The political situation concerning Israel, the US and Iran is moving at such speed that all bourgeois commentators are being left way behind.


The issue is basically simple though.



Obama will live with Iran and the Nuclear Bomb.

Israel leaders weak as they are cannot.

This has led to a clear break between Netanyahu and Obama on the issue of Iran and its Nuclear Bomb. It centres on the assessment of Israeli Intelligence which has made it known 4 years ago that Iran was past the point of no return and that sanctions would never stop Iran getting the Nuclear Bomb and thus directly threatening Israel with extinction.

To understand the gravity of this it is necessary to study the many statements coming out of the Iranian leaders over recent years, which the ADL has comprehensively catalogued.

Netanyahu yesterday drew the lines between himself and Obama. There is one problem though. From reports Israel has promised Obama to give 12 hours notice.

4international is clear:

On no condition must Israel give any warning or news about anything to the US Government and moreover Israel should immediately end the US money grant, and should ensure that all US personnel is out of Israel. At the same time make a big appeal to the ordinary American people to support Israel and the Jewish people against Terrorist Fascist Holocaust Barbarism


The left as it is known today has totally betrayed its trust to the Jews and to History. But the solution has to come from the left because capitalism is a terminal basket case, it cannot lead humanity forward in any sphere and threatens all of life, including all of animal life. The role of Russia and China in this regard is just as dangerous as is the US and Europe.


I refer the reader to a vital analysis of the REAL situation on debka.com


This analysis shows in living detail the head on collision between Israel and the US Imperialism now represented by Obama. Obama in turn is united with the Jihad




Among other things Obama’s sanctions are a death sentence to Israel. All of the states of the world are mired with Israel hatred which is code for Jew Hatred (Antisemitism)


All states refuse the sanctions against Iran and this becomes a fatal delaying mechanism.


For example just read what debka writes about capitalist India (as just ONE example of the whole)


(start debka quote here)






India’s Foreign Secretary Ranjan Mathai said this week that India, which as Iran’s second biggest buyer after China relies on Iran for 12 percent of its imports (3,500,000-4,000,000 bpd), will continue to trade with Tehran and not abide by sanctions.


It is a trap. Obama and Power are setting a deadly trap. Israel MUST act alone. Israel WILL act alone. Israel MUST give no warning to Obama. Israel WILL give no warning to Obama.



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