Hello, I am a pathetic loser, that also happens to serve on the Israeli Supreme Court. I am a muslim, which should shock you considering Israel is an “apartheid state”, yet I sit on their Supreme Court. Yesterday I refused to sing the national anthem (Hatikvah) in a public ceremony. Do you think that I am qualified to rule on issues dealing with a country whose national anthem I refuse to sing in public. If you think I am a loser (and you should), then please LIKE this photo.
Thanks to Eliyokim Cohen for this.
It is a most important issue:
I think why would the Jewish state of Israel have a Muslim sitting on their Supreme Court, or on any Court, or in any Parliament RULING OVER JEWS who have been oppressed, persecuted and murdered by these very Muslims, followers of Islam.
This guy in this picture is a believer in Islam
That he would not sing the National Anthem of Israel and of the Jews is a given. It is not a surprise. It just shows that the issue of the future of the Jewish state is an issue of leadership.
There must be a new leadership of Israel or Israel will be defeated.


Jenny Tonge is the person who was involved in the antisemitic Palestine Telegraph on which figured SOME of the worst antisemites on the planet.

Ed Milliband is the head of the Labour Party.

Nick Clegg is the leader of the British Liberals.

And what Clegg does about Jenny Tonge is going to be a very important factor in British politics as the Establishment swingS towards antisemitism as a repeat of the 1930s


Pamela Geller comments:

Shocking. This would be the nadir of Obama’s craven foreign policy of surrender, releasing the mastermind of the 1993 World Trade Center bombing that killed six people and injured more than a thousand. Treason.

Al-Arabiya: US in talks to swap jihad terror Sheikh Omar Abdel Rahman & 49 others for 19 Americans held in Egypt thanks to Robert Spencer

About to get a Get-Out-of-Jail-Free Card?

Al-Arabiya is reporting, in Arabic only so far, that the U.S. is talking with the Egyptian government to free the blind Sheikh and 49 other Egyptians currently imprisoned in the U.S. in exchange for the freedom of the 19 Americans the Egyptians are holding.


The blind Sheikh, Omar Abdel Rahman, is in prison for his role in masterminding the 1993 World Trade Center jihad terror bombing. If he is freed, it will be the apotheosis of Obama’s policy of appeasement toward the Islamic world.


“Omar Abdel Rahman at the head of Egyptian-American swap deal,” from al-Arabiya (Arabic), February 28 (thanks to Emad). This is my translation from the Arabic:


The Egyptian government has started real action to respond to a U.S. offer offering to release 50 Egyptians in American prisons, including Sheikh Omar Abdel Rahman, in return for the release of 19 Americans accused of foreign funding of nongovernmental organizations, as confirmed by Major General Mohamed Hani Zaher, an expert on military research and the fight against international terrorism. 

Zaher told the newspaper that the Egyptians need to exploit the weak U.S. position, especially after the conviction of their nationals on charges affecting Egypt’s sovereignty over its territory, and not to allow this deal to take place without the agreement of the U.S. administration to release more than 500 Egyptian prisoners in U.S. custody; the Egyptian Foreign Ministry does not know anything about them.


He added that the Egyptian Foreign Ministry asked the Egyptian Embassy in Washington for a list of Egyptian prisoners in the United States of America, and the Egyptian consulate there had already started procedures to account for the number of Egyptian prisoners and detainees in custody on a number of charges in the United States, he said, adding that among the prisoners in the Consulate files was Sheikh Omar Abdel Rahman, the Mufti of Al-Gama’a al-Islamiyya (the Islamic Group) and currently imprisoned in America….


Gil Ronen of INN has this important story. Basically the Media is crap. During the kidnap of Shalit by the Fascist Antisemites the Media were full of sympathy for Hamas and Fatah, and full of antagonism to Netanyahu.

The Enemidia is the problem everywhere.

And this story here proves that the enemidia NEVER, I repeat NEVER, does represent the feelings of the ordinary man and woman, the enemidia goes for sensationalism, the ordinary man and woman need the truth.


Uzi Baruch, Yaakov Achimeir

Uzi Baruch, Yaakov Achimeir
Israel news photo: Nissim Lev

A poll has found that over two thirds of the Israeli public thinks press coverage of two major stories – the deal for releasing Gilad Shalit and the housing protest – was biased. The poll was revealed at a stormy panel on press bias at the 9th Jerusalem Conference, sponsored by B’Sheva Magazine.

The poll was carried out among Jews by Maagar Mochot for the Jerusalem Conference. It found that 69 percent of those who have an opinion on the matter think that the media covered the Shalit prisoner exchange in a way that was biased in favor of the deal. Twenty-seven percent said the coverage was professional and objective.

