THE ONLY WAY…TO PREVENT MASSACRE OF ALAWITES AND CHRISTIANS…DEFEND ASSAD UNCONDITIONALLY has been alone in the whole world in that we called from the very beginning for unconditional defence of Assad in order to prevent a massacre of Alawites and Christians in Syria.


This report carried on tends to support our assessment that however little Jewish people like Assad this is the only way to go.


“No one will pay any attention to this. But just imagine if this were a Christian cleric saying it was permissible to kill Muslim women and children. Imagine if it were any kind of non-Muslim cleric saying it was permissible to kill anyone. But when it comes to Muslims, people are so used to Muslim clerics calling for murder that they don’t even stop to notice. The real problem is “Islamophobia,” doncha know.

“Syrian Cleric Sheik Muhammad Badi’ Moussa: We Ruled It Is Permissible to Kill ‘Alawite Women and Children, but Advised the Free Syrian Army to Warn ‘Alawites before Raiding Their Villages,” from MEMRI, March 14:

Following are excerpts from an interview with Syrian cleric Sheik Muhammad Badi’ Moussa, which aired on Al-Hekma TV on March 14, 2012 :Interviewer : Is it permissible to kill ‘Alawites – their women and their children – in retaliation for their actions?

Muhammad Badi’ Moussa : Yes, my brother. We have issued a communiqué to the ‘Alawites, in which we gave them a strong warning, which may be the last. Our brothers in the Free Syrian Army sent queries to scholars in exile, asking whether they were allowed to raid ‘Alawite villages, like the Zahra, Eqrima, and Nuzha suburbs of Homs. […]

[The ‘Alawites] know that they are a minority in our country, and that all the sects hate them and want to get rid of them. It is not in their best interest to follow the regime.

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