It is based on antisemitism, hatred of Jews. Along with that it is based on the Islam programme of conquering the world for Islam.


When Islam emerged it was not a Fascist movement because we insist that Fascism is a word to be used only in the context of Fascism as a modern and contemporary phenomenon.


Leon Trotsky wrote most about Fascism, analysing it from every angle, and insisted that Fascism was a method of rule which is connected to the historical decline of the Capitalist system.


Robert Spencer has produced a brilliant and timely book which insists that Islam as a method of thought and practice was patched together as a system AFTER the Arab conquests. It was quite specific to those conquests.


But everything changes and adapts to new circumstances.


Iran and Islam must be connected consciously to the present terminal decline in world capitalism


There are forces now emerging within capitalism itself which feel threatened by this new form of Iranian/Hamas/Hizbullah fascism. It depends on Israel to act and on the Jews to act to defend themselves.


The key, and the difficult part for Israel and the Jews, is that they must act on many fronts. Israel is threatened on all of these fronts.


  1. Obama who is essentially antisemitic and who also puts his electioneering before the safety of millions of Jews
  2. The Power’s programme of “Responsible to Protect” which is also the source of the New Fascism


The following notes by Debka make it clear that there ARE forces in the world feeling seriously threatened by Iran Fascism. But Israel must act and we on the outside must stand up and be counted in defence of the Jews once more:




DEBKAfileExclusive Report April 26, 2012, 5:30 PM (GMT+02:00)

Lt. Gen. Benny Gantz meets top US soldier Gen. Martin Dempsey in Washington

Israel Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu acted Thursday, April 26, to correct the damaging impression of divided and uncertain perceptions of the Iranian nuclear threat left by statements delivered in the last two days by himself and Defense Minster Ehud Barak.
Israel’s chief of staff Gen. Benny Gantz rallied to the task with an unambiguous comment that “other countries have readied their armed forces for a potential strike against Iran’s nuclear sites to keep Tehran from acquiring nuclear weapons. The military force is ready. Not only our forces but other forces as well,” he said without elaborating.

“We all hope it will not be necessary to use this force, but we are absolutely sure of its existence.”
debkafile reports from Washington that Gen. Gantz’s words were seen in US official circles as the strongest affirmation yet from Jerusalem that Israel has partners for a direct attack on Iran’s nuclear sites.
It was also an attempt by the chief of staff to erase the question mark he placed in a previous comment over Iran’s resolve to attain a nuclear weapon.  

Wednesday, April 25, debkafile reported widespread criticism on the Israeli street and in military circles of the mixed and conflicting messages coming from top officials with regard to the Iranian peril. Netanyahu also responded to the criticism in person by declaring in a TV interview, “Iran hasn’t stopped its program …the centrifuges are spinning as we speak.”


No doubt about it, the place to be if you want to understand where the American people and the American working class are going, is on

Obama is at the centre of all of these moves against the American people and the American workers because Obama has got no respect for the great American Revolution and the great American Constitution, the great American tradion of Free Speech.

Obama is in no way of the left, not a socialist, is a raging Imperialist, but his politics chime with a disgustingly disorientated Stalinist left.

The new Fascism in the world is going to come partly out of these circles. And it will be laced with antisemitism as is seen in a recent use of an antisemitic cartoon by a section of the anti Wall Street movement.

As the world capitalist system hurls into economic crisis so the need to turn to Fascism. So the need to do away with democratic rights as contained in the American traditions.

It must be emphasised that Obama does not represent the black workers of America. He does the precise opposite. Because black workers like white workers, and even polka dot workers, need ALL their rights in order to defend themselves against dictatorship.

Obama represents the dictatorship of capital.

This story about this woman called Kagan shows how Obama had her appointed to the Supreme Court in order to do away with these basic rights of the American people and the American working class. The contempt which Obama and Kagan on the Supreme Court have for these traditional basic democratic righnts is exposed by Breitbart’s writer.

Starts here:

Breitbart News has discovered previously unknown handwritten notes from Elena Kagan to radical professor Derrick Bell, sent to Bell as Kagan worked on his seminal 1985 article on Critical Race Theory in the Harvard Law Review (99 Harv. L. Rev. 4).

