I take that as given. Every piece of news that comes across on the BBC my first presumption is always that it is false. This is the correct position for a socialist revolutionary to take.


On we stand in the most uncopmpromising way in defence of the Jews, in defence of Israel, that Israel must urgently strike the Iranian fascist regime and with Nuclear weapons if it is seen as necessary to defend Israel.


But we cannot forgive Jewish leaders who have not defended Gaghbo, Ben Ali, Mubarak and Gadhafi with everything that the Jews have got.


None of those leaders can be said to be friendly to Israel. That is not the point. The point being that they were also opposed to the Sharia Law in their countries, and as the policy of the US and Europe has become clearer to ujs, they were therefore opposed to the Sharia/US Alliance.


In political life you do not have to be a friend of somebody to defend them.


The whole history of the last two decades of the life of Trotsky was that he sought to make every alliance against Hitler and Mussolini.


But the present Sharia in alliance with Obama and the EU leaders is a worse threat to the world than even the Nazis were.


That is why I cannot forgive the take by debka on this so-called massacre, and I cannot forgive Belman of Israpundit for not standing on his hind legs like a real man and warniong about how similar this looks to the conspiraciers against the Serbs.


I follow with 2 items, first my challenge to Belman on Israpundit this morning and secondly the atrocious debka take on the massacre. And on Assad.





It is not at all that the Jews are gullible. It is that the Jewish leaders, especially in America, have been conditioned by their own (American) ruling class with its great powers of persuasion (for example Ted Belman of this Israpundit conditioned through his years as a LAWYER, to follow whatever garbage the elites throw at the population through the Media.

I was not there. I cannot say what happened.

However I have listened to the BBC and the reporting on this “massacre” follows the pattern of the reporting of the Srebrenica “massacre”.

Except that they have become more bold since 1995 because then they did not report a massacre until 2 months after the event.

The Irish times has reported on Srebrenica many hundreds of times since 1995 but in the first 2 months there was no mention at all of a massacre.

Now they can put this type of news story in circulation very fast and nobody bats an eyelid.

I can handle all of that but what I cannot handle is Jewish leaders like Belman who toe the line like any other gullible Media dimwit.

The reason they can put it out so fast is largely due to people like Belman and it is worse in his case because he has had a chance to understand how the Media in Yugoslavia worked.

An alternative theory, with the merest tiny bit of reflection, and I am no expert at all, but the whole point is I do not need great expertise, I just need to reflect back on Yugoslavia, on Qana, on Jenin, on El Dura etc..

1. Who benefits? Assad does not benefit at all because he is interested in keeping the shaky Russians on board with him.
2. Clearly benefit are those who call for HUMANITARIAN Intervention such as the CIA, the sections around Obama like Rice who are for Humanitarian Interventions everywhere, Joe Lieberman…and Ted Belman? But why the latter?

An alternative theory thinking only of the practicals of this specific massacre story:

We know that Al Qaeda is there and we know their ruthlessness.

We know the CIA and SAS are there and they would do anything for political global strategy.

We know that Al Jazeera and Kuwait are there and we saw just how ruthless they were in Libya in murdering not a hundred but tens of thousands of black Africans.

We have experience of the Qana affair where the same Islamists raided the nearby morgues in order to locate the very bodies that they later had actors dig or pull out of the rubble, in the case on one child pulled out time after time. THESE TYPES WOULD DO ANYTHING. THAT IS THE WHOLE ESSENCE OF THE EXPOSURES BY SPENCER ON JIHADWATCH AND BY PAMELA ON ATLAS SHRUGS.
And again on the BbC this morning these Antisemites focus on CHILDREN.

A lady from Save the Children (note a lady to give the maternal touch) was calling for humanitarian intervention.

And Belman, a Jewish leader through Israpundit in America and Israel, and a man who networks with Eidelberg et al, falls for all of this.

This makes me think that the issue is Assad and Jewish leadership opportunism devoid of principle, you know sell your granny fro a penny.

Assad is in league with Hizbullah, Hamas and Iran. So Belman is quite incapable of calling for a defence of Assad from the forces of Empire/Sharia.
Belman cannot act because he leaves out a fact I raised a year ago which is: defence of Assad does not mean lowering the guard against Assad by Israel.

Nothing to stop defending Assad. Nothing to stop Israel from striking against Assad if it needs to. But that entails seeing Israel as an independent force in the world.


