Yesterday R…




Yesterday Russia and China blocked the United Nations Arab League plan for Syria. Let us examine this laughingly called “Peace Plan”. It was calling for the head of state Assad to step down. It also included a clause for “FURTHER MEASURES”.


THAT IS THE SAME TRICKERY THAT LED TO THE DEFEAT OF BEN ALI, GAGHBO, MUBARAK AND GADHAFI (the latter most of all because the “further measures” as in Serbia involved the bombing of Libya.


So Russia and China were totally totally right in using their Veto to block the Arab League/Obama, really the Empire/Sharia Jihad plan.


Russia and China are Stalinist or former Stalinist states and they are in essence anti-Semitic. Hence their support for the Antisemetic Jihadist Killers of Iran.


But this issue of invasion of these Arab countries on behalf of Qaradawi and Sharia is a different matter entirely. That is separate from Iran. Iran stands in the same camp as the Nazis and Hitler towards the Jews.


The two issues must not be mixed up so.


As far as Syria is concerned it is in the interest totally of Israel that Assad wins against the Empire/Sharia Alliance. If Assad falls then Sharia will be in power in Syria, there will be a Sharia state installed there, all Christians and tribal minorities will have to flee or will be murdered.


A Sharia Government to replace Assad will strengthen Hamas, Hezbullah and Iran.


Israel therefore should defend Assad in this war.


This defence of Assad does not imply agreement with the political programme of the Baathist Party in Syria. But first comes defence of Assad against the Empire/Sharia Alliance.


For Israel to take that position is really a defence also of the Christians of Syria.


However to agree with Obama, Rice and Clinton, is for Israel to betray the Christian and other minorities, in fact to stick a dagger into their backs.


There has been a major shift towards Sharia rule in all Arab countries which in turn will make Sharia inevitable in all Islamic countries such as Indonesia.


Thus the future lives of literally billions of women and youth will be effected by this drive to Sharia. We on 4international emphasise that it is a partnership essentially of capitaslist states and sharia or sharia fast becoming states. For their own reasons the EU and the US is working closely with Islam.


{This is what is making unique in the world. Alone in the left we are emphasising how the US and EU are in alliance with Islam. And the right are hiding this Alliance.}


We have emphasised that these reasons are the coming social revolts against the effects of economic crisis. There are many reasons for capitalism to be allies of Islam. And there is the historical precedent of Hitler forming a close alliance with Islam, which was incorporated in the alliance between Hajj Amin el Husseini and Hitler.


Jewish people must be very worried by this growing together of Empire and Sharia. This alliance was right at the heart of the Nazi Holocaust. NOBODY CAN DENY THAT, NOT ONE PERSON, IT IS ALL DOCUJMENTED HISTORICALLY.


It is therefore of great concern to 4international that influential Jewish bloggers like Caroline Glick (but there are many others too) are not only not defending Assad (and the Christians and other Syrian minorities) but are actually joining with Obama and Cameron to defeat Assad.


That piece of opportunism can lead to the destruction of Israel.


Without principled leaders Israel will be destroyed. Apart from 4international where are those principled leaders?

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