The notes, which were not among materials presented to the Senate during Justice Kagan’s confirmation hearings, are preserved among Bell’s papers at the New York University archives.

Kagan’s work on Bell’s article was revealed in 2010 by Harvard Law School professor Charles Ogletree, after President Barack Obama nominated her to the Supreme Court. Ogletree cited her “phenomenal edits” on Bell’s “classic” article. 

Bell’s article, “The Civil Rights Chronicles,” combined exposition and fiction to argue that the Constitution was–and remains–tainted by white supremacy, and that the United States awaited “a common crisis that will overcome racism” through radical constitutional reform.

Unlike then-Harvard Law Review president Carol Steiker, who corresponded with Bell via typed letter (apparently on a 1980s-vintage dot matrix printer), Kagan chose to write to Bell exclusively on yellow notepad paper. She did not explain her choice to write by hand, save to suggest in one note on Aug. 30, 1985 that she was pressed for time.

Most of Kagan’s notes to Bell concern minor editorial comments on the “Chronicles,” as she and the other editors prepared his article for publication. One interesting passage concerns a legal question that Kagan and Steiker posed about Bell’s attempt to argue for a new constitutional right–a “substantive due process right” to “racial healing”:

As Carol and I told you on the phone, we’re a little bit concerned at the focus on this part of the piece. The doctrinal section centers on the idea of creating a substantive due process right to racial healing. But the reader is left wondering: why wouldn’t the Court strike these laws down on first amendment grounds? It strikes me that the Court would indeed strike these laws down on the ground of free speech or free association.

The section of the article to which Kagan was referring was entitled “The Chronicle of the Slave Scrolls.” In it, the main character, Geneva Crenshaw (who would recur in many of Bell’s writings) tells a fable about finding parchment scrolls on the west coast of Africa inside a model of a slave ship. 

The scrolls “simply taught the readily available but seldom read history of slavery in America” as related by those who had lived through it. Crenshaw relates that the discovery of the scrolls inspired black Americans to meet in “healing groups” that inspired them to compete more fiercely for achievement and respect–until a “television minister” warned that the scrolls were inciting racial hatred by teaching about old evils. States then passed “Racial Toleration Laws” that prohibited any teaching about the history of racial conflict, and blacks eventually acquiesced.

The lesson, Crenshaw says, is that “[t]he Constitution protects the efforts of black people only when those efforts leave vested interests undistured [sic].” 

Bell, through the narrator, provides the solution in the form of “a substantive due process right that barred government interference with the racial healing sessions,” based on the same

 right to privacy recognized in Roe v. Wade as part of a “penumbra” of constitutional protections. Bell’s narrator says a right to “racial healing” would give special protection to the idea that “the racism of whites rather than the deficiencies of blacks causes our lowly position in this society.” 

Crenshaw–perhaps echoing Kagan’s note–is skeptical that the Court would grant such a right. Bell’s answer is “skillful lawyering” and “a more liberal Court”; Crenshaw later replies that only a “common crisis” will bring the needed change.

As Solicitor General, Kagan cheered when Obama seized a national “crisis” to pass unrelated legislation whose goal is to create an effective right to health care. She has not recused herself from the subsequent Obamacare case, as she has from today’s suit over Arizona’s immigration law, in which her “skillful lawyering” played an important role.

If Obama is re-elected, Kagan could be part of the “more liberal court” Bell envisioned–and great changes in constitutional jurisprudence could be the result.


Antisemitism in countries in Europe and the antisemitism of Obama provides the cover for a great killing of the Jews in Israel.

This is a most serious warning to the world. It now emerges from this debka article that we have been concentrating on the wrong thing. We have been thinking of a rocket attacking Israel with a nuclear bomb on board.

But what debka has made clear here is that iran has the enriched uranium on hand, and that the trigger facility is on hand also. Hence Hizbullah on the border with Israel, essentially protected by UN forces, can explode dirty bombs against Israel.

But that would harm Arabs also, some antisemites may argue. The answer to that is the concept of suicide bombing. That specific concept makes that thought irrelevant.

