Assad is fighting exactly the way that Israel needs to fight, will have to fight but its leaders have grown so soft they cannot. Assad is a lesson for Israel. When you are in a fight and especially in a fight you did not want and are pushed into by bullies then the way out is to fight to win. That is what Assad is doing. That is what makes Syria a bit different to Mubarak and to Gadhafi.


Kofi Annan in the field of politics is well-known as a snake. Sorry snakes no offence meant.


When Kofi Annan went to Syria as a peacemaker do not be deceived. He was not a peacemaker but a war mongerer. He was there only to knife Assad in the back.


And what did Assad do. He threatened war on all those who are setting out to destroy his country. Instead of cowardly snuggling close to the Imperialists Assad said he would make war on them.


This is something that Milosevic did not do. The answer is clear as is the lesson. If you are threatened with extinction then do not go snivelling, just tell the imperialists you are ready for war.


That is precisely what Assad has done to Annan who came around Syria a week ago in his devious manner. Assad gave him his answer.


Which was that Number One Assad would unleash his rockets against anybody who threatened his country


And the very first one in the Assad sights was to be that darling of Obama, the Turks! And Erdogan!


Note not against Israel and the Jews, but against Turkey, the centre of the Ottomans.


Yet still the Jews and Israel sit on the sidelines of these great struggles and refuse in this specific case to utter a word in defence of Assad and Syria.


Meanwhile a whole heap of American Jewish organizations like Israpundit are doing all they can to stab Assad in the back.


Thus making the way for the Obama/Ottoman Jihad against Syria now, never against Iran which is already Sharia, but against Israel tomorrow


You really couldn’t make it up.


The day is fast approaching when a re-elected Obama is ordering US troops against the Jewish state in defence of the Palestinian Arab Jihad and the American Jews like Israpundit are cheering from the sidelines as the Jewish state is smashed.









Assad to Anan: Syrian missiles will pre-empt any military intervention
DEBKAfile Exclusive Report March 19, 2012, 10:53 PM (GMT+02:00)


Talking about war

The Middle East has unknowingly been living for ten days under threat of a regional war, which debkafile’s military sources disclose was delivered by Syrian president Bashar Assad to UN-Arab League peace envoy Kofi Annan when they first met Saturday, March 10. Assad warned him in no uncertain terms that Syria was ready to unleash its missiles against any country preparing for military intervention in Syria before they moved.
While not mentioning them by name, the Syrian ruler was referring to Britain, France, Norway, Holland and Italy whose navies and air forces were last week drawn up ready for action in positions in the eastern Mediterranean and bases in the Middle East, including the Royal Air Force Akrotiri facility in Cyprus.
A Western military source reported to debkafile Monday night, March 19 that those European forces were standing ready to cordon off certain Syrian regions and cities as “security zones” off limits to Syrian units including its air force.

Cruising opposite the Syrian coast are the USS Enterprise and the French Charles de Gaulle, both aircraft carriers. They are part of the combat disposition the West has arrayed against Iran and from their Mediterranean posts would take part in a military confrontation erupting in the Persian Gulf.
In his conversation with Annan,Turkey was the only foe Assad named specifically as his first target for a pre-emptive missile assault. He stressed he would have no qualms about attacking Turkey.

Turkish Prime Minister Tayyep Erdogan is due to set out next week on a visit to Seoul where he will rendezvous with US President Barack Obama, possibly on March 28,  for policy alignment on the Iranian nuclear threat and the year-old Syrian crisis. Our Washington sources report that Obama has set aside six hours for his conversation with Erdogan.

From the South Korean capital, the Turkish leader is scheduled to fly straight to Tehran. The primary Middle East issues, a nuclear Iran and the Syrian impasse. are therefore destined to reach a critical point in the coming days.
This may partly explain the announcement from, Russian Black Sea headquarters at Sevastopol Monday that two Russian naval vessels had put into the Syrian port of Tartus. The vessels’ mission and names were not disclosed, excepting that one carried a unit of “anti-terrorist marines” and the other was a military tanker which joined a Russian naval reconnaissance and surveillance ship already tied up in Tartus


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