likes of Cameron, who is also more and more disliked by the British on other issues connected with the economic crisis in British capitalism, people and especially the black repressed people of Africa will not forget.


4international is alone. From the very beginning we did not sit on the fence. We called for the victory to Muammar Gadhafi against NATO.


We also called for the victory of Slobodan Milosevic over NATO in the war which NATO conducted against the Serbs.


This does not imply political agreement, but in the choice between small nations and the George Soros inspired NATO then we do not sit on the fence.




“For the first time in the six-month war against Muammar Qaddafi’s regime, NATO troops, despite denials, are taking part in the fighting on the ground as British and French “military advisers” – members of special operations units – help Libyan rebels fight for control of the Libyan capital Tripoli. This contest is evolving into a war of intelligence, as debkafile‘s military sources disclose. Qaddafi’s counter-offensive aims at separating the Western troops from the small numbers of rebels – no more than 2,500-3,000.

Sources close to that contest estimate that if Qaddafi’s roughly 5,000 loyal troops in the capital can achieve this goal, they will have enhanced their chances of reversing the tide of battle.
Those sources refute some media claims that the rebels already control 80-90 percent of Tripoli and say they were left with no more than one third of the city by Monday night, Aug. 22. In the day and a night since they entered the capital, Qaddafi’s 12th Division has recovered some of the territory the rebels captured in their first push”


Thus it is clear that this is a Nazi type operation which is being conducted by NATO. Like the German Nazis in the 1930s the alliance is with the Muslim Brotherhood. Then it was with the religious fanatic and Jew Hater Hajj Amin el Husseini, and today in 2011 it is with the Nazis of the Iranian theocracy” .


Jews may think that Libya and what happens there is outside of them.


What fools! Jews are directly threatened by the NATO Nazi war against Gadhafi, aiming to put into power an Islamist regime.


The only chance that Jews of Israel have got is not to sit in their box in Israel like frightened political rabbits. (That defines Netanyahu and Barak)


They had to defend Mubarak. They have to defend Assad on their own terms. And they have to fight for the victory to Gadhafi. And the best way to aid Gadhafi and down NATO/Sharia is to strike the most decisive blows against Fatah, Hamas and Hizbullah, with the least possible delay in time.



Harry’s Place is emerging as the central NATO organ on the British web space


These are the cretins who weighed in against the Serbs on behalf of the fascist Islamist Nazi Izetbegovic, and on behalf of the Nazi Tudjman in Croatia in Operation Storm


Yet the left opponents of HP are trying to drive this anti Nato feeling into anti-Semitism against Israel.


In the following exchange today a regular HP poster called “Lucy lips” is opposing one Jody McIntyre because McIntyre, rather like Chavez, is opposing NATO in Libya, but at the same time McIntyre like Chavez is filled with anti-Semitic hatred for Israel


As this makes clear:


Jody McIntyre, who wanted to see the streets of London set alight, evidently has little love for the jubilant masses of Libya who are now celebrating an end to 40 years of insane dictatorship:

Almost 1300 people have been killed in Libya in the past 24 hours; almost equal to the death toll of the brutal, three-week Israeli Operation Cast Lead massacre in Gaza. In the case of Gaza, hundreds of thousands of people took to the streets in cities across the world to demonstrate, but now, we celebrate for Tripoli.

McIntyre says he gets his news from Russia Today. This would be the outlet that yesterday was “reporting” the following…

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