I lived in Northern Ireland during the “Troubles”.


It is true that there was a brutal rule by the enemy of the Irish over many years and an army/police dictatorship, the army which came in to Ireland thanks to a British Labour Government was brutal in the extreme.


But what use were the protesters like Farrell and Devlin? What did they achieve actually?


They achieved absolutely nothing and in the end the army withdrew and in its place there now exists a coalition between right wing protestantism, in the form of Paisley’s Party, and the bunch of opportunists cum terrorists known as provisional Sinn Fein.


It is like Al Capone threatens to blow your brains out, or knee caps off, and then as a ransome you place these gangsters in power. That is what has happened in Northern Ireland.


The past year has seen more bullshit words than ever before in the history of man about the “Revolution” otherwise known as the “Arab Spring”.


But the results are even more catastrophic than in Northern Ireland because in all of these countries there exists Islam, and the default position of Islam is Sharia Law, which is about the most extreme and brutal form of dictatorship known to man.


Since 1967 when the Jews whipped them in battle these Islamists have perfected the playing of the victim card.


This is the essence of the so/called Palestinians. The Arabs could not defeat the Jews in open battle in 1967 and in 1973. So they tailored the Palestinian Myth in sucha way that it would appeal to the dominant ideology of the Christians, and all the other do gooders of this world, who may be Buddhists, John lennon type peaceniks, dope smokers and so on. Generally the middle class. They had thbe classic victims in the “Palestinians” made to measure.


Have you not noticed? This has been the dominant ideology from Serbia and Kosovo, through Ivory Coast, to Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Syria and now bahrein.


The protesters in the west were out in all of these issues. But funnily enough, the one real struggle against real Fascist rulers, in Iran in 2009 the middle class protesters were mainly silent, because that struggle against the Mullahs by the Iranian youth really did challenge the “Palestinian” fascists.


Because the Palestinian Fascists lie at the centre of all of these Islamist risings, for the good reason that antisemitism is the underpin to Islam itself.


And so it is today on to Bahrein, and note how these victimologists roll the H…so cute!


But why should the petrol heads not have their race and drink their wine in Bahrein today. It is at least a lot more civilized than is the Sharia Law and the subjugation of women.


Just as Assad, big and all an antisemite that he is, is far more civilized than the Sharia they aim tol replace him with. With Sharia you have no chance at all, Jews included.


These are all choices that we on find so easy and simple to make. But it is remarkable how few Israelis, Jews and others find it so hard.



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