1. Israel in great and growing danger from the US Government
  2. Israel in great and growing danger from the Iranian Millenarian Holocaust Denying Jihadists
  3. Israelis in great and growing danger from both of these combined


All of those 3 are of course connected. But there is one further source of great danger and that is the existence of the Fascist Left. So there is in fact 4 great dangers to Israel and millions of Jews, to world peace and therefore to the lives of not only millions of Jews in Israel but to hundreds of millions and even billions in the world.


As the great Jewish patriot Ted Belman who edits Israpundit has pointed out just yesterday there is now an Alliance between the US State Department and the forces of the Muslim Brotherhood, which Alliance must perforce include Iran with its Nuclear Bomb aims to obliterate Israel and slaughter the Jews.


This takes these 2 forms principally:


A) The US Government has been doing everything that it can for many years to stop Israel from attacking Iran’s Nuclear Plants where it is making its Millenarian Bomb Weapons. The US Government and the CIA has been lying to the world that Iran is not a pressing danger.


B) The US Government of Obama has just taken a new step, as outline by the American patriot Steven Emerson just yesterday, to stop all of American society seeing the true nature of the Muslim Brotherhood, therefore also Iran, on both an international stage and on the home American stage.



Point 2 above … “from the Iranian Millenarian Jihadists”


An understanding of this point is simplest of all. Iran has told the world that it aims to destroy Israel as a Jewish State. It has told the world that it denies The Holocaust of the Jews by the Nazis. The Iranian Fascists have said this not just ONE TIME (the wipe off the map controversy) but thousands of times over the past 10 years. The ADL has on its website a selection of these and it runs into hundreds. A selection mind you, only a selection. The iranian Fascists have threatened Israel THOUSANDS OF TIMES


The Atomic Agency of the UN has decided just at the end of January this very year that Iran is going for the Nuclear Bomb. They also are going for the means to deliver the Bomb. This will be One Huge Menace.



Point 3 above … “great and growing danger from both of these combined”

This is what is delivering to the world its greatest of all danger. It is the combination of this iniquitous ideology called Islam in all of its guises, its apologetics on the world stage arguing that most Muslims are moderate etc. AND the powerful very powerful US Government advancing this Fascist Islam Force on the world stage and at home in America that delivers its greatest menace to Jews and to the whole world. It is the capitalist crisis that drives this Alliance between Islam and US Government but it IS being driven, that is the important thing to understand. The analysis of this by Steven Emerson is not static. It changes FOR THE WORSE with every passing day


And the point 4 which we add above “ one further source of great danger and that is the existence of the Fascist Left” is perhaps the clincher here.


This is because you would expect, wouldn’t you, that the left would be on the side of the progressive and peace loving people of this world, the workers etc. who just want to work, rear their families, be at peace. Do the normal things that people do. But the Left today is on the side of this Fascist Islam and more and more it is becoming clear that the Left today is also on the side not only of the Iranian Mullahs against Israel, but is also on the side of the US Government.


That this Fascist Left is on the side of the US Government as well as Iran is showed very clearly in our analysis on thise website of the Mahdi al-Harati affair in Ireland where the Irish Fascist Left in the IAWM (Irish Anti-War Movement) have provided a cover for this CIA Agent who used Ireland as a preparation ground to murder Muammar Gadhafi. The Irish Left in Indymedia moved to prevent from exposing this. Thus this Fascist Left is a tool of the Jihadists AND the US State Department and of the CIA.


This is why the term Fascist Left was invented, particularly for these people. We should actually call this Left as the Fascist, Antisemitic, anti-Trotskyist, anti-Marxist, and pro US Government of Obama Left.


Finally, these concepts in this article are either correct or incorrect. If they are correct they should be given the widest possible exposure.

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