New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg defended his longstanding police commissioner last week after revelations about his role in a vicious anti-Muslim film widely shown to city police officers as part of “counterterrorism” training in 2010.

Muslim civil rights activists and their supporters gathered on the steps of City Hall on January 26 to demand that Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly and police spokesman Paul Browne resign. Kelly provided a lengthy interview for the film, The Third Jihad, which was screened for nearly 1,500 officers.

After a yearlong cover-up, Kelly was forced to admit that he cooperated with the makers of the film. While including a hollow claim that it does not accuse all Muslims, the movie argues that most Muslim-Americans are involved in a stealth campaign to promote terrorism.



The powerful movement of the Egyptian people that brought down Mubarak was therefore an enormous blow to US imperialism and its regional allies.



WSWS EXHIBIT 3 (part 2 of above which is part 1 in a 3 part series)


By the end of the 1990s, the Brotherhood began to fashion itself as a political party, issuing a draft manifesto and consistently outperformed the legal opposition parties in elections. In the 2005 elections, it was virtually the sole organised opposition party to Mubarak’s ruling National Democratic Party (NDP), winning 88 seats, about one fifth of the parliament. The government arrested thousands of its members, trying many in military courts. It amended the constitution to prevent independents from running for Parliament, making it impossible for the Brotherhood to stand in November 2010 elections characterised by massive fraud.




and part 3


or why the wsws is full of devious betrayal


The demands for social equality and genuine democratic rights can be won only through a conscious revolutionary struggle of workers and peasants against the junta and its defenders, from the right and nominal left. It means building a mass movement aimed at bringing a workers’ government to power.

To conduct this struggle, Egyptian workers need two things: an international socialist strategy and their own independent fighting organisations. The way forward lies in the fight to unite Egyptian workers and the rural poor with their brothers and sisters throughout the region in a combined struggle against capitalist exploitation and imperialist oppression, for the United Socialist States of the Middle East, as part of a struggle for world socialist revolution. This requires the building of the revolutionary leadership of the International Committee of the Fourth International.


This is really reactionary. Look at what they have done. Do not bother to read the rest it is soooo boring


the first extract shows the wsws lining up with the likes of Rauf and against Jihadwatch and Atlas Shrugs. They are for CAIR and Hamas.


The second is a plain lie. Mubarak was not brought down by other than Obama. It was Obama who turfed Mubarak out. This was just the end of the US and Western Capitalist Governments aim to create Sharia states in the world.


Capitalism likes Sharia.


Sharia is used to discipline the masses of the poor and is a form of Fascism.


The one key thing about Mubarak is that he too, along with Ben Ali, Gaghbo, Mubarak and Gadhafi, all opposed Sharia. The US Government and all Western Governments, especially Europe, support the creation of Sharia states.

The only way to stop Sharia in Egypt was through Mubarak. Obama pulled the rug from under Obama. Obama fell. the Sharia takes over.


And the WSWS supported the taking down of Mubarak.


In the third extract above the wsws use this rhetoric about workers and poor peasants of Egypt etc., but the wsws has helped to remove Mubarak, who had long been the bulwark against the Muslim Brotherhood and Sharia.


Obama was always all for the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. When he took power his first phone call was made known to be to Abbas, and his first meethjing was when he travelled to Cairo and insisted that the Muslim Brothnerhood be present at his conference.


That is the same Muslim Brotherhood whom Mubarak had kept out of political life.


Yet the wsws was all for (in the above extracts) the taking down of Mubarak through what they call “revolutions”


With “revolutions” like this which the wsws promote the working class anywhere does not have any chance.


And the enemy, US Imperialism, must be pleased with the wsws.


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