The issue is at base very simple but true. People like Ted, Richard Perle, Kissinger, Martin Kramer, and well every Jewish commentator of US extraction all without any exception are tied to US Imperialism, sure they grumble a bit now and again when the US governments screw the Jews, but they remain tied to their ideological masters. They also become adept at spreading the worst lie of all, that the left is represented by Stalinism, or by antisemites such as Chomsky, which is not the case and never has been the case, considering that Leon Trotsky the most eminent socialist revolutionary on the planet in the 1930s, stood alone in the world in predicting The Holocaust of the Jews like he did. At times like this such people become the most sophisticated supporters of Mrs Clinton’s Jihad, where Mrs Clinton is the prostrate supporter of the Muslim Brotherhood and even of Salafism.


Assad will not ever become a friend of Israel or the Jews but there is no alternative for Jews and Israel. Assad must be defended against the Empire/Jihad. The Empire of Mrs Clinton and of Mr Hague, and the Jihad of Islam. Israel must rather than drop their guard against Assad, Iran or Hizbullah must do the opposite. But if the Jihad/Empire topples Assad then that will be a black day for Israel and Jews.


It is a sophisticated lie to say that you can support another group. It is not about supporting another group. Or to put it differently support whom you wish. But if Assad is toppled the way that Mubarak and Gadhafi were, then that is a gain for Empire/Jihad and is a black day for Jews and all free peoples.

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