The Mladic Trial poses above all a new leadership in the world, based on the only revolutionary class, the working class.

This new leadership has got very special relevance for Jews who face great danger from Palestinism Antisemitism cum Terrorism. Antisemitism grows apace out of this Fascist Palestinism!

Against the Nazis of the Croats and Bosnian Muslims the Serbs did not stand a chance, but pause to understand why they had no chance. The Fascists killing the Serbs were backed by the Media and by every Western Government bar none.

Meanwhile the Serbs were stabbed in the back by the Stalinist remnants in Russia and China. For example the Chinese are clearly economist Stalinists, and the Russians through Gorbachev and Yeltsin were all about making deals with Imperialism.

And the Serbs HAD TO return to the principles of Trotsky.

But how could they do that? There was no Trotskyist movement to lead and to make the political positions of Trotskyism known, while so called Trotskyists like are traitors clearly. (I will be interested to see what THEY have to say on the Mladic trial)

It touches also on the issue of nation and nationalism. Lenin was wrong on this. Trotsky also at that time.

But Trotsky was to change very much as the 30s went on.

Trotsky was much influenced by the way that Stalin used antisemitism inside Russia and indeed Trotsky came to advocate a Jewish state in Palestine.

Trotsky became the first Zionist from a true revolutionary socialist viewpoint. That is what links the Serb issue, and the Jewish issue, partly religious freedom that Marx stood for, and partly the nation, nationalism.

It is late in the day and we have to urgently build a cadre of fighters who understand these issues. And build this cadre in a period of capitalist crisis.

There is a link between the Mladic trial and the capitalist crisis driving millions onto the dole.

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