We could not share any information for several days but we have been in constant communication and now can say they are safely in Malta and on their way home.They have witnessed horrible massacres by the rebels and NATO and will be heavily traumatized by the events after being holed up in hotels that were taken over by terrorist rebels.Mahdi Darius was threatened by western agents under the guise of being journalists. As a researcher he had written on the real aims of this war on Libya as part of the plan for the imperial re-division of Africa.


arriving in malta
British independent Journalist Lizzie Phelan, center and Dutch model Talitha van Zon, right, arrive at the Valletta harbor, Malta, Monday, Aug. 29, 2011. Some 46 foreign businessmen, journalists, doctors and even a Dutch model have arrived in Malta after fleeing Libya’s capitol Tripoli aboard a Maltese-chartered ship with fighting still raging in the city between terrorist rebels support by NATO air strikes and the Libyan armed population, with tens of thousands dead and water, communications and electricity cut by mercenaries from Europe and America who are fighting alongside Al-Qaida against the Libyan people. The evacuees docked in Valletta Monday after a 35-hour trip in rough seas. They included four Italian journalists who were held for their protection in a hotel last week by volunteers.

Lizzie Phelan is a big, big problem for the Jews. As far as I can gather she is connected with PressTV which is the voice of the Fascist Iranian regime, which is the worst of the worst antisemites on earth.
But Phelan along with a few others were opposed to the NATO/Muslim brotherhood takeover of Libya, and she allied correctly with Gadhafi
In doing so she also allied with the very best of the Jewish and Israeli forces who also are opposed to the NATO and Muslim Brotherhood takeover of Libya
Yet Phelan and all of these like Stephen Landman remain the bitterest opponents of Israel and are on the same antisemitic track as the worst antisemites on earth, wanting the destruction of Israel, which is the same track also of Obama
I have no easy answers to this except that there is a vacumm of leadership in the left, and the left has swallowed the antisemitic lies of the Arab Palestinian narrative.
There is no magic or supernatural religion in this. There is a deliberate narrative that the Israelis have let go by without serious challenge.
Have you any other serious and alternative explanation?
MEANWHILE over on Ted Belman’s Israpundit a person called Samuel Fistel has echoed the line of Spencer on JihadWatch with the following:
 Obama versus Libya: the scorecardAlthough we hate to give Obama any credit at all, he did reasonably well with Libya (and he also did with Osama Bin Laden).Gaddafi is now gone. He was an insane tyrant who ruled by force and corruption for more than 40 years. The Libyan people finally decided they had had enough. They rose up against him en masse, and since he had all the firepower, and was willing to use it, they should have been annihilated.

But Obama and NATO provided airpower to keep his forces away. Since Libya consists of isolated cities connected by deserted roads, it was easy to keep Gadaffi’s convoys away from any city once it was liberated.

Gaddafi’s support turned out to be minimal. He was forced to hire black african mercenaries to fight for him against his own people. Eventually, the rebels, who started out with few weapons, had lots of them (probably quietly supplied by America, NATO, and Gaddafi’s arab enemies).

Where is Libya now heading? Most likely nowhere very good. Every single rebel fighting Gaddafi was always screaming allhu akbar, implying Libya will be even more islamist and Jew-hating than before. There will be unending inter-tribal warfare, and the non-arab Berber minority will probably fight the dominant arabs.

Libya may end up breaking up, or as a failed state like Somalia. But so what? That’s not any worse than the Gaddafi tyranny. And as opposed to Iraq and Afghanistan, no American lives were lost, and it didn’t cost America too much money.

In contrast, Obama’s actions toward Syria, Iran, and Jewish Israel are a disgrace.


Samuel Fistel is obviously a pseud name. I believe this is an American Jew.

Note he has refused to defend Gadhafi from Obama/Cameron/NATO, and this is exactly the position of JihadWatch, and to a slightly lesser extent Pamela Geller


One of my answers on Israpundit is:


Of course Gadhafi has been an enemy of Israel. I have never argued about that. And Saif Gadhafi was involved in the Viva Palestina convoys which went across Libya.

But tell me this: Gadhafi after the intervention of Blair on behalf of George Bush Jnr. made a bargain with them, and Gadhafi kept his part of the bargain. So there is more to it than what Ted suggests above in his answer to this reprehensible man who cannot identify himself and whose phoney name will never sully my lips.

Ted says and I quote ” Gadaffi was no longer a threat to the world. ”

That is obviously true and is the essence of the issue but as a bare statement it misses the extent of the treachery done to Gadhafi.

There was a deal made here and Obama, Cameron, Hague and Sarkozy broke that deal.

Does that not matter?

I think that deals, promises etc both in personal and political life do matter and in the final analysis that is all a person has in life.

Yet that is only one aspect of the issue. There are many others, and one of these is that Gadhafi like Mubarak had been a genuine opponent of the Muslim Brotherhood, while remaining hostile to Israel.

I will throw something in here. You do all know what a problem to Jews is Israeli leadership.

Was there any point in time when Israel could have contacted Gadhafi or the Gadhafi family and offered some solidarity on the basis of joint opposition to the Muslim Brotherhood?

What was there to lose back then, and especially over recent months, when Obama emerged as their joint enemy. Never mind the British. I hope Yamit82 can address this very issue.




their whole position is terribly confusing but can be found anyway on




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