I have made a call on the website of Pamela Geller for Geller and her associate spencer on Jihadwatch to change the direction of the 9.11 commemoration taking place in just over a week in New York


Naturally, and it goes without saying, I support Geller and Spencer in the organising of this commemoration.


There is a general weakness and confusion on this central point. To defend Muammar Gadhafi against the forces of what is an Imperialist Empire, which now is NATO in alliance with The Muslim Brotherhood, does not imply agreement on political programme with Gadhafi.


The defence is unconditional, and is the same kind of defence made by Leon Trotsky when he defended unconditionally the religious despot haile Selassie in Abyssinia in the 1930s against Mussolini’s invasion


But that defence did not imply that Trotsky was in agreement with Selassie politically speaking


This is not that easy a concept to get across but it is absolutely fundamental.


The url below which refers to the most recent article by debka will be most interesting to readers of this website.


We have always said that Gadhafi entered into a real agreement with Bush and Blair, and part of this was to fight the Muslim Brotherhood/Al Qaida


Our point has always been that Gadhafi kept his word on this, Obama and Cameron broke theirs.


Also we make the point that this has got huge implications for Israeli leaders.


I have been reading the material put out by Pameal Geller. I have always admired Geller’s spirit in the fight against the erosion of the rights of Free Speech as contained in the First Amendment, and Spencer’sfight against the reaction of Jihad


But in their material published for the 9.11 Anniversary the issue of Libya is absent, never mind that they have never defended Gadhafi against what is in essence worse than the Jihad, it is the Jihad in alliance with NATO and the UN.


With great repercussion and implication for Israel


My comment on Atlas Shrugs is the following (For death of Gadhafi read death of Bin Laden…my error…typing too quickly)



Felix Quigley said…

The biggest issue at this moment is Libya. Before it was Ivory Coast. Before it was Egypt. Soon it will be Israel.

The issue of Libya is of the greatest importance because if the alliance of NATO and essentially The Muslim Brotherhood, as well as sections of Al Qaida, is allowed to go unchallenged then that opens the door for NATO power to be used against Israel.

There is an alliance on the ground as well as in the air over Libya between the terrorists of Islam and the forces of NATO, which are in terms of on the ground the men of the British SAS, the French Legionaires, and the US Seals

There is the rub, the same who killed Gadhafi, and even there, there is the possibility that Obama ordered it to bolster his image, although that is uncertain.

In any case it seems to me that the whole of the US and the European Media are hiding the reality of the alliance which their Governments have made and are making with Fascism in Libya

And this raises the possibility that NATO troops, which must have American Seals special troops at the forefront, will be used to enforce the “Palestine” State, which is the same really as this new state and states being enforced in Libya, Egypt, Ivory Coast, and many others

Gadhafi has been isolated completely by the anti Jihad movement

It was absolutely vital to defend Gadhafi unconditionally against the Fascist NATO in alliance with the Fascist Muslim Brotherhood/Al Qaida

The following url deals with exactly the position which Gadhafi found himself. He saw NATO in alliance with his enemies, and in that situation he said “two can play at that game” and that was why he sent his son Saif to make overtures

I repeat Gadhafi has been isolated

It was not correct to say and to limit the taking of positions to “after Gadhafi it will be worse”. It was necessary to defend Gadhafi without conditions against his enemies.

That was not done.

In fact every attempt was made by JihadWatch to stick the knife into Gadhafi and to say there was no difference between Gadhafi and his enemies in Libya and in NATO. But there was a difference, all the difference in the world. Pamela Geller went along at least to some extent with Jihadwatch on this.

The url to look at in this regard is:
While not implying political agreement with the political programme of Gadhafi at any time the defence of Gadhafi against NATO/Muslim Brotherhood must be placed at the centre of the rally being organized by Geller and Spencer on the 10th anniversary. It goes without saying that I support and defend Geller and Spencer on this rally regardless of other political differences.
Putting Libya, and the defence of Gadhafi against NATO, and against the NATO/MB Alliance, at the centre of the 10th anniversary, would help to expose better than anything else the real alliance which exists between Obama/Cameron/Hague/Sarkozy and The Muslim Brotherhood
But if that is not done the issue of 9.11 is removed from the real issue and struggle of today, and especially how the conquest of Libya by this reactionary coalition (Of NATO and Islam) can lead also to the conquest of the Jews and Israel by the same reactionary alliance



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