Jew hatred is what drove Hitler and Jew hatred is what drove Hajj Amin el Husseini.

As Israeli leaders wrangle over Iran, a new US spy agency will deal with Tehran
DEBKAfileExclusive Report April 25, 2012, 5:38 PM (GMT+02:00)

Some fear they’ve missed the boat.

Israeli leaders were harshly criticized on the eve of Israel’s 64th Independence Day for too much speechifying and no real action against a nuclear Iran, whereas the US in contrast finally made a move by establishing a new Pentagon spy agency for gathering intelligence inside Iran. April 24 and 25, when Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Ehud Barak addressed memorial ceremonies for the fallen, they reiterated the same old “Israel will not permit Iran to acquire nuclear arms” – a remark which the Israeli street has stopped taking seriously. Many members of military and intelligence circles are quoted by debkafile as believing that Israel may have waited too long and, along with the US, lost the initiative.
Jerusalem and Washington are still at odds on Iran, but the theme of their dispute has shifted. It is no longer about Iran’s timeline for building a bomb, but what kind. They agree that Tehran will not possess advanced nuclear-tipped ballistic missiles capable of penetrating the US and Israeli missile defenses any time soon. Israel is now worried about more primitive devices like the ones in the North Korean and Pakistani arsenals which Israeli believes are in the final stages of constructions.
The question in Israeli intelligence circles is this: Why is the impending North Korean nuclear test considered by the US, Japan and South Korea a major menace while no one seems to care about devices identical to the one Pyongyang plans to explode on the way to operational capability.

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Strategic Affairs Moshe Ya’alon said publicly earlier this month that by the end of 2012, Iran would have a dirty bomb.
His disclosure drew no reactions, although it was a warning. A dirty bomb combines radioactive material with conventional explosives. Its chief danger is the spread of radioactive contamination. Cruder and cheaper to producer than a nuclear bomb, counter-terror agencies have long appreciated that it is easily transferred to terrorists. Ya’alon’s warning therefore means that Iran may soon be able to transfer dirty bombs to the Lebanese Hizballah units sitting on Israel’s northern border and the Palesinian Hamas and Jihad Islami in Gaza.
The Weekly Standard edition for publication on April 30 wrote the following sentence: “The supreme leader and his guards can have a nuclear weapon in their hands in as little as 43 days, provided Iran’s nuclear scientists have mastered the manufacture of a nuclear trigger – technically much less difficult than enrichment.”

The UN nuclear watchdog in Vienna and US intelligence officials have reported tests on nuclear materials conducted in recent weeks at the Parchin site near Tehran, to which access has been denied UN inspectors.

In Washington, Defense Secretary Leon Panetta announced was the formation of a new Pentagon spy agency called the Defense Clandestine Service. Defense Department sources said the new organization would expand the military’s intelligence and secret war efforts outside war zones in areas insufficiently covered until now, indicating deep penetration inside hostile territory, primarily Iran.

Other sources point out that by creating a new in-house Pentagon spy agency, Panetta and President Obama demonstrated their opinion of the quality of intelligence they were receiving from the CIA, of which the defense secretary was director until recently.


There is a lengthy discussion on Israpundit on Powers and “Responsibility to Protect”. These Jewish leaders in the Diaspora are in total crisis because they do not know how to fight against the phenomenon of the “Arab Spring” which is at the same time the fight against Fascism, and indeed the alliance of the capitalist powers with Islam is the making of the modern Fascist Movement.

In this context the word that is never mentioned by Ted belman, Pamela Geller, Spencer and others is Marxism or Trotskyism. Rather than the truth they try to muddy the waters on Leon Trotsky and his defence of the Jews and the Israel in the making.

I wrote the following in a comment (url below) and please understand that if you do not defend the disreputable Assad against this Fascism of “Responsibility to Protect” then you do not defend the Jews and Israel either.


{This is the comment}

Let us get one thing crystal clear. If anybody thinks that Romney as a Republican President would not support “responsibility to protect” then please think on, and keep on thinking.

