But Iran has got Jews there. Iran is kind to its Jews right!


There are quotes about on the net from Iranian Jews saying how good they feel there right! Trotted out by the Fascist Left Antisemites.


In fact recently on a radio discussion a caller rang in to quote from one such happy Jew! This was Talk Radio Europe run by ex Guinness salesman Stephen Gilmour, station owned by a Jew Martin Nathan, and on the weekly discussion another nominal Jew Barry Nathan who trained for this by being an estate agent in Britain, now retired!!! Thus is the Commercial media hobbled together. Keep the punters happy with inane jokes is the motto!


They threw no light on the issue of Jews in Iran.


How many Jews are left in Iran, a few thousands from once millions. Is that a factor in the equation?


Do the laws of dhimmitude apply here? The Iranian Jews are dhimmified. Is that a factor in the equation?


The Iranian Jews listen to the Iranian Fascist Nazi Leaders engage every other day in Holocaust Denial. Is that a factor in the equation?


The Jews there listen to Ahmadinejad every other day referring to Israel as a cancer and to Israeli Jews as cancerous. Is that a factor in the equation?


The Iranian Jews see gays being hung from cranes and see women being buried and stoned. Their remaining tiny group feel ever more scared. Is that a factor in the equation?


And above all they see the Christian Church persecuted to extinction and other minorities murdered. Is that another big factor in the equation?


Most likely this small number of Iranian Jews are now totally dhimmies or they would have got out somehow by now. Like the Jews under Hitler from 1933 they close their eyes to reality hoping hoping…


Clare Lopez throws some light on the plight which the tiny group of Jews in Iran must be in as they are clearly a pawn in the Jihad against Christians and Jews.


“Persecution of Christians soars in Iran,” by Michael Carl for WND, February 12:

Reports coming out of Iran say persecution of Christians is only growing more bold and brazen, as Iranian authorities once again raided a house church – this time in Shiraz – and arrested between 6 to 10 members of the congregation.

The detainees are being held in an undisclosed location.

Jihad Watch publisher Robert Spencer says that the Iranians don’t know that they’re doing the very thing that will produce more Christians.

“They don’t know that Christianity grows amid persecution,” Spencer said. “Islam has expanded through violence and intimidation, so it isn’t at all surprising that they’d resort to it again.”

Clare Lopez, a senior fellow with the Center for Security Policy agrees, speculating that if the Iranian mullahs know persecution grows the Christian church, they don’t care. They’re following their sworn duty as Muslims.

“The issue has little to do with perceptions of how Christianity might respond,” Lopez said, “but rather with the obligation under Islamic doctrine to put and keep dhimmis in their ‘place’ within Muslim society.

“The forces of Sharia Islam are in the ascendant all over the Middle East these days,” Lopez continued, “and with the new-found sense of empowerment combined with what is perceived as Western complicity and weakness in the face of that situation, it is to be expected that all religious minorities, but especially Christians and Jews, increasingly will feel the brutality of Islamic supremecism.”

Lopez says Americans need to remember that Islam doesn’t focus on “Western” values and political ideas.

History one of jihad and vicious anti-Semitism

“Remember, pluralism and tolerance are totally Western ideas, completely foreign to Islam and certainly the Middle East,” Lopez said. “Recall that Persian history, aside from the brief interlude of the Pahlavi dynasty in the 20th Century, was one of dynasty, Jihad and vicious anti-Semitism.

“Islam is supremacist, and whenever it feels the ability to dominate and suppress non-Muslims, that is what will occur,” Lopez said, “which is completely in accord with the Pact of Umar and Islamic law on treatment of ‘People of the Book.’ This is from Sura 9.29, the Sura of the Sword.

“In reality, what we are seeing now is the ‘default position’ of Islam,” Lopez added….

Only way to save the Jews of Iran is to defeat the Mullahs and the US Government that supports the Mullahs (especially this Obama Government) AND JUST AS WITH THE JEWS IN THE HOLOCAUST THERE IS NO OTHER WAY

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