On 4international a few days ago we made this comparison of the situation over the Iran Bomb to that of the Allied planes overflying the railway lines in 1944.


Then on the same theme Netanyahu in his speech to AIPAC made the exact same point. I thought it was remarkable and significant that we Trotskyists were thinking on these same lines.


And the situations are remarkably similar.


In 1944 the Allied Forces cared not at all about the Jews being murdered in their millions, otherwise they would have simply and effortlessly dropped those bombs in their planes onto the railway lines and the gas ovens.


But decided it was not all that urgent.


Netanyahu has learned from that experience. He knows that Obama is electioneering on the issue in that Obama wants above all to be elected and he is in the process of withdrawal, especially from Afghanistan.


And Obama disgracefully is running all the time on the Neville Chamberlain ticket, that if you do not upset the monster, the monster will not bite.


And there are lies galore. The Israel haters, some calling themselves left, are denying that Iran is making Nuclear Bombs. Their faith in Iran is touching. But how can they do it and call themselves in any way connected with Marx or Lenin?


They deny the nature of the Iranian regime.


They deny the nature of Hamas.


They deny the real history of the Arabs in Palestine, especially the historical role of Hajj Amin el Husseini and his role in the Holocaust.


But why? Why deny? Only for a purpose and that purpose is to stick the knife into Israel.


That has been what Palestinianism in the antisemitic left has done, it has led to clear antisemitism.


It is much more accurate to talk all the time about antisemitism as being the essence of Israel hatred than talk about the “left” because there are big sections of the capitalist world who are doing this. As for example the EU (European Union) a mighty capitalist force in the world


But that issue is for another day.


The brave fight of Netanyahu in AIPAC, a fight head on against Obama and his government, in which Netanyahu insisted that only Israel would decide…that has been immediately answered by this whole cabal of Obama, the EU, Russia, China, in tandem with Iran to get the negotiations in turkey under way inside weeks.


They are negotiating about Iran heading for the Nuclear Bomb. And as they negotiate Iran heads for the Nuclear Bomb.


This is conscious. This is conscious antisemitism in action. This requires an inordinate amount of planning, figuring out and back room conspiracy at all levels of these governments.


I mean within hours of Netanyahu making it clear that he would act they wheel these negotiations into operation.


Parchin is a military complex south of Teheran. That is where the UN Inspectors were refused entry to in February. Now suddenly yesterday Iran says that it is all right they can now enter. But typical of these fascists they later add that it is such a sensitive military area it will take time and the necessary pieces of paper have to be sent, received, deliberated upon, hedged and qualified, and so on…ages in other words, while the Iranian fascists wash the place clean.


Or in other words the Iranian Fascists treat these EU types like Ashton with total contempt, but they also know that they cannot deal with Israel in this way, because Israel is threatened.


And this Jewish people unlike Ashton have 4000 years of history behind them. Ashton is of a breed which has sold the British birthrite to a non British and foreign invasion since 1950. Ashton has no history and maybe therein lie the roots of present day antisemitism.


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