Published on Facebook’s Jews News

That is both funny and very insightful.

Insightful because it contains the essence of antisemitism today. Israel with Judea and Samaria plus Gaza included is less than the size of Munster. Yet the world at large is wanting Israel to carve itself up again, and to hand a large section of its Homeland to terrorists led by Hamas and Fatah.

That is precisely the position of Obama and Cameron and that is why these rulers are such BIG antisemites.

They are bullies. They bully tiny Israel.

It is also where our Trotskyist cadre just has to have a deep and a working knowledge of this history, because the Jews started off with a much larger area indeed, an area which included the present day Jordan.

And it is the Jewish Homeland which has been pared down, pared down…

But our Trotskyist cadre must understand history and then our Trotskyist cadre will be able to fight more powerfully on behalf of Israel and on behalf of Jews.

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