The big thing about Andrew Breitbart and also Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer is that they correctly identify that Islam is a Nazi type ideology, and was well before fascism arose as a modern phenomenon.


But Geller and Spencer, as was Breitbart also, advocates for a capitalist system in crisis and for American Imperialism.


This is the other side to Geller and Spencer. They are defenders of US Imperialism and they are defenders of capitalism.


But capitalism is a system in terminal crisis which is driving towards dictatorship.


In this context the only hope for mankind is to replace capitalism with a new system which is socialism.


That people like Geller and Spencer are ideologically opposed to. They are defenders of capitalism and all that capitalism brings us.


In this context these two ideologues are continually lashing out against the “left”.


Here though there is a sleight of hand. They are saying that Obama is a Marxist. They are saying that Obama is a disciple of Alinsky who was a Marxist. They are saying that Media is of the left and so on and so on.


But that is not the left and Obama is not a Marxist.


That is the big lie that these people are peddling. (In truth it is a bit of a laugh but that only shows the swamp politics of Geller and Spencer)


They are right to oppose Islam but they are weaving into this the concept that these people like Obama, or Hilary Clinton, are of the left.


How can you fight for the truth while peddling another lie?


{Spencer today writes the following on Jihadwatch which shows the kind of confusion Spencer spreads about the left, that is about socialism:






In the American Thinker this morning I discuss Andrew Breitbart’s legacy:

…Andrew Breitbart was never

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