May 23, 2012…this is a fateful day for the world.


The world in which I live is inhabited by really strange people (The Media) who are desparately trying to keep the ordinary folk from understanding what is happening (Reality)


Well the reality is that Israel is going to go to war with Iran and the reality also is that stands in the warlike and just tradition of Leon Trotsky and we will be the only ones on the left who will stand unconditionally with Israel.


Obama is sympathetic to Iran and to Islam. Some European leaders (Sarkozy was) were worried about Iran and the Nuclear Bomb, but Europe is in crisis and these leaders cannot focus. Also in everything the Europeans are deep down Antisemitic and they blame Jews subconsciously for Iran. So they hesitate in front of Iran.


Israel cannot hesitate. If it hesitates in front of Iran then Israel will be wiped out. Dirty Nuclear bombs can be let off. Iran will have the material and they will have the weapons to deliver (Arab suicide killers)


This is why in the end Israel and its leaders can take only so much bull shit from Obama. Obama does lie and if your whole people are threatened, especially the Jews, the lies after a time do not work.


And this is why when Ehud Barak spoke the following (In Hebrew but so there was no mistake had an English translation on hand) then this means that war on Iran from Israel is just so inevitable.




“There is no need to tell us what to do, and we have no reason to panic. Israel is very, very strong, but we do know that the Iranians are accomplished chess players and will try to achieve nuclear capabilities. Our position has not changed. The world must stop Iran from becoming nuclear. All options remain on the table.”


see full analysis of the background on


All options on the table means we will not wait until Obama is reelected in Nopvember.

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