We now know the killer was a Muslim. His name is Muhammad Merah.


This guy smelled all over. He had been under surveillance by the French state for ages. Yet he was allowed to murder.


This is the main thing about the murders of the Jewish Rabbi, the Jewish children, and the three paratroopers who had been to Afghanistan. What was Sarkozy up to!


But this guy Merah in my opinion is not the main culprit. The main culprit is as Netanyahu noted at the funeral the level of hitting against Israel in Europe.


I listened to a discussion on a British radio station, Talk Radio Europe. The organiser Stephen Gilmour wondered why there was so much publicity to it. Good start to a discussion.


During the discussion an English guy (a Portsmouth fan) belched forth vomit about Jews collaborating with German Nazis in 1932. He had the proof he told us.


Such sensitivity eh!


A guy called Steve a big Liverpool fan was clearly hostile. Sneering is the word here.


An American woman who Gilmour had on his panel called Gerda Thomas immediately went into non ending tirades about how Islam is so hard done by in the Media. I mean the BBC being hard on Islam…what a joke!


Another American woman called Barbara ringing in foamed at the mouth about Israel mistreating the “Palestinians”.


And that is just an example of Europe as a whole towards this issue. It is actually quite an accurate picture.


The amazing thing is that the killing of 4 Jews in Toulouse was not referred by anybody as antisemitic. That is a word these people seem unable to use.


Yes Netanyahu when he spoke about this issue was correct. The guy who pulled the trigger was only the tool.


It is the level of disparagement of Israel, this small little nation surrounded by enemies, and such enemies.


And it is the support of Europe for the “Palestinian” Muslim fascists.


That is what really led to the murder of these Jews in Toulouse.


On 4international we referred to the similarity to the Nazi killings of Jews in the Holocaust. The tool Muhammad Merah grabbed the little girl by her hair and pumped a bullet into her head.


That is pure hatred right there of Jews. But those in the discussion on Talk Radio Europe could not call it Jew Hatred. Could not use the word antisemitic to describe it. Could not call it by its right name. That tells a story indeed.


Oh by the way the organiser of Talk Radio Europe is the Scottish Catholic Gilmour. But the station is owned by a Jew, Martin Nathan.


You couldn’t make it up.

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