The Goldberg Interview with Obama about Israel and Iran


Obama says that Israel must wait.

But if Israel waits then Iran will have placed its Nuclear Bomb making beyond the capabilities of Israel to stop it.

In those conditions where the Iranian Nuclear Bomb making practices are safe from Israel then only the US can save Israel.

That is really what this is about. Obama, the Democrats, and also the majority of the Republican Party, wish Israel to be in a vassal position towards US.

But here the lesson of especially Mubarak and Gadhafi is clear… If you put your trust in the US, any section of the US, you will perish. (Vassals die OK) I emphasise any section because all of these presidents, including Bush and his Foreign Secretary Rice, were playing the same game.

So really the argument is about the independence of Israel and the independence of the Jewish state. If not independent they will trust US. If independent they will not.

The fact that Obama is insisting on Israel being a vassal state, and being subservient to the wishes of the US, and also that Obama is threatening Israel with losing the support of Americans, which is a lie, tells you everything you need to know.

What Israel has got is 4000 years of history.

What has Obama got? By attacking those like Breitbart who stood for the First Amendment against CAIR he has got very little.

I think the Israeli analysis is correct. It is not only about Iran having a Nuclear Bomb. It is the ability of Iran to produce a Nuclear Bomb in a situation where Israel can only sit on the sidelines and watch that is most dangerous.

Israel is facing its greatest test. It has to strike Iran with everything that it has got before Iran can place its extermination of Jews plans beyond the reach of Israel.

This present crisis is all the fault of Obama. The crisis would be solved this minute if Obama would simply tell the world he is joining with Israel in striking against Iran. In actual fact he is doing the opposite. He is offering Iran the chance to have more time.

Obama is most interested in being re-elected and not in the fate of the lives of millions of Jews. it is very much the same as the situation where Allied Planes were overflying the Railway Lines to the Extermination Camps. We have OUR priorities they were saying, including Churchill.

The very big problem for Israel is actually the position of American Jews, who have become a central part of the American Establishment

These American “Jews” are well shown in the response of Alan Dershowitz to Media matters.org.

Media Matters.org has accused American Jews of being Israeli Firsters. This is the common attack by Justin Raimondo also.

In response to this attack Dershowitz answered that this is a slander etc. etc. and that indeed he was first and foremost an American Patriot, and also claimed that the interests of Israel and of America went hand in hand.

Dershowitz should have answered the antisemites, Yes indeed I am an Israeli firster”


Unless Jews break from this political line of betrayal of Jews, which was the same line carried out by American Jewish leaders like Stephen Rose during The Holocaust and towards Roosevelt, which allowed The Holocaust to continue, then they will surely betray Jews once again.

The answer to Media Matters.org should have been:

“Yes indeed we are Jews and Israel is our only home. We have been driven to America and other places by anti-Semitism just as the Irish were also driven by anti Irish racism.

But the only real home of the Jewish people IS Israel.

We will fight inside America on Jewish principles and among these are defence of the First Amendment.

But our duty is to the Jewish Homeland”.

Note that Alan Dershowitz was unable to take this position. And from that very moment he is a dead man walking. Anti-Semitism will pulverise him.

It is also very wrong and sad for Netanyahu to be travelling to the US and meeting Obama and also meeting these Jewish flunkies on AIPAC. he should instead have sent a message apologising that he could not attend because he was involved in assembling the Flotilla against Iran, and that every man jack Jew was needed, including himself.

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