A suspected Gaddafi loyalist is led away by rebel forces

Is this prisoner now dead, murdered essentially by Cameron, Hague and Obama!


Kim Sengupta and Portia Walker: Fierce fighting and wild rumours as hunt gathers pace

And they report the following:

…the discovery of a grim pile of corpses of executed men in the Bab al-Aziziya compound that had once been Colonel Gaddafi’s citadel offered grim evidence of retribution being exacted in the bloody civil war. A dozen bodies were seen by The Independent lying inside the complex with their hands tied behind their backs

The Libyan rebels have been meting out brutal treatment to sub-Saharan Africans in Tripoli, suspecting that they are Gaddafi loyalists

look at the fear on the face of the black man on the right, there is no doubt that these black Africans  are now all dead, butchered by the tools of Cameron and Obama



UN urges restraint as the rebels wreak their revenge on ‘loyalists’.


The Libyan rebels have been meting out brutal treatment to sub-Saharan Africans in Tripoli, suspecting that they are Gaddafi loyalists


 Almost all of the victims were black me


Around 30 men lay decomposing in the heat. Many of them had their hands tied behind their back, either with plastic handcuffs or ropes. One had a scarf stuffed into his mouth. Almost all of the victims were black men. Their bodies had been dumped near the scene of two of the fierce battles between rebel and regime forces in Tripoli.


“Come and see. These are blacks, Africans, hired by Gaddafi, mercenaries,” shouted Ahmed Bin Sabri, lifting the tent flap to show the body of one dead patient, his grey T-shirt stained dark red with blood, the saline pipe running into his arm black with flies. Why had an injured man receiving treatment been executed? Mr Sabri, more a camp follower than a fighter, shrugged. It was seemingly incomprehensible to him that anything wrong had been done.


 But the thirst for vengeance has been difficult to control, to which the morgues, hospitals and the urban killings fields of the Libyan capital bore testimony.


 But the mounting number of deaths of men from sub-Saharan Africa at the hands of the rebels – lynchings in many cases – raises disturbing questions about the opposition administration, the Transitional National Council (TNC) taking over as Libya’s government, and about Western backing for it.

The atrocities have apparently not been confined to Tripoli: Amnesty International has reported similar violence in the coastal town of Zawiyah, much of it against men from sub-Saharan Africa who, it has been claimed, were migrant workers.


The Foreign Office underlined that the apparent executions of pro-Gaddafi soldiers were as yet unverified.

A spokesman said: “We are aware of reports, but have no means of verifying them. We condemn all human rights abuses. The TNC leadership has made clear the need to avoid violence and reprisals and has repeatedly said that anyone found guilty of crimes will be held to account. We have emphasised the importance of this in our conversations with them. This is in stark contrast to Gaddafi, who continues to launch indiscriminate and violent attacks on the Libyan people.”


But, for some on the ground in Tripoli, a different view has taken hold. Since the start of the uprising last February the opposition has tried to portray the conflict as waged by patriotic Libyans against the dictator’s foreign hired guns. A few of the tales took fanciful turns, such as that about the crack team of female snipers, either Serbian or Colombian, depending on the version. But it was black males, very often migrant workers, who paid the lethal price after being accused of being mercenaries.


Only a few of the dead found at the roundabouts yesterday were in uniform.


“They were shooting at us and that is the reason they were killed,” said Mushab Abdullah, a 35-year-old rebel fighter from Misrata, pointing at the bodies. “It had been really tough at Abu Salim, because these mercenaries know that, without Gaddafi to protect them, they are in big trouble. That is why they were fighting so hard.”


His companion, Mohammed Tariq Muthar, counted them off on the fingers of his hand: “We have found mercenaries from Chad, Niger, Mali and Ghana, all with guns. And they took action against us.”

But, if the men had been killed in action, why did they have their hands tied behind their back? “Maybe they were injured, and they had to be brought to this hospital and the handcuffs were to stop them from attacking. And then something went wrong,” suggested Mr Abdullah.


Ethnic Libyan “collaborators”, too, have been the subject of the punitive attention of the revolutionaries.


The prison at Abu Salim,  had its doors flung open by the revolutionaries on Thursday, letting 4,000 inmates free. Now there is talk of using the complex for captured Gaddafi troops.


(concerning the independent media)

Meanwhile, Ahmed Safar Warfalla was being held in a temporary “cell”, a locked room at a school in the suburb of Tajoura. Mr Warfalla has been accused of spreading Gaddafi propaganda. Three Chadian “mercenaries” kept at the same place had already been transferred to jail and the local militia was considering what to do with him.