Heck even the editor of Israpundit Ted Belman backed up a bloodthirsty call of a noted Jewish American organization on this very site to bomb the living bejasus out of Gadhafi. It is true that Ted pulled back from this but it is on record that I immediately attacked this position, which is also not only the death-knell of sovereign states as under Gadhafi but also is the end of the road for the Jewish state of Israel.

Israel and its present leaders, which includes also the total leadership in the Diaspora (the leadership of the Jews has many differing strands, being traditionally a broad church, which is good and bad actually), and includes people like Ted and Gerry Gordan plus a thousand others, are sitting ducks. This is the result of political cowardice, of deep bias against new perspectives rooted in Judaism and in the conservatism of Judaism, which historically this conservatism has its good and bad aspects.

From the beginning of the crisis in Yugoslavia I recognized that THAT was “responsibility to protect” and I fought for the independence of the Serb people to fight to hold together their unified state of Yugoslavia, while people like Gerry Gordon did not lift a finger to defend Yugoslavia, but rationalised its break-up.

Ted was shaky on this at the beginning but a chap called Bill from Canada, a lawyer, disgraced Jews forever by sitting on the fence, while Yamit82 disgraced the memory of Yamit 1982 by launching the most vicious slanders against the Serbs, culled from disreputes like Hoare.

Came to Egypt Yamit82 and others found every reason under the sun NOT TO defend Mubarak from the Muslim Brotherhood and US Imperialism cum EU cum UN cum NATO.

Ben Ali was no different, Gaghbo no different, Gadhafi no different, and now Assad.

Funny that! Not talking about THAT, eh!

There is no point at all in moaning about Power and “responsibility to protect” if you do not actively defend Assad against just this very same thing.

The thing about Ted, the “weaselie” yamit82, Gordon, Mr Barry Rubin and a thousand other Jews, (I say Jews but remember that each and every one of these speaks only for themselves) is that they can always find the words to be utterly hypocritical.

So the opposition to Obama/Powers on Syria fell to the Stalinists of China and Russia and that is an unstable foundation, because the Stalinists are reactionary to the core. They always end up supporting Imperialism because Stalinism is a creation of Imperialism, and are not Marxists, are in opposition to Marxism.

Ayers was a creation of the CIA and Jared Israel has detailed how he and his girl friend split a promising student movement in the 60s which was seeking to link the students with the American workers.

So please do not refer to Ayers as a Marxist unless you are either intellectually challenged or wilfully dishonest.

Same applies also to our friend Obama. Obama a Marxist ha ha ha!

All the evidence points to the murky hand of the CIA behind Obama also. Do not forget that the CIA protected Eichmann in South America until the Jews busted the CIA post 45 racket and caught that piece of filth.

And just remember that if you cannot defend Assad from Annan then you had best shut up about this “responsibility to protect”, and when the NATO descends on the Jews in Israel as they did on the Christians in Kosovo keep your hypocritical mouths firmly shut there also.

You have to be consistent to be believed.








Breivik rejects Fjordman as inspiration: “It is ridiculous to conduct a witch hunt against Fjordman. He is against violence and for democracy”

Recent JihadWatch posts on Breivik: “Main source for Norway mass murderer Breivik’s twisted worldview: Wikipedia“, “Norway mass murderer Breivik reveals his true inspiration: ‘We have drawn from al-Qaida and militant Islamists’

Translated from Norwegian by Nicolai Sennels, Nyhetene April 18: “Breivik rejects Fjordman as inspiration“:

It was a more confrontational atmosphere in court Wednesday, when Anders Behring Breivik continued his explanation. Breivik was grilled about his trip to Liberia and London in 2002, but said repeatedly that he did not want to answer questions about these trips. Lawyers asked Breivik whom he felt inspired by, and Breivik denied that he was inspired by the blogger Fjordman.“It is ridiculous to conduct a witch hunt on Fjordman. He is against violence and for democracy,” Breivik said in court.

Breivik also testified that concerning his methods he was inspired by Al-Qaeda. Breivik was also asked about his opinion on Adolf Hitler. Breivik explained that he himself was an anti-Nazi.

Breivik clarified his views on immigration.

