The biggest issue in the world today is the way that the Left has become a supporter of Islam Fascism.

This is especially important for and for our Facebook contribution Defend Israel from Iran and the US.

Very important indeed for us because we are unmistakable in our analysis of society and life, where we say that the capitalist system is in a worldwide crisis and that this crisis will lead even to Fascism as was the case in the 1930s with the rise of Hitlerism, and then the Holocaust.


We notice today the way that the Left is providing for Iran a sustained and very suspicious cover. THAT IS THE HOLOCAUST DENYING IRAN OF AHMADINEJAD.

It is very simply an unmistakable fact that inside the Irish Left the CIA agent who played a big role in the murder of Muammar Gadhafi and thousands of black Africans JUST LAST YEAR (torture still savage according the Amnesty International who supported incidentally the NATO war on Gadhafi) was nurtured inside the Irish Left.

This was of course Mahdi al-Harati, the Dublin based Libyan, who was prominent at IAWM and PSPC demos throughout Ireland FOR YEARS and who was present on the Viva Palestine and Mavi Marmora Jihadist attacks and conspiracies against Israel.

When this came up in the anarchist Indymedia Ireland website the IPSC man there Opus Diablos created a cover screen to stop any questions being asked about how the IPSC and IAWM were involvoed with this CIA plant in the Irish Left for many years prior to the Libya NATO War.


This Opus Diablos fellow also used the phrase there about Muammar Gadhafi “whatever his crimes and schemes” thus actually singing from the same hymm sheet as NATO. That is that Muammar Gadhafi was guilty according to NATO and Opus Diablos of “crimes and schemes”.

The logic of that is if Muammar Gadhafi was guilty of “crimes and schemes” then why not have him sodomised and murdered, then dragged through the streets of Libya.

The fact is that PatC, Opus Diablos, the IAWM and the Palestine Solidarity were up to their necks in working with this CIA plant on their committees as they went about Ireland demonizing Israel in front of the Irish people.


Because antisemitism IS their bottom line.


But they did not ever tell the Irish people then or after, when the truth about Mahdi al-Harati came out into the open, thanks to the journalistic work of some good Irish people.

And they still have not told.

They cover it up, just as has been covered up the way that eventually the IRA and the Irish Republican Sinn Fein of Adams was infiltrated to the highest level by British and American Intelligence in preparation of the Big deal with the Paisleyites, the Good Friday Agreement.

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