Of those with an opinion on the matter, 65 percent said the press covered the summer’s housing protest in Tel Aviv in a way that was biased in favor of the protest. About 32 percent said the coverage was professional and objective.

Arutz Sheva website’s editor in chief, Uzi Baruch, who spoke at the panel, said that during the tent protest, press hypocrisy was more blatant than ever. “The tents in Rothschild Avenue are no more legal than the outposts in Judea and Samaria that are evicted in the dead of night,” he explained – yet the press that demonized the outpost residents lionized the housing protesters.

“The press channels were the ones who ran the tent protest,” he said. However, in the end, the media lost out because the social protests led to economic slowdown and a loss of advertising revenues – making press-hyped protests less likely in the future.

The coverage of “women’s exclusion,” he added, was nothing more than “targeted assassination” against the hareidi religious sector. “Since when does the secular sector care about what happens on hareidi buses? This is one big hoax.”

Channel 2’s Amit Segal disagreed with Baruch. “There is no leftist conspiracy,” he said. Segal blamed fellow religious Zionists for failing to join the mainstream media and said sector-based media outlets cannot offer a solution to mainstream media slant.

Maariv‘s Kalman Libeskind said that the press purposely inflated the numbers of the participants in the summer’s protests and “knowingly published false data.” In addition, he said, “everyone knew” that the mothers-with-strollers demonstration was led by communist activists but purposely hid this from the public.


Farrakhan echoed the typical anti-Semitic stereotypes and conspiracy theories, accusing the Jews of controlling the government, media, finance and entertainment but professed that he is “not anti-Semitic,” but rather “just telling the truth.

By Rachel Hirshfeld

First Publish: 2/29/2012, 11:49 AM


Nation of Islam Minister Louis Farrakhan

Nation of Islam Minister Louis Farrakhan
Israel news photo: courtesy of Nation of Isla

Minister Louis Farrakhan, the racist leader of the Nation of Islam, once again echoed the anti-Semitic propaganda of which he has been widely accused.

Speaking to the Nation of Islam’s 82nd annual Savior’s Day celebration in Chicago on Tuesday, he accused Jews of controlling the media and “Zionists” of trying to push American into war with Iran.

The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) characterized his speech as “a textbook example” of the continuing potency of anti-Semitism and hatred that continues to exist in some segments of society to this day.

He echoed the typical anti-Semitic stereotypes and conspiracy theories, accusing the Jews of controlling the government, media, finance and entertainment but professed that he is “not anti-Semitic,” but rather “just telling the truth.

Addressing the crowd he announced, “I advise white and black America, Hispanic and Asian America, why would you send your children to die in a war engineered by Zionists who love Israel more than they love the United States of America?

“Don’t send these children to war for the sake of Israel,” he pleaded.

“In 100 years, they control movies, television, recording, publishing, commerce, radio, they own it all. Jewish people were not the origin of Hollywood, but they took it over,” Farrakhan claimed.

“Farrakhan’s annual address to the Nation of Islam was dripping with anti-Semitism and hatred and should stand as a textbook example of the continuing potency in some circles of anti-Semitism in America,” said Abraham H. Foxman, ADL National Director. 

“Rather than laugh him off the stage, tens of thousands of supporters cheered him on and encouraged his anti-Semitism and bigotry. Not since Father Coughlin have we seen a religious figure so obsessed with anti-Semitism. In the past few years Farrakhan has turned his message and the mission of the Nation of Islam into a wide-ranging campaign to demonize and scapegoat Jews,” according to Foxman.

“In addition to Farrakhan’s speech, the convention included a plenary session that sought to demonstrate disproportionate Jewish involvement in the slave trade. The session, titled ‘Business is Warfare: The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews,’ borrowed its name from a set of Nation of Islam books alleging that Jewish exploitation of blacks during the slave trade has caused deep and prolonged repercussions for African Americans,” the ADL reported. 




Europe now transformed into Eurabia has got a bad conscience concerning Jews. This bad conscience is because all of the European states and nations were highly complicit in the Holocaust, and the central European power Germany actually carried it out. Hence the present day cause of the “palestinians” became and is a kind of sticking plaster to act as a suave over that old wound. The more vulnerable to the charge of past cruelty the more vociferous in present cruelty to Jews. This is all mediated through the uncomfortable facts that they did not manage to wipe out the Jews entirely and this remnant that they did not succeed in wiping out is going strong in Israel. And remember in Europe today things are not going at all well. the dream of multiculturalism has become NO CULTURE AT ALL, and the issue of Sharia threatens, or at the very least is a serious irritant. Why not turn on the Jews?

Jew-hate going mainstream

Op-ed: Will most people remain silent as Holocaust denial permeates Italy’s mainstream?