“A national socialist wants all non-Norwegians thrown out of the country. I am much more liberal. I can accept a small percentage of immigrants, but not that Norwegians will be a minority. I have a duty to prevent my ethnic group from being destroyed. This belongs to the human rights,” said Breivik.


Posted by Nicolai Sennels on April 20, 2012




Lucy Lips, April 20th 2012, 8:56 am

The East London Advertiser reports:

Mayor Lutfur Rahman’s nominated independent candidate Gulam Robbani took the seat with 1,030 votes.

Robbani, one of the Mayor’s former aides who had been contracted to advise him on social care before quitting in February, beat Labour’s Ala Uddin into second place by just 47 votes out of a total 2,315 cast.

Labour had pinned its hopes on former council deputy leader Uddin to retake the seat it lost when Cllr Shelina Akhtar, who won it for them in 2010, defected last year to Mayor Rahman’s independent administration.

The by-election was caused by Akhtar being jailed in January for council benefit fraud.

The Mayor was out campaigning himself in the week, door-knocking with Robbani who is now almost certain to be offered a place in his cabinet.

Conservatives came third and Greens fourth, pushing Lib Dems into fifth place.

The results:

Gulam Robbani (independent) – 1,030 [elected]

Ala Uddin (Labour) – 987

Matthew Smith (Conservative) – 140

Kirsty Blake (Green) – 99

Richard Macmillan (Liberal Democrat) – 39

The turn-our was 31 per cent.

If Ken Livingstone wins, the case he will make – forcefully – within the Labour Party, is that the party should adopt a “Bradford Spring” strategy, in order to win seats such as these.





I’ll sign it when its posted and spread the word.

A patriot and a good man deserved far better than to be railroaded and not even being allowed to present a defense.

Lt. Col Eisner deserves every one’s support




We demand that the Prime Minster Netanyahu reinstate Lt. Col. Shalom Eisner immediately to his former position and rank.


Lt Col Eisner should be commended for executing his difficult mission rather than be dismissed.

We demand that the IDF should be more concerned with creating deterrance rather than projecting a nice image.

We demand that the IDF be more concerned with protecting the lives of its soldiers rather then the lives of Arab civilians.

We demand that the IDF support its officers and soldiers when they make decisions in the field rather than undermine them so that they are reluctant to make choices


The line-up is very clear. There is which is a true socialist and Trotskyist movement.


Then there are the Fascist Lefts, just as there were Fascist Lefts in Hitler and Mussolini organizations.


Geller is fighting in defence of Israel, in defence of free speech against the Media which hides the real antisemitism of Obama. For that and that only she is attacked by the Fascist Left.


This extract from her blog makes interesting reading:


PAMELA WRITES: It is well known that I am speaking at BlogCon (which is utterly amazing — the world won’t know what hit ’em), which Occupiers tried to crash a few months back and were made fools of. They are not here today, because they know they would be ridiculed and not taken seriously, but they descend on college and university campuses because those are their incubation labs. The fascists have successfully seized control of the campuses. Any rational speaker can’t get within twenty feet of them, because they capture the youth and train them (like Hitler) to be their army.

‘Racist Hatemongers?‘ Occupy to Protest ’Islamic Apartheid Conference’ The Blaze April 20

Occupy to Protest of Islamic Apartheid Conference: Fight Back Against These Racist Hatemongers

Occupy demonstrators at Temple University in Philadelphia are planning to protest an “Islamic Apartheid Conference” on Monday featuring activist Pamela Geller and sponsored by the David Horowitz Freedom Center.

The conference, billed as a “universal symbol of support and encouragement” for “women, gays [and] religious minorities, including Muslims themselves, who are figuratively and physically imprisoned by Shariah and Islam,” will feature Geller, Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch and activist Nonie Darwish as speakers. The event comes on the heels of an “Israeli Apartheid Week” hosted at the university last month.

To counter it, Occupy Temple is joining with the International Socialist Organization, Students for Justice in Palestine and the Party for Socialism and Liberation for a “multi-racial fightback against these racist hatemongers.”

“Geller is known to her fans and critics alike as ‘Queen of the Muslim Bashers,’” the Facebook page for the protest states. “Her views are by no means within the boundaries of reasonable debate.”

