The division now between the US Government and Israel is total. It is over the issue really of Israeli sovereignty.


Obama wants Israel and tries to forbid Israel as his vassal from striking against the Iranian fascists.


There is a clear parallel here to the time when Jews in the death camps were being gassed in their MILLIONS but the Allied planes overflew these horror camps and the railway lines leading to the camps. They could easily have put an end to the horror there and then but they decided not to.


The reason they decided not to was because of anti-Semitism. This was laced by pursuance of their own selfish interests and saving Jews was not part of this.


The position is exactly the same to Obama and the Iranian Nuclear Bomb. Jews are in grave danger. Obama does not act and even worse tries to stop everybody else from acting.


And Israel is on its own. The only difference today FROM THE TIME WHEN THE ALLIED PLANES OVERFLEW THE HOLOCAUST is that the Jews have a state of their own, have an army and means of defending themselves.


And that is what sticks in the craw of Obama and the antisemites of the world.


There is one way out and only one. But this way out both involves Israel and the Jews but goes beyond them.


The first thing is that Israel is defending its right to live as a people after having existed for 4000 years.


As such Israel represents the rights of all small people and small nations in the face of an imperialism which wants to direct the world.


As Israel will strike the Mullah fascist bomb making this must be an inspiration to all progressive peoples in the world.


This involves building because the working class does not have a socialist leadership. Those whom Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer talk about as “the left” are not left at all. That confusion has to be cleared up in a theoretical and a political struggle which can only be carried out in actually building up

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