Giulio Meotti

Published:  02.29.12, 11:31 / Israel Opinion
“The Holocaust is a gigantic imposture, the greatest lie of modern times.” This is how Robert Faurisson, known as “the dean of deniers,” refers to the Shoah in an article published by Rinascita, a national daily newspaper financed by Italy’s government.

Isn’t Holocaust’s denial going mainstream if even an Italian publication sees no problem in running an article about “disinfectants such as Zyklon B”?


Holocaust perversion is like the flower of evil, the sign of a rising anti-Semitism. In Italy, a jarring 44% of citizens are “prejudiced or hostile towards Jews,” according to a new study released by the Italian Parliament. A large group of public figures from across the political spectrum signed a petition titled “Hands Off Iran,” which referred to the “so-called Holocaust.”

Writers, politicians and journalists have been named on a hit-list as “slaves of the Jewish mafia” by a website called, illustrated using pictures of handcuffs made in the shape of a Star of David (the author of this article is also on the list.)

A few days ago, on the eve of Remembrance Day, an Italian judge condemned a journalist who denounced as anti-Semitic a cartoon, entitled “Fiamma Frankenstein,” depicting Italian MP Fiamma Nirenstein, who is Jewish, with a hooked nose, the symbol of fascist Italy and the Star of David.

‘Shoah used as weapon’

The phenomenon goes back to Giorgio Forattini, Italy’s leading political cartoonist, who in a 1982 caricature showed former Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin dead, hanging from a Lebanese cedar with 20 coins falling off his body (in reference to Judas Iscariot’s 30 shekels.)

Italy’s media too is becoming more and more anti-Jewish. Sergio Romano, a former ambassador and editorial contributor to the most important Italian newspaper, Il Corriere della sera, claimed that the memory of the Holocaust is used by Israel as a diplomatic weapon, while Israel itself is “a war-mongering, imperialist, arrogant nation” and “an unscrupulous liar.”

Barbara Spinelli, the leading journalist for La Repubblica daily, wrote that “Israel constitutes a scandal…for the way in which Moses’ religion inhabits our planet.” She also attacked the “dual and contradictory loyalty” of the Jews.


During Operation Cast Lead in Gaza, Catholic Bishop Luigi Bettazzi declared: “To the Israeli friends I say: Be aware that one day it will be said that the Nazis have been exceeded, that they killed 10 for every one of them and you killed a hundred.”

When in Europe people are again starting to deny or pervert the Holocaust, there are just two possible reactions: Being concerned or complacent. As happened 70 years ago, that’s the only moral distinction by which ordinary people and famous intellectuals will be judged. A sour rain is falling, once again, on our heads.

Giulio Meotti, a journalist with Il Foglio, is the author of the book A New Shoah: The Untold Story of Israel’s Victims of Terrorism


Feb 26 2012
Jolie promoting genocidal ‘humanitarian intervention’ war doctrine


Angelina Jolie, Goodwill Ambassador to the UN and member of CFR, is now using her profile to promote NATO’s genocidal ‘humanitarian intervention’ war doctrine.  In an interview with the Balkans branch of Al Jazeera (NATO’s ‘Ministry of Truth’), Jolie (whose father has been a staunch defender of George W. Bush and who also visited Israel to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Nakba) promotes her new film ‘In the Land of Blood and Honey’, a pro-war propaganda set-piece centred around the ‘humanitarian intervention’.

Set in Sarajevo, Jolie’s directorial debut aims to justify NATO’s brutal butchery in Bosnia during the 1990s, and Jolie even specifically refers to Syria in her Al Jazeera interview.  She puts forth a string of utterly hollow gripes about the inactivity of the ‘international community’ as civilians suffer and die.  Jolie’s selective morality means she doesn’t once mention Libya – a nation now butchered, fractured, and transformed into a torture state by NATO’s genocidal ‘humanitarian intervention’; an estimated 100,000 innocent people slaughtered by the very same ‘international community’.

Most likely reading from her pre-defined talking points, Jolie even calls out Russia and China for using their veto powers against the ever benevolent ‘international community’ vis-à-vis Syria.

I think Syria has gotten to a point, sadly, where some form of, certainly, where some sort of intervention is absolutely necessary.

It’s so disheartening, it’s so sad, it’s so upsetting, it’s so horrible, what’s happening…at this time we just must stop the civilians being slaughtered…when you see that sort of mass violence and murder on the streets we must do something. And I know that the countries in the region are pushing as well, so I feel that this is a good global effort, but then there are these countries that are choosing not to intervene and I don’t feel, I feel very strongly that the use of a veto when you have financial interests in a country should be questioned, and the use of a veto against a humanitarian intervention should be questioned.