It further describes the David Horowitz Freedom Center as “another anti-Muslim group which uses McCarthyist tactics to attack academic freedom around the country.”

The Council on American Islamic Relations has also added its voice to the situation, with the Philadelphia chapter issuing a statement stating in part: “Hate speech should be relegated to the fringes of our society, not given a platform at a prestigious university.”

For her part, Geller on her blog Atlas Shrugs denounced the protesters as “the army of haters — stormtroopers and brownshirts instructed to disrupt and shut down these meetings of freedom’s defenders and human rights activists.”

“This is what we have come to expect from the fascists at America’s colleges and universities,” Geller wrote. “Subversives (like Bill Ayers) and jihadists (like CAIR and Reza Aslan) are welcomed and paid handsomely, but voices for freedom and human rights activists are hunted down and silenced like…dissidents.”

Islamic Apartheid Conference Under Attack by Robert Spencer FrontPage April 20

Leftist and Islamic supremacist thugs are planning to protest the Islamic Apartheid Conference that the David Horowitz Freedom Center is sponsoring at Temple University Monday. Hosted by Students for Intellectual Freedom, the Conference will feature Pamela Geller, Nonie Darwish, Simon Deng and me. In reporting on the coming protests, however, the Philadelphia City Paper noted only that “two of America’s most high-profile anti-Muslim bigots” will be speaking – Geller and me – and doesn’t mention Darwish or Deng even once. The omission was telling, revealing the hypocrisy of the protests as a whole.

Nonie Darwish is an ex-Muslim who grew up learning hatred for Infidels in a Muslim school in Gaza. Simon Deng is a South Sudanese Christian who was held as a slave by Muslim captors for several years. Both of them know Islamic apartheid firsthand, and have been its victims. The Leftists at the City Paper therefore could do nothing but omit them from their story attacking the Conference, for to include them would in itself have been to reveal the reality of what they’re denying: Islamic apartheid.

The City Paper’s story focuses on Pamela Geller, retailing hard-Left talking points against her consisting entirely of distortions, misrepresentations, and outright falsehoods about things she has said and positions she has taken. Its objection to the Conference appears to be that Geller, and apparently therefore also the Conference as a whole, is “anti-Muslim.”

The irony is thick: organizing the protests are Occupy Temple, the International Socialist Organization, Students for Justice in Palestine, the Party for Socialism and Liberation, and other hard-Left community and student organizations, none of which have ever raised the slightest objection to Temple’s Israeli Apartheid Week. Nor would any of them characterize the very idea of Israeli Apartheid Week as anti-Semitic, although anti-Semitism is rife at such events (and our event will not actually be “anti-Muslim” at all). The chief difference, however, between Israeli Apartheid Week and our Islamic Apartheid Conference is simply that there really is Islamic apartheid, but there is no Israeli apartheid.

In Israel, Arab citizens are represented in Knesset and enjoy full legal equality. The very idea of “Israeli Apartheid”  is an attempt to stigmatize, and ultimately destroy, Israel’s efforts to defend itself. Islamic Apartheid, however, is a very different matter. Is it “anti-Muslim” to point out that Islamic law mandates institutionalized discrimination against women? Muslim women are the first victims of Islamic law’s denial of basic rights for women; is it “anti-Muslim” to speak out for them and say that as human beings they deserve better?



The US in alliance with Iran

Obama style of politics represents the US and Obama drags the majority of Americans behind him, is that not a fact! Obama may win re-election!

This article by debka clearly shows the danger of the US to Israel. The Fascist Left is lying! The US is in an alliance with Iran and Islam.

That after all is why Obama the great friend to Islam and Iranian fascism is in power.

The Israeli leaders by keeping Jews tied to US Imperialism throw the Jews into great, great danger of liquidation by Nazi fascist Nuclear technology.

Meanwhile the Fascist Left keep on attacking Israel as if they were the culprit…pure antisemitism of the Fascist Left

My feeling and the feeling of is that Israeli leaders by dallying with US Imperialism are betraying, are hopelessly inadequate, meaning not up to the job in hand, despite the great heroism of the IAF, and that all Jews in Europe and the rest of the Diaspora have sold their souls to capitalist comforts.