They have always and will always see Israel as an adjunct to the US which has brainwashed them.
Nor does defence of Gaghbo, Ben Ali, Gadhafi or Mubarak ever stop Israel from hitting Iran with a Nuclear Weapon to save the Jews.

Only the can take these positions and only that organization can become the defender of the Jews in the long term consistent sense.




Assad’s latest massacre at al-Houla

The wanton slaughter by Syrian forces of 92 confirmed victims, 32 of them children under ten, at the Homs village of Al-Houla Friday, May 25, was the most horrifying atrocity in the Middle East this week, but not the only one: In Sanaa, six days ago, al Qaeda’s suicide bombers, having penetrated Yemeni military ranks, detonated two tons of explosives at a parade rehearsal killing more than 100 soldiers and civilians and injuring 400.
Yet, according to the New York Times, after 15 months of bloodshed, President Barack Obama is working on the Yemenbi model for a plan to push Bashar Assad out of office, while “leaving remnants of his government in place. The Yemeni model replaced President Ali Abdullah in Sanaa with his vice president Abdu Rabbu Mansour Hadi.
Whereas US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton condemned Assad and his “cronies” for the al-Houla massacre, the “Yemen plan” would leave in place those very “cronies,” including Assad’s close relatives, who are responsible for massacres not only in al-Houla, but also in Homs, Hama, Idlib and Deraa, to name a few.
According to the NYT, when Obama tested the idea with Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev at the Group-of-8 summit in Camp David last Saturday, May 19, the Russian prime minister raised the example of “Mubarak in a cage,” referring to Mubarak’s court appearance at his trial. Obama then “countered with Yemen, and the indication was, yes, this was something we could talk about.”
This scrap of dialogue lifted the veil from a key aspect of Obama’s broader Middle East program and the role he has assigned Moscow for carrying it through. This role was first revealed exclusively by DEBKA-Net-Weekly 542 of May 25 which reported that the US president is acting to bring the Russians into a partnership for securing deals on the Iranian nuclear program and the Syrian crisis.
So far, his venture has had two results:

1.  The Iranian nuclear impasse and the outcome of the Syrian civil war have been more tightly integrated than ever before.
2.  Any deal reached by the US, Russia and Iran on the two issues would have to entail a carving-up of Middle East influence among those three powers.
As for Israel’s role in the ongoing bargaining, we also disclosed in debkafile of May 19 that Israel’s Binyamin Netanyahu and Ehud Barak had agreed to stand back for Barack Obama to put his interim deal with Iran to the test. Despite their reservations, they decided to go along with it after receiving assurances from the White House that Iranian violations would result in the immediate termination of negotiations and bring military action forward as the sole remaining option for stopping a nuclear Iran.

The US president promised to put his accord with Israel before the G-8 summit. And he did.
But for now there is no deal although Israel, in effect, gave Obama six months’ grace to explore his diplomatic initiative with Vladimir Putin and Ayatollah Ali Khamenei before turning back to the military option.
But as the days pass, major hurdles are piling up in the path of what some observers hail as Obama’s “Grand Bargain,” and others his “Grand Failure:” The Six-power talks with Iran have failed to persuade the ayatollahs to give up uranium enrichment up to weapons-grade; the world wants actions not words to halt the brutal massacres in Syria; rising bloodshed in Yemen continues to cripple the country. Obama’s hopes of a crisis-free six months for electioneering in peace look more and more like pipe-dreams.
The bargaining with Tehran is likely to stay stalled because Iran’s leaders take Obama’s deal with Israel as a six-month respite from a military threat. So why should they hurry in May or even June to reach a compromise with America on its demand to stop 20 percent uranium enrichment?
Bashar Assad and his army chiefs likewise feel US hands are tied by Obama’s hopes of a breakthrough with Iran and they can safely carry on with their “unspeakable crimes” for the next six months under the Iranian-Russian umbrella. Words however strong will not discourage him from sending tanks to crush every last opponent and their children.

And Israel, seeing the US president lurching from one bargaining position to another to keep his initiative afloat, shifts uncertainly in and out of its unwritten commitment to withhold military action against Iran until November.

None of the parties involved in granting Obama his six-month grace period, whether Vladimir Putin, Ali Khamenei, Binyamin Netanyahu or Bashar Assad, can be sure that he will in fact be returned to the Whie House in November. And even if he is, how much will be left of his Grand Bargain.

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