Jihad in Thailand: Iranian Terrorists Partied with Whores Before Jihad, Fifth Iranian Terrorist Sought

The Iranian terrorists who targeted Israeli diplomats and tried to blow up Thai landmarks but blew themselves and their factory up instead were partying with whores the night before their jihad. Preparing for their 72 virgins.

Muslim terrorists with whores
Photo: Thai bar-girls with Iranian terrorists.
PHOTO: Two Thai women have fun with the three Iranian bomb suspects at a restaurant in Pattaya. Masoud Sedaghat Zadeh, left, was arrested in Malaysia, Mohammad Khazaei, centre, was detained at Suvarnabhumi Airport, and Saied Moradi was badly injured in the bombings. PORNPROM SARTTRABHAYA

Thailand seeks 5th Iranian terrorist. Here’s the latest from our SIOA eyes on the ground:

Hi Pamela,

From RV in Thailand

Photos show that as they were in Thailand making bombs to assassinate Israeli diplomats, the Iranian terrorists rented Thai bar-girls and partied hard in the wild and famous resort town of Pattaya. This distinctly ‘unholy’ behaviour by religiously motivated Islamist supremacists might come as a surprise to many, but to the informed it follows a familiar pattern.

History has shown that Muslim terrorists and suicide bombers frequently have ‘wild nights’ before embarking on their fatal or potentially fatal missions. A little online research shows much evidence that the 9/11 hijackers and other Muslim terrorists were into drugs, alcohol and prostitutes in the run-up to their murders for Islam. Apparently everything is forgiven by Allah when killing infidels.

Given the status of women under Islam, it is no surprise though that the female terrorist with the Iranian group in Thailand wasn’t invited to the wild night in Pattaya.

How typical for Muslim women according to Islam: Always property, never an equal partner even in terrorism.

Fifth terrorist outstanding

Thai authorities have published the name of a fifth terrorist, “a 52-year-old Iranian man Nikkhahfard Javad who was seen leaving the house hours before the blast,”

I have to admire the tenacity and professionalism of the Thai Police and other agencies on the ground since the Bangkok bomb factory explosion and bombings on Tuesday, February 14, 2012. Forget all the namby-pamby press conferences and weak statements by senior Thai officials and politicians: there are hundreds of police and government types crawling about the area, interviewing neighbours, bar-girls and witnesses and kicking in doors at the slightest suspicion. Thai police are getting results because they work hard and because the rules of engagement over here are a little different than on Main Street, USA. (Right to remain silent? What is that?)

It is almost as if police have said that regardless of the ongoing turmoil, bombings and Jihadist violence in the southern provinces, Thailand will not let this come to Bangkok. The Thai authorities have identified five Iranian terrorists so far, found the prostitutes they rented and seized photos and other evidence to prove the crimes. Two terrorists are in Thai custody and one is about to be extradited from Malaysia. With all the police activity I see in Bangkok and Pattaya I have no doubt that there is more to come.

Pamela, I wish you and Atlas Shrugs readers could see the overnight changes and energy I see here in Bangkok. Thai tourism is threatened and nobody in the Thai police is going to allow that to stand. Western law enforcement agencies: take note!

RV in Thailand

Iranian terrorists partied with Whores Published: 17/02/2012 at 08:43 Bangkok, Thailand time

PATTAYA : Officials at the Immigration Department’s Chon Buri office yesterday identified a Thai woman in Pattaya who had escorted the Iranian bomb suspects during their stay in the resort town.

Her account, and photographs taken with her mobile phone, could help authorities confirm whether the suspects know one another.The woman, in her twenties, and identified only as Nan, told the immigration officers that she had escorted Mohammad Khazaei, who was detained at Suvarnabhumi airport late on Tuesday after a series of explosions on Sukhumvit Soi 71.

Mr Khazaei met Ms Nan near the Balihai area in Pattaya. She said the Iranian asked her to escort him during his stay there because he was not good at speaking English. Ms Nan later asked two friends to escort Mr Khazaei’s two companions.

They were later identified from a group photo on Ms Nan’s mobile phone as Saeid Moradi and Masoud Sedaghat Zadeh, the third bomb suspect who was arrested in Malaysia yesterday. During their stay in Pattaya, from Feb 8 to 13 according to their hotel’s registration, Ms Nan and her friends hung out with the three men. In one group gathering, shown in a photo, they were winding down in a bar in a hotel. Ms Nan said they had drinks and played snooker together.

Ms Nan was with Mr Khazaei in his room as well but didn’t detect any irregularities except one time when he barred her from approaching a closet in the room. On the last day, Monday, Mr Khazaei told her that he would go home. So she phoned a taxi to pick him up.
 “What we got from Ms Nan is circumstantial evidence that helps confirm to us that they were here together in Pattaya,” Pol Lt Gol Thawatchai Nongbua, inspector of Chon Buri Immigration Office, said.

National police chief Priewpan Damapong said police took Ms Nan to the immigration bureau in Bangkok to make Mr Khazaei feel more at ease.

Police search for new Iranian bomb suspect

Published: 17/02/2012 at 04:24 PM Bangkok Thailand time

Police in Thailand are hunting for another Iranian suspected in a failed bomb plot targeting Israeli diplomats in Bangkok, a senior officer said Friday.

“The additional suspect is 52-year-old Iranian man Nikkhahfard Javad who was seen leaving the house hours before the blast,” said Bangkok Metropolitan Police deputy commander Anuchai Lekbumrung.

According to Thai media, the man is suspected of being a trainer in bomb-making.

Arrest warrants have already been issued for four other suspects, two of whom have been detained and charged over the botched attack, which came to light after an apparently unintended explosion at a Bangkok house on Tuesday.

Thai police chief Phrewphan Damapong has said that Israeli diplomats were the intended target of the plot, but Tehran has rejected accusations that it is behind a terror campaign against the Jewish state.

One of the suspects — named as 28-year-old Saeid Moradi — had his legs blown off as he hurled a bomb at Thai police while fleeing.

Another, Mohamad Khazaei, was detained trying to board a flight out of the country.

Thailand is seeking the extradition of another Iranian arrested in Malaysia in connection with the blasts, while an Iranian woman who rented the house used by the suspects in Bangkok is thought to have fled the kingdom.

A Thai official on Friday said that the other three Iranians suspected in a botched bomb plot holidayed in the Thai resort of Pattaya just days before the blasts.

“The three suspects stayed in different hotels in Pattaya,” an immigration officer in the coastal city who did not want to be named told AFP.

Police have tracked down a Thai woman known as “Nancy” who escorted one of the men, Mohamad Khazaei, during his stay, he added.

“The most important evidence we found are pictures in Nancy’s mobile phone taken on the night of February 11 which prove that these suspects know each other,” the officer said.

Pattaya, about a two-hour drive southeast of Bangkok, has earned a reputation for its wild nightlife thanks to its thriving red light district.

According to the Bangkok Post daily, the Thai woman was also in the suspect’s hotel room “but didn’t detect any irregularities except one time when he barred her from approaching a closet in the room.”

The English-language daily published a photograph that it said showed the three suspects relaxing in a hotel bar with two Thai female companions, under the headline: “Suspects partied in Pattaya.”

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