I have direct experience of these kinds of Jews from where I live in Spain, also Irish Jews, and it is all bad. THEY ARE NOT FIGHTING FOR ISRAEL. SOME ARE ISRAEL HATERS.


Notwithstanding the hugs and personal friendship, Israel’s Defense Minister Ehud Barak arrived in Washington Thursday April 19 to tax his host, US Defense Secretary Leon Panetta, with tough questions about the administration’s dialogue with Iran. They followed the lines of, “What’s going on? Is there a deal? Don’t tell me what you have settled with the Iranians, just your minimal demands, your bottom line.”
The questions reflected Israel’s concern at being kept in the dark about US-Iranian back-track negotiations and American concessions, including President Barak Obama’s willingness to yield on full transparency and international nuclear watchdog inspections at Iran’s nuclear sites.
debkafile reports: The Israeli minister had come to ask for the truth from Panetta’s own lips on the urgent instructions of Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, who himself had just received worried phone calls from French President Nicolas Sarkozy and British Prime Minister David Cameron. They wanted to find out how far Washington had gone in concessions to Iran. You Israelis have more clout in Washington than us, they said. You have to try and stop the downhill decline. Concern was also registered from Berlin.
The two defense chiefs talked for more than an hour, joined for some of their conversation by Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Martin Dempsey.

According to our sources, they focused on the fresh intelligence reaching the US and the International Atomic Energy Agency that Iran had begun moving military nuclear facilities to secret locations not covered in the confidential deal evolving between the Obama administration and Tehran.  Our military sources say that this Iranian action indicates on the one hand that a deal wit the US is within sight but, on the other, that Tehran is already taking advantage of the US concession on oversight and transparency – for concealment.
Shortly after their conversation, Panetta and Barak spoke in separate media interviews. The US Secretary said that plans for a military operation against Iran were in place and he is sure that in the event of a clash, the American military would prevail.

Barak stated that the Israeli and U.S. intelligence findings regarding the objectives of the Iranian nuclear program are aligned, the comment he makes routinely after talking to American officials. The inference is that the two governments are aligned on intelligence but not on how to translate it into action for Iran.

He added that Iran was “clearly heading towards the objective” of building a nuclear weapon.

The Pentagon bulletin reported the Panetta-Barak meeting “to discuss the close US-Israel defense relationship including Israel’s Qualitative Military Edge, Iran, Syria and the Arab Awakening’s effect on the region. Secretary Panetta was honored to be joined by Minister Barak at the Department of Defense’s Commemoration of Holocaust Remembrance Day where they each lit a candle to commemorate the memories of the victims of the Holocaust.”

The meeting took place in the middle of a crisis hitting the White House, the Pentagon and the State Department over the president’s far-reaching concessions to Iran in another dispute, the one over three Persian Gulf islands close to the strategic Strait of Hormuz which the UAE accuses Iran of grabbing.  
The UAE backed by the GCC is up in arms over the visit Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad paid to Revolutionary Guards bases on Abu Musa island on April 11 at the same time as Saudi Defense Minister Prince Salman was talking to the US president at the White House.

The UAE called the Ahmadinejad’s visit a violation of its sovereignty, while the Gulf bloc saw it as a cocky signal to the region that Tehran calls the shots these days – not America.
Yet, instead of backing its Gulf allies, the State Department on April 19, issued a mild statement urging Iran “to respond positively to the UAE’s initiative to resolve the issue through direct negotiations, the International Court of Justice or another appropriate international forum.”
The Gulf governments had expected Washington to respond to Iranian threats to use Abu Musa for attacks on the Strait of Hormuz and their oil terminals. They are deeply concerned by what they regard as the extreme lengths to which the Obama administration is willing to go to appease Iran, even to the point of giving ground on America’s own standing in the region



I lived in Northern Ireland during the “Troubles”.


It is true that there was a brutal rule by the enemy of the Irish over many years and an army/police dictatorship, the army which came in to Ireland thanks to a British Labour Government was brutal in the extreme.


But what use were the protesters like Farrell and Devlin? What did they achieve actually?


