These dictators were keeping the world perfectly in peace. For 30 years Mubarak ruled in Egypt, kept the fascists of the Muslim Brotherhood from taking power by running in elections (you know their aim and motto, one election, one time) and Mubarak also kept the peace going with Israel. Gadhafi was actually on the side of the US and Britain against Al Qaida terrorists. Similarly with Ben Ali and Gaghbo and a dozen others. They did not change. They remained loyal to the agreement with the US to fight Al Qaeda. It was the US, Britain and France who changed. Just as Reagan did in Afghanistan they joined the Islamist Fascists.


When representatives of a system cannot keep their word that signifies the deep degeneration of that system.


The situation now in Syria is caused completely by these Big Powers, that is US, France and Britain.


If Assad is overthrown then the millions of Alawites and other millions of Christians will be massacred by the Jihad. Those not massacred by the Jihad will be enslaved.


Imagine then our surprise on when supposed friends of Israel like Barry Rubin, rather than being a guide to the world in the field of morality, are actually refusing to defend Assad, thus defend the minority Alawites and Christians.


As in all of these countries there is a struggle going on against Islam fundamentalists. Assad is clearly fighting for his life and the life of his family. But he is the figurehead for the Alawites and Christians. That latter fact is the ONLY reason he has survived for so long against such odds. The Alawites and Christians do not want to be massacred or have to flee. Jews like Rubin should understand this. I rate Rubin to be one of the big betrayers (of the Jewish tradition) of all time. he does not mean to be or set out to be, but that is what he is.


Now these policies of Obama, of Cameron and Sarkozy (past) have even mor implications.


Consider this:


Our sources learn that, in one of the conversations between the two presidents, Obama commented: “If only one barrel of anthrax reaches the hands of a Caucasian terrorist group, Russian will face its greatest terrorist threat in its history. Millions of Russians may perish.”
It was clear from this comment that Assad’s WMD are not stored as warheads, bombs or shells but kept in large barrels or kegs in six underground bunkers, holding Sarin (GB), Tabun (GA) and VX nerve gases, some four kinds of mustard gas and anthrax. The storage silos are spread out among Al Safir, the main Syrian missile base in the north; Cerin, a biological research center on the Mediterranean shore; military facilities at Hama and Homs; the Syrian naval base leased to the Russians at Latakia;  and Palmyra, on the highway between Homs and Aleppo.




MILLIONS OF RUSSIANS MAY PERISH  (As result of Al Qaida winning over Assad).


And that was just Obama trying to get the point home to Putin. repeat the scenario in Britain, France, Spain (through carriers from Morocco wide open), the US itself with its crop of jihadists sprouting up every day, and the world under capitalism faces destruction and death of hundreds of millions.


But the Reverend Dave, a evangelical Elim Pentecostal Minister active on Talk Radio Europe, called for “something needs to be done”  because of the recent massacre of children. Without saying what it is needs to be done.


Before they open their big mouths on Talk Radio Europe they should study the facts and read the article on debka  (

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