You know how in America in the Cold War period from 1945 onwards how film actors were pilloried by a fascist type witch-hunt led by Joe McCarthy.


Well I think the same is happening today but it is coming from the opposite direction. But they are not of the left who are doing the witch-hunt on Sarah Palin


Sometimes they are being portrayed as the left but they are not.


What is happening is made clear in the following piece. 4International will be following this event, Tom Hanks launching this pack of lies called a film about Sarah Palin.

The problem that Hanks and these around him in the actors world is that Sarah Palin is an American Patriot.


Being a patriot of US, of France, of Ireland…that is a bad thing in their eyes.


But that is not classical socialist thought at all. It is closer I think to Anarchism, closer to Bakunin I would venture than to Marx or Engels.


After all Engels was very immersed in Irish nationalism, which was influenced by the fact that he loved an Irish woman.


Engels was immersed in Irish traditions, Irish folklore, Irish townland names, the Celtic remains and a thousand other things about Ireland. That is in nation and in nationalism.


Where’s the difference to Palin being patriotic about America. I can’t see it.


The following short piece tells its own story to the reflective reader. Remember it was the circles around Bill Clinton and his wife Hilary, now the centre of the world of Obama, who were so hate filled to the people of Serbia, an ordinary people who were prouid to be Serbs.


In this regard as a Trotskyist today I have nothing but admiration for this aspect of Sarah Palin, Pamela Geller and all American patriots who will not allow Obama tear up the great American Constitution.




The Hollywood big wigs behind HBO’s upcoming Sarah Palin biopic are prominent donors to the Democratic Party—and some have gone on the record to publicly express their dislike for Palin.

The film, which purports to document Palin’s downfall, was produced by Tom Hanks, who “has donated well over $100,000 to various Democratic candidates and causes including Dianne Feinstein, Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Bob Graham, Al Gore, Patrick Kennedy, John F. Kerry, Henry Waxman, Al Franken, Barbara Boxer, Chuck Schumer, Maria Cantwell, and of course—Barack Obama,” according to Big Hollywood.

In addition, director Jay Roach gave $2,300 to Barack Obama, among others, in 2008, and screenwriter Danny Strong donated $2,500 to Obama’s Victory Fund. Actress Julianne Moore, who portrays Palin, also donated to Obama in 2008 and has criticized Palin as unqualified to be Vice President.

Big Hollywood reports on the Palin hit job:

I spoke with Jason Recher, an advisor to the McCain campaign and trip director for Governor Palin, the man who spent nearly every waking moment with Palin throughout the entire campaign. Recher told me in no uncertain terms that Palin’s “breakdown,” which is the  dramatic center of the trailer, simply did not happen. He also added that the trailer as a whole “doesn’t reflect anything I recall.”

The trailer also wants us to believe that a self-made woman who became the governor of Alaska, who delivered this speech, who more than held her own in a debate with Vice President Joe Biden, and not only survived an unprecedented email fisk but came out of it (and how many politicians could say this?) with an enhanced reputation, is some sort of moron.

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