They achieved absolutely nothing and in the end the army withdrew and in its place there now exists a coalition between right wing protestantism, in the form of Paisley’s Party, and the bunch of opportunists cum terrorists known as provisional Sinn Fein.


It is like Al Capone threatens to blow your brains out, or knee caps off, and then as a ransome you place these gangsters in power. That is what has happened in Northern Ireland.


The past year has seen more bullshit words than ever before in the history of man about the “Revolution” otherwise known as the “Arab Spring”.


But the results are even more catastrophic than in Northern Ireland because in all of these countries there exists Islam, and the default position of Islam is Sharia Law, which is about the most extreme and brutal form of dictatorship known to man.


Since 1967 when the Jews whipped them in battle these Islamists have perfected the playing of the victim card.


This is the essence of the so/called Palestinians. The Arabs could not defeat the Jews in open battle in 1967 and in 1973. So they tailored the Palestinian Myth in sucha way that it would appeal to the dominant ideology of the Christians, and all the other do gooders of this world, who may be Buddhists, John lennon type peaceniks, dope smokers and so on. Generally the middle class. They had thbe classic victims in the “Palestinians” made to measure.


Have you not noticed? This has been the dominant ideology from Serbia and Kosovo, through Ivory Coast, to Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Syria and now bahrein.


The protesters in the west were out in all of these issues. But funnily enough, the one real struggle against real Fascist rulers, in Iran in 2009 the middle class protesters were mainly silent, because that struggle against the Mullahs by the Iranian youth really did challenge the “Palestinian” fascists.


Because the Palestinian Fascists lie at the centre of all of these Islamist risings, for the good reason that antisemitism is the underpin to Islam itself.


And so it is today on to Bahrein, and note how these victimologists roll the H…so cute!


But why should the petrol heads not have their race and drink their wine in Bahrein today. It is at least a lot more civilized than is the Sharia Law and the subjugation of women.


Just as Assad, big and all an antisemite that he is, is far more civilized than the Sharia they aim tol replace him with. With Sharia you have no chance at all, Jews included.


These are all choices that we on find so easy and simple to make. But it is remarkable how few Israelis, Jews and others find it so hard.








The political situation is mar.ked by these factors:


  1. Further advance of the New World Empire/Jihad behind Kofi Annan in order to bring the key country of Syria under their domination. This requires the defeat of Assad.
  2. The failure of the traditional Zionist organizations and individual supporters, such as Spencer and Geller, to take a correct and principled position on this key struggle.
  3. This is leaving the door open to a further advance of the New World Empire/Islam Jihad which is bound to seriously disadvantage Israel and to drive Israel and the Jews into either surrender, which under their present leaders like Barak or Livni is more than possible, or to the only alternative left to them, the “Samson Option”.


Only has come up as on so many occasions with the only correct programme, strategy and tactic.


It is necessary to defend Assad unconditionally against the new World Order/Islamic Jihad of the Muslim Brotherhood.


What these supporters of Israel like Geller (who we on 4international defend and sympathise with) do not understand is that a strategic defence of Assad does not entail Israel dropping its guard against Assad in the slightest degree. Israel is a sovereign country and can take whatever position on political issues it decides upon.


These above positions are predicated upon our belief that the crisis and the terminal decline of capitalism has driven the capitalist class world wide to embrace the Islamists as an ally, remembering that Hitler and the Nazis were close allies also of the Jihadists of Islam, in the form of their close alliance with the hate filled thug Hajj Amin el Husseini, while also Hitler often talked about the “strength” of Islam and the “weakness” of Christianity, and that it was the “misfortune” of Germans to be Christian historically.


Of course if this alliance between the New World Order and Jihadist Islam (is there any other Islam!!!) is not in place then we have no case. But all of the empirical evidence in world events, especially since the CIA intervention in Indonesia some decades ago, and the US/NATO support for Izetbegovic, Bosnia and Kosovo in the 1990s against the Christian Serbs, to the most recent events in the Arab “Spring” attests to the truth of what we say.


We Trotskyists in are not dogmatists. Rather than these conclusions being part of a dogma, they are drawn from following the living experience of these later years.