“They accuse me of a crime, but this is what I did,” said Mr Warfalla taking out a copy of the Koran from his pocket and pointing it to the sky. “Allah and Libya,” he shouted. “They have Nato technology? This is Arab, Muslim technology. We shall not be defeated.”


Meanwhile, RAF Tornado GR4 warplanes fired Cruise missiles at a bunker in Sirte, Col Gaddafi’s hometown which is continuing to stave off rebel attacks. Ahmed Bani, a military spokesman for the TNC, said “Maybe this will help. Maybe the mercenaries there will run away. This will allow the local people to rise up and we can bring this to a conclusion.”




On August 26, London Guardian writer Simon Jenkins headlined, “Libya is not an advertisement for intervention,” saying:

“Several claims….made about NATO’s involvement (have) little basis in reality,” including:

(1) Preventing a Benghazi massacre. It “was NATO propaganda.”

In fact, mass killing only began when NATO arrived and hasn’t stopped.

(2) Replacing Gaddafi to protect civilians and install a more democratic regime.

NATO plans occupation and puppet leaders taking orders from Washington, as well as plundering Libya for profit.

(3) “(N)o foreign troops on the ground” will be used.

“This NATO pledge was mendacious….British (and other Western) ground troops were extensively deployed in Libya,” arriving before conflict began last winter.

(4) “Britain was not taking sides in a foreign civil war.”

In fact, Washington, Britain, and other NATO countries partnered to oust Gaddafi. Insurgents, supported by air power, were recruited to do it. Western interests “most emphatically decided the fate of the Libyan people. (They) brought anarchy in the place of order….(They can’t) disown the consequences.”

From the start, Western leaders knew if they “toppled Gaddafi (they) would own the place. It was no good saying they “learn(ed) from Iraq. The lesson of Iraq was, don’t do it in the first place.”

Libya, in fact, is replicating it. NATO’s Operation Mermaid Dawn hoped to end it in Tripoli. “Mermaid” is Tripoli’s nickname. On August 20, it was launched from Sarim Street’s Ben Nabi mosque after Iftar, the breaking Ramadan’s fast.

Insurgents used mosque loud speakers to broadcast chants to Tripoli residents. NATO carpet bombing and strafing preceded and accompanied it to clear their way to advance unimpeded after initial loyalist counterattacks.


I have just checked output of Israpundit, Jihadwatch and Atlas Shrugs. They mumble on about everything but are ignoring the Islamist Fascist massacres of the black AFRICANS in Libya.


Conclusions are that we are in a new period of great danger to every independent state in the world, but above all to the independent state of Israel.


We can sum the situation in the world today like this


  1. NATO creates chaos
  2. Inside that chaos Islam moves in

The result is going to be Fascist dictatorship and this is indeed a very handy solution for NATO, a result much to be desired for NATO, because the ruling capitalist classes have determined that they cannot rule in the old way, through parliamentary democracy any more.


Already in Britain judges have reacted to the riots by doubling prison sentences, a clearly political decision by the so-called independent judiciary


Already in Britain also the police have pre-empted by arresting prior to the Nottinghill Carnival. They arrest for nothing. They say it is for other offenses while at the same time, in the same breath, saying it is pre-emptive.


In Spain Spanish police beat up a citizen after dragging away his girlfriend. The beating was reminiscent of the Rodney King beating but there is hardly a murmur. He is white Spanish.


On a Spanish radio station, Talk Radio Europe, they are all attacking Israel AFTER Israel was attacked from the Sinai. (By the way that radio station is owned by a British Jew called Nathan Thomas!!!)


Meanwhile the Spanish political elites in the PSOE and PP have formed a virtual alliance. They have changed the Constitution which means that Spanish workers and poor MUST pay for the economic crisis


Spencer and Geller have completely missed what has happened in Egypt and Libya. Spencer and Geller keep squealing that “We told you so”


But they never told anybody to defend Mubarak at all costs, and they never told anybody to defend Gadhafi at all costs. Regardless of differences with Mubarak and Gadhafi!


It was the same kinds of betrayals that allowed the Nazis to take the power in 1933, that is different circumstances, but the same principle, you must at all costs stop the Nazis from taking power.


The Left is anti-Semitic. But really the only ones to oppose NATO in Libya has been the anti-Semitic left.


Israel missed a big big opportunity by not allying with Mubarak and Gadhafi.


Jews have missed a big big chance. Blame the leadership.

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