Hello, I am a pathetic loser, that also happens to serve on the Israeli Supreme Court. I am a muslim, which should shock you considering Israel is an “apartheid state”, yet I sit on their Supreme Court. Yesterday I refused to sing the national anthem (Hatikvah) in a public ceremony. Do you think that I am qualified to rule on issues dealing with a country whose national anthem I refuse to sing in public. If you think I am a loser (and you should), then please LIKE this photo.
Thanks to Eliyokim Cohen for this.
It is a most important issue:
I think why would the Jewish state of Israel have a Muslim sitting on their Supreme Court, or on any Court, or in any Parliament RULING OVER JEWS who have been oppressed, persecuted and murdered by these very Muslims, followers of Islam.
This guy in this picture is a believer in Islam
That he would not sing the National Anthem of Israel and of the Jews is a given. It is not a surprise. It just shows that the issue of the future of the Jewish state is an issue of leadership.
There must be a new leadership of Israel or Israel will be defeated.

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